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Jack Finkelstein


Pets Best offers great coverage for a reasonable rate

Pets Best offers great coverage for your pet at a reasonable price. As long as you provide the necessary documentation, you will be reimbursed for the covered expenses. They stay in touch during the process and are great to work with. We've been with them for over 2 years and will continue to stay with them.

Kelsey Pinckard


Claims take time to be reimbursed but…

Claims take time to be reimbursed but we don't mind, having big random vet bills is terrifying but we know we can count on pets best to help cover the bill

Morgan Bozarth


Great 👍🏻 Pet Insurance Experience

I have experienced the upmost professionalism and dedication to service from this company since I enrolled over a year ago. I have submitted multiple claims and my coverage has been as promised. Customer service was great the one time I called to ask a question. The phone App I use to submit claims is smooth and efficient. I highly recommend this company for pet insurance based on my experience thus far.



I used to reimbursed within a week and…

I used to reimbursed within a week and now it takes month until the approve the claim and then another week until I actually get the money refunded.

Joanna A. Curry


The timeline of claim was unclear

The timeline of claim was unclear, for a long time I didn’t have an update, I was informed about a delay about 2-3 weeks of waiting, the actual payout took another 2 weeks. Other than that, the process was quite easy.

Jeff Emerson


First time with Pet insurance

This is my first time utilizing insurance for one of my pets. I researched many companies and felt confident in choosing Pets Best for our rescue dog. It's been about a year now and we couldn't be happier with that decision. Not only has the plan more than paid for itself (both the wellness and the injury plan), filing a claim couldn't be easier. Despite our multiple claims, I have only reached out to customer service once for a question and was very pleased with that communication.

Olivia M


Great first pet insurance experience

I bought pets best insurance on a whim, and I’m so glad I did! It’s one of those things that you’ll never know when you’ll need it. My cat unfortunately had an ER visit and was hospitalized and the coverage is amazing. I got 80% back! claims take more than a week or two but the explanation of benefits makes sense. Highly recommend. Will be sticking with them again and again! Make sure to get insurance that’s makes sense for you

Clinton Weishaar


Great timeliness

I submitted a claim and it was handled within a day - great to see since a few months ago there was a bit of a delay. I understand, and it is great to see you are back to the timely response I am used to. I love Pets Best Pet Insurance, and I would recommend it to anyone. Absolutely have exceeded my expectations since I started my policy.

Paula Pier


They are there when I call

They are there when I call. They are very good at helping me!

Rachel Kent


I recommend Pets Best to everyone I…

I recommend Pets Best to everyone I know with pets. Not only is the coverage spectacular, the rates are reasonable and the reimbursement is timely. It has been a huge stress relief when seeking medical care for my pets to know that I have this insurance.

Paul S


slow payment

Their coverage is good but the reimbursement time is slow and if you call them to get status on a claim all they say it could take 45 business days to finish claims. then once the claim is finished it another 5 days before its in your bank. but they know how to get your payment the day they need it

Chris Codington


Pets Best has provided wonderful and…

Pets Best has provided wonderful and reliable service. My dog has had 2 major injuries (surgery) and several illnesses in the past 2 years. As a result, I've submitted many invoices for coverage. All have been approved without question and paid within a reasonable window of time. The injuries and illnesses for our dog have been stressful enough. Having Pets Best as our insurer has provided the comfort of having one less thing to worry about.

Valerie Levallois


I spent weeks researching pet insurance…

I spent weeks researching pet insurance plans and companies and i took my time to find one that would take good care of my 11 y/o pup in times of need. I took a chance on Pets Best and I’m so glad I did. They have been nothing short of amazing. They have offset 90% of the financial burden that comes with being a pet owner. I haven’t had a single issue as of yet and my claims have been processed in a timely manner. The customer service (especially via the chat option) has been extremely helpful and kind. Thank you Pets Best for being there when the unforeseen occurs.

Callie Towe


Pets Best is the BEST

Pets Best has always been incredible and supportive. They're prompt, knowledgeable, and kind. My dog, Ozzy Zildjian Pawsbourne Prince of Barkness, had Irritable Bowel Disease, Seizures, Pneumonia, Kennel Cough, and a Flea Allergy, to name a few things. Pets Best has been by my side all the way. If I had questions or concerns about my policy, they were there. When Oz had surgery, I was scared and worried for him, but I knew with Pets Best, I wasn't alone and would have some of his expenses taken off my shoulders at a time when all my attention needed to be on him. Ozzy was a fantastic dog and will always be in my heart. I am eternally grateful for all the help and care Pets Best provided us. If you're looking into Pet Insurance because you don't have thousands in your emergency account, please look no further. They will give you the kindness and support you need in your time of need.

