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My 12y/o GS/mix’s Duke savings

I have had my pet insurance for few years, and have been using it for over a year, with no issues at all I’m getting my insurance reimbursement after my claims are processed, I really appreciate the care and professional service I’m getting. People always tell me how expensive it is to be paying monthly, but I say that’s my pet savings, since our veterinary costs are up. It’s alway nice to on don’t have to come up with the total amount out if packet. Thanks for your service

Colleen Jackson


ASPCA has truly been a God send to us

ASPCA has truly been a God send to us! Their service is fair and the process is easy and quick.

Dean Morelli


Very Helpful

Friendly, simple process. Claims status is clear and updated frequently.

Sandrita Johnson


Their customer service is amazing

Their customer service is amazing, never had any issues with the reimbursement processes.

P. Lillard


Easy claim process

The ease of the claim process and the turnaround time for reimbursement

Sonmi Miles


ASPCA Best pet insurance ever

ASPCA Best pet insurance ever Easy to contact and helpful, good costumer service & friendly I has 15 dogs with ASPCA 8years, if I has any questions all the ASPCA staff make me feel welcome Thank you Mahalo

Richard Bowers


Signed up a month ago

Signed up a month ago They deduct my payment on time Haven't used the coverage yet A little early to ask for a review

Kelly Gebman



Quick, reliable claim processing

Gary MacDonald


Quick turn around on reimbursement

Quick turn around on reimbursement




ASPCA is a great company when it comes to insuring our furry babies. ASPCA is very affordable, good customer service and I would most definitely recommend.

Helene Soto


This my first time with pet insurance…

This my first time with pet insurance. I am happy that I enrolled in ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.







Pets claim made easy

Cover my pet as the policy aloud, Payment back was rater quick a b d deposited to my bank account.

Karen Murdock


I like how I auto pay and keep

I like how I auto pay and keep. paid so Buddy has coverage

Krisitine Andrade


Amazing & Quick Service

The rep I dealt with was amazing! Bunny was so helpful. I called asking how to create a claim and she walked me through the process and promised she would assist in expediting the claim. She stuck to her word and was able to get my claim processed with in the week!

Pat Fisher


Keeps me informed!

Very nice and keeps me informed of my claim.

Pamela Colon


Site is easy to us

Site is easy to us, submitting bill and repayment was quick.

Catriona Elspeth Johnson


Slow reimbursement.

We sent in our first claim on May, 26th, 2024 - it was completed on May 29th, 2024, and it was confirmed a check had been mailed to us that day- It is now June 20th, 2024- and we have not received the check. We hope it comes soon!



So grateful I signed up with this pet…

So grateful I signed up with this pet Insurance. It's been very helpful dealing with my pets needs.

Mary Shanks


I have asked for a paper copy of my…

I have asked for a paper copy of my policy several times still have not received it or an email!

C Blevins


Great service

Not many pet insurance companies wanted to insure my senior kitty. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance not only offered to insure him, but at a cost I could afford. My first claim was handled swiftly and expertly. I highly recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Dawn Schurr


Great customer service

Great customer service

Leslie Barr-Luca


Spay your cats

I’m going to be using the insurance for the first time mid-July. Both my cats will be spayed at that time. I give you a high rating because I have high hopes.



Fast and easy

Fast and easy

Lana Sas


I never received a card for insurance

I never received a card for insurance

Mom Woodstock


The enrollment was easy

The enrollment was easy, the premium was good for the coverage. Most plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, this plan wipes out the pre-existing condition if it had happened more than 6 month ago. Luckily my healthy cat hasn't had the need to file a claim.

Charlie Pouliot


ASPCA Pet Insurance is our best friend!

We've had ASPCA Pet Insurance since our Shih-Tzu was born.They've been extremely responsive to any vet bills, and it's also our single best insurance I've ever seen, and I looked at a couple dozen!



