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Doreen Wilson


Great process!

Great process! Efficient, thorough, quick

Charles Ridley


I recently filed a claim with Pets Bets…

I recently filed a claim with Pets Bets Insurance and was thoroughly impressed. Here’s why: 1. Submitting my claim was a breeze. Their online portal is user-friendly, with clear instructions and a straightforward form. 2. I received my reimbursement within just 10 days, which was faster than expected and extremely convenient. 3. The customer service team was responsive and helpful. They quickly addressed my questions via phone and email, providing knowledgeable and empathetic support. 4. My policy covered a wide range of treatments, from routine check-ups to emergencies, providing peace of mind during a stressful time. 5. Pets Bets Insurance was upfront about coverage and exclusions, keeping me informed throughout the process with no hidden surprises.

Ames Owens


My knucle head decided to eat a sock…

My knucle head decided to eat a sock and it got stuck which costed me alot of money that I miraculously had to come up with. After his surgery I invested in Pets Best. And I didn't realize it was a reimbursement situation (my fault for not reading well lol.) Well my kermudgin swallowed another sock almost a year a year later (at least he Is consistent still scared me half to death.) I went to a Emergency vet and they said the surgery would cost quite a bit I was able to show them I have Pets Best for coverage. They were able to work with me on a plan on how to get the money directly from Pets Best to pay my bill thank goodness I reached out got the form gave it to the vet and they emailed it back to me and I sent it to Pets Best about 3 days later they sent out an email saying that they covered the remainder of my bill which was 2000 some dollars.....and I couldn't be more grateful thank you Pets Best! -Amy &Sobek-

Tina Williams


They pay as promised just takes a…

They pay as promised just takes a little longer than they quote. They say up to 30 days to process but it’s usually closer to 35

Valerie Sexton


Five Stars for Pet's Best

Pet's Best is continually prompt and thorough in their reviews. We have had coverage with them for a year now and have had to make unexpected illness claims that Pet's Best has quickly reviewed and sent explanation of benefits for. Payout is quick and easy as well!

Sandra Schnefke-Dillard


Geriatric review

It appears to be a slow process. Having to do all online is challenging for older clients just sharing from an 80 year old



Easy to file & quick response time

Quick response time although I have yet to receive my payment. Easy to submit a claim. Only getting about 60% of my claim paid due deductibles, percentages, and uncovered expenses.

Larry Bowen


I am turning 70 this year and have…

I am turning 70 this year and have never purchased pet insurance before. We have three very high maintenance dogs and have been very satisfied with our Claims experience at pets best. we had mentioned your company to everyone we run into with a dog.



They make it so easy to submit my claim…

They make it so easy to submit my claim through the app and they don’t make me jump through hoops to get my reimbursement. If you have a long hospitalization bill it does take a while to get the reimbursement (one claim took about two months) but that’s really the only negative. I would have had to euthanize my cat if I hadn’t had this insurance.

Kelly Nesbitt


Received in formation and notice of…

Received in formation and notice of payment within 1 week of submitting. Both of our dogs have insurance through Pets Best. Process is efficient and fast. Thank you!!

Judy Siebert


First time owner of pet insurance

I have never owned pet insurance until I bought my golden retriever. My experiences with filing claims have all been positive and hassle free. Pets Best has been prompt in processing my claims and have been fair. I’ve always been skeptical about pet insurance, but I’m glad I enrolled with Pets Best



ood Service but Prices Skyrocket at 10 Years of age

I've been very happy with Pets Best Insurance. They pay what they said they would and I get reimbursed quickly. However, my dog turned 10 years old this year and my renewal for her insurance will be a 50% increase from this past year. That seems very excessive and I will probably drop her insurance.

Happy customer


Recommend Pets Best.

I've been with Pets Best for aprox 3 years. Their website navigation makes it easy to send a claim. Acknowledged receipt of the claim is within 24 hrs and reimbursement is usually within a reasonable length of time (aprox 2 weeks)

Alexander G.


Emergency visit on holiday

We had to see a veterinarian ASAP. It happened to be a Sunday and we went to emergency room. They provided all necessary medical care during this visit. Submitted claim was processed in THREE days with all detailed explanations.



0ver 30 days to process a claim

0ver 30 days to process a claim seems excessive.

Libby Holt


Highly Recommend

They are so fast processing claims. I’ve only had good experiences with them. Highly recommend.