Mrs Cornell Haynes


Great Coverage

In the past, I have been so grateful for Pets Best Insurance. However, recently there must have been staffing changes because 2 of my 3 claims were not processed correctly. While I do understand mistakes happen, the daily phone calls and stress I had to endure in an attempt to get resolution was significant. When a claim is “completed” incorrectly, neither the customer, nor the customer service representatives can speak to those completing or reviewing claims. I’m thankful for good insurance coverage, but I have to say there could be improvements made in completing claims accurately and providing timely customer resolution.



Super easy and fast

Super easy and fast, thank you.

Cassandra Hyatt


Not as I expected when I signed up

I wasn't expecting the preventative limits to be so low. Bordetella allowed is only $8. That's pretty low. The exam allowable limit is only $50. No one has exams for that. I was just expecting something more considering the additional premium for the coverage. It was my understanding that the coverage was 100% for preventative and 90% for the rest of the policy. But now I see it's not that way. I think of like to cancel the policy and go with a more expensive policy like trupanion that actually covers the total price of the invoice at the deductible rate advertised.

Mary Carson


So far I’m pleased w/ Pets Best Ins

So far I’m pleased w/ Pets Best Ins. The woman I spoke w/ in Customer Service (I didn’t get her name) was very nice & very helpful. Unfortunately, my wonderful cat, Little Kitty, got sick & died & Pets Best paid all her bills. The reason I gave them 4 stars & not 5 is because they took forever to reimburse me.



Thanks for quickly processing my claim

Thanks for quickly processing my claim. I am happy being with Pets Best Insurance.

Junia A


My experience with Pets Best had always…

My experience with Pets Best had always been positive. Processed my claims on a timely manner. J. Askew



I appreciate that my recent claim was…

I appreciate that my recent claim was processed so quickly and appropriately . Thank you!



Satisfied overall, some improvement opportunities

Overall we have been very happy with pets best and our insurance policy. The website is easy to use and claims are easy to submit. Anytime I have had to call the support has been friendly and helpful. The areas for improvement are the claim processing time. It almost always takes longer than the initial quote, even when they have everything from the vet. We did have to do a little back and forth on one recent claim due to them not reaching out to our vet for the records they needed and not communicating with us about issues. Eventually it got fixed and the person on the phone was helpful in figuring out all out.

Becky H


Thank you. The appeal was accepted.

I have talked to 3 different agents 3 separate times and each one has been extremely helpful. I shouldn't have to mention this but the best part is that I can talk to a native English speaking person who is not reading from a script. My claim was originally denied because the condition did look as though it might be a preexisting condition. I submitted an appeal and my claim was accepted as a new condition. The payout was significant.Thank you so much! I love my dog and I don't want to have to make healthcare decisions based on whether I can afford the care or not.

Patti Backman


Great claims paying time

Excellent claim turn around time



Recent claim process was easy and while…

Recent claim process was easy and while it did take a little longer the payout ended up being more than expected which was awesome. Their communication and customer service is also always great!

Kim Coleman


Very happy to be covered with Pets Best…

Very happy to be covered with Pets Best Pet Health Insurance, they are easy to deal with and have settled many claims for us quickly and as expected.

Teruko Toyama



Great customer service

Rebecca Wahlstrom


I think the company did well

I think the company did well, but when it came time to help my old buddy over the rainbow bridge, the insurance only covers the euthanasia and not the cremation or burial. That makes no sense to me. What am I supposed to do with my dog otherwise? It's like saying that you will pay to cut the dog open for surgery and not sew him back up again. Otherwise, they do pretty well.

Janet Jones Rice


Another awesome experience

I’ve made several claims after my 18 months with PetsBest. I’m so pleased with their fairness, thoroughness, promptness and great communication. I had a lot of choices and couldn’t decide. I went with PetsBest because of their quality reviews and applicable discounts, thinking I might change companies down the line. I wouldn’t consider changing from PetsBest, based on all my great experiences. Thank you!

Phyllis O'Neill


Claim filing

Very easy to submit a claim. Staff that I spoke to were very kind and knowledgeable.

Terri Pritchard


Pets Best is a terrific company

Pets Best is a terrific company. Wonderful communication, quick turnover time. Every once in a while it takes longer, but they always let me know. Will never be without pet insurance again, and Pets Best has exceeded all my expectations. They are available to speak to. Very friendly very knowledgeable. A+ plus plus. Phenomenal company. Thank you so much.!!!