My experience has been really good so…

My experience has been really good so far And I’m so thankful that I have it as I have a seven year old dog who had a broken tooth and likely endocarditis from that. Afterwards she was diagnosed with lupus. It’s been a rough six months, but I’ve been able to provide good medical care for her because of ASPCA. We have the complete care and we probably will need to keep it the rest of her life and I’m thankful we can.

Mariela herrera rangel



Excellent everything very fast and easy



Have been a customer for 10 years and…

Have been a customer for 10 years and they have never steered me wrong.

James Ricci


My first time getting reimbursed went…

My first time getting reimbursed went pretty much without a hitch. Getting setup was a little work, but after that it was easy.

Elizabeth Castine


You really take care of pets.

You really take care of pets.

Amanda Goelz


I am so glad that I went with ASPCA

I am so glad that I went with ASPCA. Claims are processed quickly and easy. Coverage is great!

Kim Lund


Our husky had an accident and tore her…

Our husky had an accident and tore her ACL. She needed surgery. ASPCA told me to send in her estimate. I had a quote back in days on the reimbursement. The final payment was made within a week from her surgery. They were fast and extremely responsive. I was people’s health insurance worked this way. I highly recommend them.

Brenda Best


I'm alittle upset about the length of…

I'm alittle upset about the length of time you allow a claim 3 days I can't get the Vet to do anything in 3 days they always say they are busy and will try to get it out ASAP. Plus, I haven't heard anything about my claim

Jackie O


ASPCA insurance makes it easy to take…

ASPCA insurance makes it easy to take excellent care of your pet. Best investment, helped our little Emergancy pet visits to be less stressful.

Liam Mulcahy


French Bulldog IVDD

Our dog unexpectedly had to have emergency surgery to fix his back. This was an expensive operation and ASPCA insurance covered it to the full extent of the policy. Their customer service was very friendly and helped us upload the correct documents.

Alice Whitaker


Simple and Easy to Use

Once they have your pets medical records, submitting claims is extremely easy in the app and they are usually swift at paying claims. I've been using them for a couple of years now, and one of my pets recently passed away. The process to change my policy and downgrade my account was straightforward AND they sent me a sweet email. I appreciate how much help they have given me over the last two years, and will be recommending them to everyone I know who has a pet going forward. Thanks for being awesome!

Lynn Register


My problems were dealt with promptly…

My problems were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Shirley Jackson


No reviews today

Have a great day 😀



Cannot really judge

Cannot really judge. Just signed up and luckily I have not had to use it!

Kimberly Lake-morrison


So far everything has been amazing

So far everything has been amazing. The cost and the coverage is awesome. This definitely gave me some piece of mind to have colic surgery coverage on my older horse.

Tricia Reyda


New experience with Pet insurance…

I am new to pet insurance and I have a new puppy. I admit I was a bit skeptical, however, I have founds ASPCA to be incredibly responsive and have been very satisfied with the service so far. I only wish my human insurance responded so quickly!

Kathryn Straatmann


Simple and fast

Quick turn around for reimbursement without any issues.

Dana Raymo


This company has been wonderful with…

This company has been wonderful with helping keep up with my pets vaccinations and more. I would highly recommend them the process is easy?

Colleen Healy- Smart


Financial lifesaver!

Pet Insurance is a financial life saver! I have always had insurance for my dogs and never really had to use it too much - until Odin - my 125lb Rescue German Rottie - he has had heartworm, intestinal parasites, salt toxicity (Learned dogs shouldn't swim in Ocean - I'm a Lake girl) and absolutely hates the vet! All of this has cost me $$$$$ and thankfully ASPCA insurance has always been there! Submitting a claim is super easy and reimbursement is quick! Cuatomer Service rocks! Thank you!

Rita Bergstein


ASPCA Pet Insurance is the best!

I chose ASPCA Pet Insurance because of thier advocacy for animals. I was just about to cancel it bc "i prob dont need it". Well, my pup jumped off of the couch and tore the ligaments in her wrist. This insurance couldnt have been better. The claims process was easy, they paid claim fast, and they asked how my dog was, too. LOVE THEM! Highly reccomend.