Having used a competitors insurance…

Having used a competitors insurance policy for my previous dog, I am breathing a sign of relief. Payment took about a month, but considering the amount of the claim, it is understandable. Your company is excellent!

C. W.


Pets Best is the absolute BEST in…

Pets Best is the absolute BEST in coverage for your pets. We have been with Pets Best for over 2 years now and have been more than satisfied with their service, rates and claims processing. Our Labradoodle had cancer removed from her back paw and Pets Best reimbursed us almost 90% of the costs!! We have never had any issues and their app is super easy to use. Highly recommend!



Spoke with Mary

Spoke with Mary - she was very helpful.



Quick and easy

Claim submitted easily and payment was prompt

Douglas Scott


it's very easy

it's very easy, just send a photo of your receipts,to file a claim, a couple days later the payment is in the bank..

Jennifer Snead


Fast, easy, and reliable

So impressed with the ease and speed of Pets Best claims processing! One less thing for us to worry about as we navigate our dog’s health issues.

Mark Masi


I appreciate the prompt processing of…

I appreciate the prompt processing of claims and responsiveness to questions. I was disappointed to hear that dental work is only covered if the deep cleaning and exam with anesthesia was done before age 1. From what my vet told me this is not routinely done until age 3.



Reimbursement is fast

I am so glad I chose Pets Best for my Rottweiler. Unfortunately he has osteosarcoma and needed an amputation. Pets Best has been so fast reimbursing us for the vet charges and let me say there are lots of charges. Thank you so much

Lorena M.


Quick on reimbursing money back

Quick on reimbursing money back. Haven't had no Issues. I've been with pets best for 4 years.

Tina G


Pets Best is the Best !

Pets Best is the Best !! Fast response to claims . The Pets Best app makes filing a claim easy .

Nancy Falkenstein


Cara's first claim

I had a claim for my puppy. Cleared in three day. Refund was what I expected.

Kabir Bavikatte


Excellent service and highly responsive

Excellent service and highly responsive



One year of having Pets Best and they…

One year of having Pets Best and they are great! Fast,, and always give updates as process goes along.



New to this company

New to this company, and so far no complaints My first claim submitted was completed in a couple days, and reimbursement was just as fast. +-



The customer service is very nice.

The customer service is very nice. My claim was quickly processed.

Chris Mercieca


Very easy to use

Very easy to use, great customer service.

Sara Peck


Quick, efficient

I had my first experience this past week. After my dog had a serious impalement and needed surgery. I submitted the receipts before I left the veterinary hospital. And I received my refund within 3 days. I had a couple questions regarding the next few appointments and how to claim them, and customer service was great and quick. I'll definitely be keeping this service.

Jennifer Killinger


I have had my dogs covered with Pets…

I have had my dogs covered with Pets Best for over 5 years now and it has more than paid for itself every year. I compete in dog sports and the peace of mind knowing I don't ever have to make a decision based on money is well worth it. My claims have all been paid timely with no issues. Thank you!



The claims process has gotten much…

The claims process has gotten much quicker in the last year. What used to take a few weeks is now done in a few days. The coverage is very simple to understand, so I have never had to dispute a claim. I always have an idea of what my claim will pay and it’s always been accurate.

Artemis Strong


Efficient and no delay in processing my…

Efficient and no delay in processing my claim, done in a timely manner



Pet insurance is one of the best…

Pet insurance is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The claims process is so simple and quick. The peace of mind I have knowing my babies will be taken care of without the worry of financial strain is priceless.



Smooth processing

Claims are processed swiftly and customer service is professional and helpful. My most recent claim for my pup's ACL surgery was processed and paid within 3 weeks of the surgery. Bills are sent through Pet Bests app and they contact doctors for detailed info.

Satoshi Tsuji


Quick payout

Our small Miniature Schnauzer was severely injured in a pit bull attack, but thanks to the insurance's quick reimbursement process, we were able to provide her with the necessary medical treatment without worrying about the cost. As a result, we were able to welcome our little family member back home in good health once again. She was hospitalized in two different hospitals for about two weeks, and the medical expenses for the hospital she was admitted to later were reimbursed first. I believe that the speed of insurance payments significantly depends on the responsiveness of the hospitals.

Valued customer


Best coverage for the lowest cost

Pets Best has been amazing. Easy to submit claims, whenever i have submitted a claim they always reimburse me exactly what my policy entitles me to, never an issue with payout. The coverage inls comprehensive and the policy preimums is cheaper than any other company i checked before deciding on pets best. I will never use a different company.