Debbie Allen


Worth the monthly cost!

My insurance plan worked as it stated it would. I was grateful that I signed up for pet insurance!

Robin W.


This insurance is a blessing.

Claims were processed in a timely manner. So thankful to have pet insurance to help with costs. Bills add up so quickly with even a couple of diagnostic tests. I want to provide the care my cat deserves to live his best life because he means so much to me. We need to follow up with oncology but I am thankful to catch it early and there are some effective treatments available to give him good quality of life and we can still enjoy our time together.

Kathy L


I appreciate y’all so much

I appreciate y’all so much ! You work very hard to accommodate our every need . You make a very difficult situation so much easier to deal with.

Pamela Webber


Very quick turn around on reviewing

Very quick turn around on reviewing, approving and reimbursing submitted claims

Sonya Wasierski


Quick answer and detailed explanation…

Quick answer and detailed explanation made it helpful for me to understand the bill

Raya Anne Howard


Simple claims process

Simple claims process - Just digitally upload your receipts. Wait time was normal. Fair return

Catherine Jestand


Rocket's last Wellness visit

Good: Fast response to this last claim. Bad: Like all Pet Insurers.....minimal benefits for wellness claims.



Easy to file

Easy to file. Prompt payment. Coverage is great

Judy E


Payment toward very bill

The agent answered my email containing the bill from our vet, quickly and the payment was made in just a few days.

Joe K


Good insurance but sometimes frustrating

Submitting claims is fairly easy, but sometimes am unsure if things would be wellness or regular. It has been taking a while lately to get claims processed, which is frustrating to say the least, especially when rates go up. Also, its frustrating that we brought my pup in for vaccines that were expiring soon but happened to be a week or so before the full year, so couldn't claim it. I understand that's how insurance works but still just a frustration

Daniel Jasso


Amount Coverage and Time for Reimbursement

I did not like the fact that it took almost a month to give me my claim reimbursement. The plan packet is just not what I expected- covering meds, supplements, and certain tests/exams. I got 1/4 of what I paid. I think the coverage is limited to what a lot of pets need.

A. Irving


The claims process was easy to navigate…

The claims process was easy to navigate and all three of my claims were processed in a timely manner. Trish and Miranda were professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and helpful.

Only Me


Great service!

I put my claim in on October 25th by October 26th I had my reimbursement. That was quick and easy service. No hassle!



Fair accurate reimbursements

The process is very easy from uploading your receipts on your phone to email alerts and payments. It do take about a month for the larger claims but payments are how they say the are. Good fair reimbursements after the deductible is reached.

Michael Norris


Solid Company

fast and clear communication



Compassionate and Fast

Thank you for being true to your mission and helping my fur baby get back to health.

Deborah Wood


Thank Goodness for Health Insurance!

I have an aging dog with multiple health issues. I am so glad I have Pets Best! They have promptly and fully paid on every claim. It has allowed me to give her excellent care without endangering my retirement budget!

Sharon Donuji


Pets Best absolutely does what they…

Pets Best absolutely does what they say! We got insurance for our dog when she was a puppy and starting around her 1 year birthday she started having lots of gastrointestinal problems. Needless to say we've been to vet countless times and Pets Best has paid all our claims as per our policy. Don't know what we would have done without them! Thank you!

Daniel Harris


Quickly processed my claim

Quickly processed my claim, literally within hours. Very hard time emotionally and it was nice to not have to worry too much about vet bills. Thank you.

Bunty Oberoi


Excellent company first and foremost

Excellent company first and foremost. Every Rep I spoke to was great and had all the answers. Very empathetic about our little guy being sick and in the hospital. Appreciate all yoru help

Mary Granda


A breeder who endorses this insurance

I am a Papillon breeder and at any given time I have around 15-20 dogs and puppies insured through Pets Best. I insure puppies as soon as they are eligible. Pets Best has long processing times but they have never denied me a claim and have always come through. Their low premiums enable me to insure the number of dogs I do; this would be completely impossible with any other insurer. I recommend Pets Best to all of my puppy owners and I also endorse it on my website. Thanks greatly for your service.

Angela Daugherty


We love Pets Best!!

We love Pets Best! It's affordable and provides great coverage for all 3 of our fur babies! They always are quick to review our claims. So far we have only used our benefits for wellness; but in an emergency it gives us peace of mind we will be taken care of.