Very satisfied

They responded quickly evaluating my pets medical claim and stated they were issuing a check to me. It is easy and understandable using the website to file a claim. I am very happy with their claim process.

Alison Lay Cranston


Good coverage

I have had good luck with getting things (mostly) covered by insurance and it is a hassle-free process to submit claims on their website. I would highly recommend obtaining your pet's medical records to submit with your first claim to avoid delays.

Daniel Hughes


Ease of submitting a claim.

Ease of submitting a claim.

Erica Gordon


Very fast turnaround from submitting…

Very fast turnaround from submitting claim to having payment in my bank account.

Carol Wozniak


No information

I bought it online and don't have any paperwork to know how to file any bills or cards to show my vet

Mike Ogan


Easy to understand and follow claims…

Easy to understand and follow claims process. Timely response and decisions for coverage. Our vet is able to file on our behalf, which is a great convenience.

Cristie Haney


Easy to submit a claim

Easy to submit a claim, and reimbursement was in just a couple days once approved

Terenna Grassi


I just filed a claim thru ASPCA

I just filed a claim thru ASPCA. The form was easy to fill out and they acknowledged it quickly. My claim was thru the Wellness program. I filed it on weekend and by Tuesday I received their email that it was under review! I had given the information for direct deposit. Wednesday they sent an email it was approved and by Friday the payment was in my bank. I'm so glad I found ASPCA and look forward to working with them taking care of my little man Buddy.



A lifesaver

A lifesaver! My dog Clark had horrific stomach problems that persisted for weeks. ASPCA covered my first visit and the follow up (after deductible). I’m so grateful for aspca pet insurance and filing my claim was simple and easy. I did it on my phone!

Heather Decker


First pet insurance I've had that's reliable

As someone who resuces dogs it's so hard to find reliable pet insurance that doesn't write off their medical needs "previous issue". I submitted my first claim and had a reimbursement within a few days. I'm so so so thankful for this company that acutally helps pet owners!

Keri Smith


Easy making claims

Easy making claims. Quick reimbursement.

Green Phyllis


Very satisfied customer.

I am very impressed with ASPCA pet insurance. They are very prompt with completing your claim & they keep you informed during the process. I have recommended ASPCA to several of my friends & neighbors. They offer several plans that are affordable & meets the needed of the pet. Thank you ASPCA for the great service.

James Vanhoesen


You are the Best

You are the best! Friendly and very fast customer service. Knowledgeable and friendly at the same time. Thank you for helping us care for or 2 rescues: Angel & Woody. Godspeed always! 🙏🏽

Gloria Jean


I have never had pet insurance before…

I have never had pet insurance before and was skeptical if it was worth it or easy to submit a claim. Being an ASPCA Guardian, I decided to enroll my 3 cats in ASPCA pet insurance plan. Been enrolled since 2021, and the first time I had to use it was just recently for 1 of my cats who had Bladder Stones. They were very helpful in filling out the claim form online and the processing time was quick too! Hopefully I will never have to use it for my other 2 cat girls, but if I do, I feel secure knowing ASPCA is there for me.

Sasha Burgstaler


Thumbs up!

From signing up to making my first claim, ASPCA was friendly and fast! No complaints here!

Reggie Turner


Professional service.

Claim form was easy to complete, and my refund was sent to me within 7 days. Very pleased.

Candi Malone


Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service



ASPCA For Best Pet Health!

ASPCA is constantly rated as a top pet health company for solid reasons. They have sterling customer service, a great app and an easy to use website. As a procurement administrator, a company like this is dream.



Excellent Insurance

What a great pet insurance plan! We have 2 dogs and too out insurance. It’s been a huge relief to know they’re covered when the unexpected happens. London was fine one minute, diagnosed with Lymphoma and gone in a few weekd. You just never know. We are and have been happy with all aspects of the coverage through ASPCAs program.

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