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Igor Lysenko


Until I visited the USA on my own

Until I visited the USA on my own, I thought that the quality of food here was mediocre. A lot of people in the net, and those I have contacted personally, told me that I wouldn't find here something exclusive of high quality, as the company is specialized in retailing ordinary food. However, after I have successfully got around the whole supermarket, I purchased some tasty food and found out that it ws way cheaper than my local one. And the quality is high!

Ashish Mishra


Let me describe to you what happened…

On Black Friday shopping day, I had some unpleasant experience while picking up my stuff. But I understand, it was super crowded and there was a huge work load on the employees. However, I contacted Walmart support and, to my great satisfaction, my issues was quickly resolved. I got a call from this Walmart store employee and they resolved the issue. So, from my experience, Walmart listens and employees at this Walmart, in general, provide good service. I recently subscribed to Walmart plus despite I have Amazon prime already and I feel now it’s worth for me to pay for Walmart plus. I will think about whether to renew my Amazon prime or not when the time comes. But, Amazon can’t beat Walmart prices on most items in my experience. Also, Walmart plus deliver store items same day (actually within a few hours) including OTC medicines which I found very useful and is a plus compared to Amazon prime.

Ethan Hoyt


Walmart Helped save my liver.

Walmart Helped save my liver.

Missy Southern


I love the online service and the…

I love the online service and the membership



The pickup at Cassville

The pickup at Cassville, MO is always perfect. I had Karrie this time and she's so courteous and helpful. Also had a dog treat for my puppy.

Anne Ormston


Delivery request not honored

I ordered a bean bag chair with a statement that when it was delivered it be brought to my door. I live in a second floor apartment. The chair which was in a box was delivered to the mailbox area of my apartment. The box was to big and to heavy for me to carry it up to the second floor. My request was checked on the order. I will go to other stores to purchase big and heavy items from now on.



My name is Steve

My name is Steve, me and my Family we always shop at Walmart, it is like our main Shop but Recently Walmart decided to supporting Genocide, supporting an Apartheid State. Supporting almost 12,000 lives killed by Israel Airstrike. From now on, Me and my family we will never shop at Walmart and we are going to keep like that.

Devon Allen


For certain things they’re the best…

For certain things they’re the best place to use. We just had one issue one time with one of their market sellers but never with Walmart directly.

julia cody



Self checkout. I love it. It's fast and convenient and I get to organize what i want together in the bags.

Finn Gray


You just have to love this store.If you…

You just have to love this store.If you have any problem, they are quick to resolve it.

Scott Lollar


Exceptional and caring customer service

Came in to price some tires today. Jamie was very helpful. She told me about the free trial of yalls Walmart subscription so I can get the road hazard for free when I do get these tires. I'll probably keep it even after the free trial because I already pay for paramount anyway and I want to try the delivery. She offered to make me an appointment so they could hold the tires so I didn't lose them. It's just rare that you find anyone that isn't just trying to rush you out. She really seemed like she cared about my wife and I getting the best deal.



Not too bad

Not too bad The only issue I have is not accepting apple pay, its a bit inconvienent but its not the end of the world

Meliton Emmitt


Walmart is great

Walmart is great. Everything is cheap and as long as your in the nice part of town the people are friendly there too!

Joan Sinclair


I recently purchased a collagen…

I recently purchased a collagen moisturizer for my face and i am loving it. My face looks good.



Sharon in electronics in the Oroville…

Sharon in electronics in the Oroville CA store is WONDERFUL! She is professional and knowledgeable. What an asset!

Emily T


I had a great experience

I had a great experience, the staff were nice to me, and even though when I usually go in this one lady Joanna at the NY store is moody with me but this time the lady was really nice. Not sure what was said to her but she definitely changed, great service.

Mary Davis


Site was easy to use

Site was easy to use, order was shipped immediately!

Jean Seme


Double check the price of each items

I like going to Walmart because of the money that i save.But i always seem to be worried about my safety because of the lack of security in the stores. I hardly see any guards patrolling the stores from the inside. so i always make sure that i really need those items that i go therefor and that the items that iam picking up is placed above the correct prices. Quite a few times i paid more than i had anticipated because the item was not placed in the correct spot on the shelf which made me very frustrated and ruined a decent trip.

Anna Yelton


Live Laugh Love Walmart ❤️

I feel so welcome whenever I enter one of the establishments. Walmart is way better than Fred Meyer because they aren’t hippies who love vegan food and chia seeds. I feel one with nature when I see an opened bottle of BBQ sauce I’m the baby formula isle. My favorite item I bought was a Snickers.

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