Serena Johnson


Great site , one change request

Everything about using pets best has been great , ease of initially putting claims in and reimbursement . Only one thing would be useful is to put the sign up date for each pet under their picture profile so you don’t have to search through document list to find it or call customer service.

Steve Krause


Large Claim-Handled Quickly

We submitted a large claim with multiple invoices and receipts for our dog's knee surgery on 9/25/23. We received cash in our account on 10/26/23. The online claim process was easy and quick.

Sabina Shikhaliyeva


I’ve been using PetsBest plan since December 2021…

I’ve been using PetsBest plan since Jan 2022( when our new puppy arrived) and couldn’t be any happier with ease and convenience of app and customer service, reimbursements are fast and fair at fraction of cost. No hidden fees and customizable plans . Definitely recommend!

Katie Zwick


We are dealing with unknown intestinal…

We are dealing with unknown intestinal issues with our puppy and Pets Best is helping make the discovery of the issue much less painful financially. There is enough going on that it is nice to not have to worry about the full cost of every bill while we sort through this trying time.

Jagni Joshi


Easy to use, no surprises

Adding claims is easy. Payout (if applicable) takes a few weeks but significant quicker if bank account is linked. I have had accident and illness coverage for 2 years now on a 5 year old dog. I have a low deductible plan and feel it's reasonably priced. So far they've covered everything that was expected to be covered.



The turnaround time for reimbursement…

The turnaround time for reimbursement was less than a week. Very impressed.

Lisa Torres


Really fast turn around time and it’s…

Really fast turn around time and it’s saved us so much money!

Judy Evans Neff


They are the BEST!

They ae VERY helpful and are always so polite. Great insurance!!

Kamila Slowikowski


Great and fast service!

Great and fast service!



It is very easy and straight forward to…

It is very easy and straight forward to file claims. Excellent customer service throughout the claim process.



took too long to get a response.

took too long to get a response.

Ed Singleton


Good Communication during claims process.

Company was very good in communicating with me regarding the claims process. The decisions were accurate and all information was easy to understand. Would recommend.

Ngoc Nguyen


Easy and helpful

It's easy to upload a claim and though it takes awhile for the reimbursement at times. It's a great insurance and I am glad I have it since recent one of my dogs got diagnosed with diabetes. It's helps having help pay the funds for all his vet bills.

Anita Percy


Claims are frustrating and regularly…

Claims are frustrating and regularly get rejected. Multiple images loaded but only one makes it through to the claim reviewer triggering a rejection. Flea and tic protection is covered but the claim is rejected stating that it is not.

Carolyn Spaggiari


The coverage is good but it takes…

The coverage is good but it takes nearly a whole month to pay out a simple take home prescription claim!!!



Excellent insurance

Excellent insurance



Very good experience

I was hesitant about pet insurance, but when I went through thousands for my old guy, I put insurance on the younger two cats. I researched ALOT and chose PetsBest. So far I've put in claims twice and each one was taken care of without any issues. I'm pleasantly surprised!

David Leech


Consistently courteous and professional…

Consistently courteous and professional assistance.

Ashley Tagliaferri


Thank you from Opie

Thank you for being there to help take care of my pup, Opie. Every claim I submit you guys are quick and give very detailed information. I recommend you guys to everyone. Being in the pet nutrition field I appreciate everything you guys stand for.

lori lins


Easy and efficient

It was easy to submit my claim and an explanation of what was covered and for how much was clearly stated.

Andrea Louise


Extra care when loosing a pet

I had submitted a claim about my pets bill for being put to sleep. They reached out to apologize for my loss and cancel and refund my fee which I didn’t even ask for but it was nice I didn’t have to make that extra call when I was grieving.

Adam Tharpe


It really is the best

Clear communication

Diane Pearson


Very user friendly

Very user friendly, didn't take very long to send in my claim.



If you can, but day 1 you receive your pet

Unfortunately, I did not get pet insurance on day 1, I found my mutt puppy (apx 3 months old), but I didn't think we would keep her. Before we decided to keep her, I found worms in her poop. Took her to the vet and she still qualified for the puppy package. Which I would have saved some money, if I had put her in pet insurance. At about 5 months old, we decided to keep her, after no luck looking for her owners. I got her insured and had saved me money on microchipping her and Nexgard Plus. I would recommend you get insurance day 1.

Helene Miller


They reviewed my claim quickly.

They reviewed my claim quickly. I had a problem with submitting a photo of my invoice but once I sent in a clear image of it, it went well. I do wish they allowed more refund money for teeth cleaning but that is ok.

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