Zach Kes



I had trouble submitting my claim and the customer support team was very helpful when I called. They walked me thought everything quickly and easily and we got the problem taken care of!

Max V


Insurance gotchas

Like any insurance there are copay’s and deductibles and delays and other shenanigans that will mean that they reimburse you less than you expected.

John Stewart


Our experience with Pets Best Health Insurance

Our experience with Pets Best Health Insurance has been very positive. From our application for insurance for our young puppies through our first request for reimbursement for their first wellness visit with our veterinarian, Pets Best has been very professional and caring.

Donna Scott


Very happy with everything involved…

Very happy with everything involved with this issue

Jamie Chapeton


Pets best has been great to work with…

Pets best has been great to work with the claims responses are easy to understand but can take some time to be processed. But I will say they keep you updated the entire time. Pets best has helped us on multiple occasions with our Black Lab Pup. They were recommended by a friend and I will do the same to another person.

charles boddy


Explanation of benefits are very clear…

Explanation of benefits are very clear and always no hassle with my claims. Highly recommend Pets Best.

Kate Sparks


Highly recommend...

This insurance has been very easy to use and great to communicate with. I'm so grateful to have it and have needed it since my dog got sick. I recommend it highly!



Easy process...

Submitting claims is easy and straight forward. The processing usually takes 3 to 4 weeks, and my payment gets deposited to my bank account, so it is all efficient and goes as expected.



Having Pets Best Health Insurance has…been amazing

Having Pets Best Health Insurance has given me the security that I have been able to provide my dog with the cancer treatment she needs. Excellent service.

Monica Siems McKay


Super easy!

It's so easy to submit a claim online, and there was good communication about the progress of our claim review. The claim was approved for the full amount we expected. Very happy with the experience overall.

Ana Godfrey


It the best investment I have done for…

It the best investment I have done for my pet. Every time I submit a claim. The process on descent time matters. I will definitely recommend it.

George Bruce


Folks get Pets Best

Folks, if you need pet insurance, get Pets Best. I have been with them for a long time. Never any problem. They keep you informed of specific things going on in the animal world and keep you updated about any claims. They are highly concerned about your pet's well being.

Sophia Cheung


Best insurance for my baby

Got this for my fur baby before she was 1 years old and unfortunately have had to file a few claims already. The file a claim process is super easy to use and quick to reimburse you. So happy to have this for my baby. Makes life so much less stressful.

Rich Radice


Very pleased

Generally very pleased with the experience. I have made several claims and the processing has been very straightforward. Most impressive was the phone support. I had a question regarding coverage and the woman who answered was delightful and DOMESTIC! She was knowledgeable and reassuring and, above all accurate. I have been a policyholder for 3 years and would highly recommend Pet’s Best. Keep up the Great Work!!!

Bryon Knoth


Covered my dog for surgery as promised.

Covered my dog for surgery as promised.

Zach Williams


10/10 experience

Claim review time has improved SIGNIFICANTLY! The last claim was processed and approved in less than 24 hours. I have not had any issues with Pets Best and very thankful I started with them when I did. The only thing I’d recommend for improvement is to cover veterinary care outside of the US. San Diego customers live close to Mexico where vet costs are substantially lower, which would save everyone money.

Camille Brockett-Lanier


It's an easy straight forward service

It's an easy straight forward service. I just wish they covered flea and heartworm medicine in a 12 month period every year instead of a lifetime max, once.

mary lane


I had pets best for my dog

I have had pets Best insurance for several years and never had to use it. We recently had an emergency with our dog and pets best reimbursed us what our plan stated. Everything was quick and easy



Good service and trustworthy.

The claims are easy to file and the explanation of benefits is also easy to understand and accurate. I’ve been a customer for several years and have had no problems with getting the coverage I paid for.



Amazing experience with Pet’s Best

Amazing experience with Pet’s Best! Losing your best buddy is very tough, but the process of grieving was so much easier without the hassle of fighting an insurance company. Pet’s Best made the experience effortless. We’ll never have another pet without Pet’s Best!

Paige Namanny


Quick Processing

I took my youngest pup to the vet for a routine check up & vaccines, I submitted the claim on Wednesday after 5pm and shortly after 11pm I received a notification it was approved!! I love the coverage, it’s great for my pack.



Always quick and super easy to process…

Always quick and super easy to process claims! This is my favorite bill to pay each month, for the peace of mind knowing my pet is covered.

New to area


Quick Turnaround

The quick, very quick, turnaround time to pay this last claim was fantastic. Past turnaround times had been dreadfully slow.

April Schrader


Absolutely amazed

Absolutely amazed! I signed up for Pets Best a week ago. My dog had their appointment yesterday, after his appointment, I downloaded the app and submitted the claim, which was super simple. The very next day they had approved it my claim! I have dealt with other dog insurance companies and have been very dissatisfied and I can say that I truly will be recommending this company to all of my friends as well as my dog training clients

Karissa Piros


The time it takes to be processed is long

The time it takes to be processed is so long. Still waiting on a claim to be processed especially. Submitted a couple claims the same day cause I forgot to do them earlier and got most of them back already but still waiting. And I think in some cases there could be a better explanation of why I’m not getting money. And sometimes it feels like every time I submit a claim it’s just goes towards deductible every time and I get nothing back but when it doesn’t say towards deductible I get a decent amount back but it feels I don’t get back what I should, but then again my pups haven’t had anything major until this last claim I haven’t received so that’ll be the main test especially since the deductible is supposed to paid. But its still great that I get something back



3 episodes in a short period

My poor dog had 3 episodes in a short period. I submitted the receipts and Pets Best paid out all 3 within a month. I’m very happy with Pets Best.

Barb Miller


Great Response

We always get a prompt response and a great explanation of benefits.

Ariel B.


What can I say about Pets Best

What can I say about Pets Best? They're great! The platform is easy to use. Their benefits are explained clearly and their process is straightforward! My furry family member has had his health insurance costs covered since he joined our family 2 years ago! We are grateful for the service they provide in helping to make the burden of the costs of veterinary care a little easier on the wallet! I highly recommend them for your pet's healthcare needs!

Robin Gray


The claims process was very easy—no…

The claims process was very easy—no hassle with reimbursement. I handled all of it online.

John Roberts


Incredibly impressed!

I am a new customer and am incredibly impressed with my experience. 1. Easy claim processing on line. 2. Prompt processing of claims. 3. Excellent communications.



What a wonderful company

What a wonderful company! Customer service is top notch! Quick turnaround with reimbursement. So happy to have my baby insured with them!

Cliff Fletcher


The claim was paid very quickly and…

The claim was paid very quickly and they covered almost the entire bill. I was so impressed. Also relieved that they covered most of the cost. Tuffy has peace of mind that he is being looked after and in good hands.



The claim process was very easy and…

The claim process was very easy and quick. The claim settlement statement was complete and easy to understand.

Jennifer Roznowski


My puppy had a foreign body ingestion…

My puppy had a foreign body ingestion requiring surgery. Pets best was there for us through the process. Everyone I spoke to was helpful and we were informed about our reimbursement within 3 weeks. Great customer service!

Allison Matos


Smooth Process

Overall, a very smooth and easy experience. Easy to submit claims.

P Allen


First pet with insurance

This is our first time having pet insurance so we did not know what to expect in the event we had to use it. Pets Best is the BEST. They made it easy to submit claims and covered all expenses stated in the contract. Thank you so much!



I never have to worry about my boy's vet bills

I can take my dog to the vet or his specialist and know he can be treated and I don't have to worry about bills piling up. He can feel better and live his best life because Pets Best is there for me!



Highly Recommend!

I love pets best. They have fast professional service with quick reimbursements. My dogs are my kids, I would do anything for them. They have better insurance with Pets Best than I do with my private PPO insurance. You have a customer for life! Keep up the good work.

Laura Darmstadt


I would recommend PetsBest to anyone…

I would recommend PetsBest to anyone looking for pet insurance! In the past month we had a health issue with our dog, and it was so comforting to know that we could provide her with the recommended care, despite it being pricey, because we knew that PetsBest would cover it. Their claims process is incredibly easy and is prompt, which is so helpful. I am so glad that we got insurance for our dog, and I am so glad that we went with PetsBest.

Carolyn Hoover


Not worth the money and inconvenience…

So so far it seems the review of claims is taking longer than a week. Also requesta for additional information on claims are inconsistent. I had two claims going, one for each of my pets who both got the exact same annual wellness exam both had itemized receipt. But one was reviewed asking for a document that was had more clear about amount. Last so far the amount reimbursed for wellness items are well under what paid only about 55 % of the total. So basically I would have saved money if I just paid out of pocket. But now I have to pay my premium and pay the difference with will end up totalled to more per year. I will not be renewing service next year.

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