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Ofelia Vidur Inaque


I contacted this service when I noticed…

I contacted this service when I noticed that something was wrong with my dog, and they always helped me and gave good advice.



Pawp Experience

I am yet another person who found this company due to the T-mobile promotion who did not use their service and wasn’t aware I was signed up for the $99 renewal. Their customer service is lacking. There is no customer service phone number, and through their only contact system, their online chat system, reaching someone who answered my concern took hours across the 23rd and hours more on the 24th and time on the 25th. They say in their responses that you get to a human in a couple clicks. It’s not the clicks, it’s the time it took to get to talk to anyone who will help. Pawp, over the last few days I’ve explored your app, conditions, etc thoroughly. My genuine suggestions are: 1. Require email verification when someone registers, not just changed emails. This ensures you have done everything to get emails properly delivered and helps to cover you if someone changes their email address later. 2. Ensure your system not just sends out email confirmations, upcoming renewal notices, and cancellation notices, but that these confirmations can be sent additional ways like by text, app notification, and mail (the last only as a last resort) and that you are alerted if the other methods cannot be confirmed as delivered. (Some businesses, for example, mail documents when they cannot confirm an email is delivered and require email reverification.) This also covers you and ensures you have done everything in your power to inform people. 3. Even if it is an answering service hosted over seas, if your company can, a medically-related company should have a phone number where they can reach someone to talk to. It makes people feel more trusting of your business. 4. Your current chat system allows people to wait there for hours for someone to talk to as it counts and displays how long the person has been waiting. That should be reevaluated. Perhaps a system where you simply leave a message instead as opposed to a chat because chat suggests talking to someone in a few minutes.

Kim Rudd Leverett


Would give it 100 stars if I could.

I received a free years subscription with Walmart + and decided to add the Protection Plan. Best decision ever! Two months later my lab puppy got aspiration pneumonia from trying to eat a sprinkler stream (yes lab puppies are dumb) I chatted with the online app. They recommended I take her to my vet. $1400 later we were on our way home. I submitted the necessary paperwork to Pawp and in a week the deposited the money in my checking account. Definitely worth it. A the best thing about the $3,000 on the policy is that you can use it on any dog or pet you have in the app so it covers all your pets for $14 a month.



Saved us from an expensive vet bill

My dog was bleeding near the eye and it looked like a cut. It was about 7pm and vets were closed, only emergency hospitals were open so it would’ve been expensive to visit and many put us on hold. I remember I had the Pawp subscription. I waited about two minutes for someone to help. I sent a picture and the doctor was responsive and helpful. Turned out it was a pimple that was forming for a while and I remembered my dog was scratching near his ear which the pustule was right next to. Definitely had calm some nerves. We picked up the medication needed and keeping an eye on it for a few days. Recommended app for efficient vet recommendations and saved us from spending few hundred dollars that turned out to be not an emergency.

Chiamaka Mogbo


Super helpful for minor ailments in your pet.

This app is perfect for those situations where you need urgent help, but not extreme enough to warrant a vet in-person visit. Concerning behavior or symptoms with your pet? Use Pawp!



They helped the best they could but…

They helped the best they could but unfortunately my lil leti died on the way home from the vet

Cayla A Fielding


Absolutely amazing!

The team is very responsive, patient, understanding, kind and very helpful informative. They have been a great help with pointing me in the right direction of how to care for the needs of my senior feline. A wonderful app and idea to provide for the public.

Charlotte Schmiedeskamp


Issues resolved!

It was very frustrating and stressful for me to try and navigate PAWP's system for reimbursement for emergency pet services. Having to do everything on-line was very difficult, and didn't allow for me to ask questions so I could figure out what was needed. Third time through, the application was approved, and I have been told the reimbursement will be transferred to my bank account by tomorrow. I'm so glad this was resolved, but wish the process was easier. A phone contact number would really help!



It’s comforting to know you can talk to…

It’s comforting to know you can talk to the vet anytime and also to have protection



One of the few monthlies I am glad to have

The vet answered our chat request in less than a minute and immediately invited us to video chat when I explained the situation. She then told us to get our dog to the vet and that she would activate our fund. The call lasted less than 5 minutes. Our pup ended up being hospitalized for about 36 hours and PAWP helped us cover about 80% of the cost. We were approved in 3 business days and I initiated an ACH deposit for easier payment to the emergency vet. This service is well worth the monthly payment and we will be continuing to stay with them.



the doctor was great and receptive

the doctor was great and receptive, however, we think she may have missed the mark a seems that fleas which is what our pup has is a reason for most of the symptoms he is experiencing. once we removed the fleas and gave him flea medicine his health turned around quickly...he is eating on his own and his poop is continuing to solidify



Great and awesome service

Great and awesome service. Very helpful and mindful. Helped my situation 100%.



Well my dog had to be rushed to the…

Well my dog had to be rushed to the hospital and I didn't have time to do the video chat beforehand..well my dog died the next day and they still approved a reimbursement of 2600.00

amena ali


I genuinely cannot say enough about how…

I genuinely cannot say enough about how wonderful Pawp has been for me! My girls have had numerous issues from spaying surgeries, bladder crystals, UTIs, to URIs and the staff has ALWAYS helped me! Regardless of the time of day or amount of questions I have, the techs and vets are always so thorough in their assistance. I have saved so many trips to the vet because I’ve received wonderful care through pawp. The techs and vets are so invested they check up on my girls and how they are doing! Best, BEST service for pet babies, everyone on the site is fantastic!

Astarte Avila-Jenkins


I am very happy that I have them

I am very happy that I have them. They are there when you need them. It's a very nice feeling to know if emergency comes up they'll be there to cover it.

Lindsey Carlsen



Very kind, informative, and caring!

Carrie Turner



Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable.



A great relief in a scary, stressful time

I have contacted Pawp three times in the last month in regards to two different pets and both times the were a great way to ease my stress and help me through scary times with my furry family members. I have recommended them to a few people already and will continue to do so.



Immediate help

Immediate help. Seemed very knowledgeable and was kind. First time using service ad I am grateful



Great source for a second consultation

I was looking for a second opinion on my cats health condition and diagnosis from the vet. The chat service provided me necessary information and opinion to approach my pets health care in a more informed fashion. The chat transcript is saved/available as part of online visit on the website which is a good feature too.

Tobin H


Thank you Dr. Mari!

I want to preface this by saying that I was freaking out until I was able to speak with someone who really knew what they were doing! This company is literally a godsend for nervous pet owners. I spoke with Dr. Mari about my kitten's breathing issues due to his URI. I was worried that he was struggling to breathe because his nose is so stuffed, despite being on medications for it, and had an amazing experience while speaking with her. She gave me detailed tests to determine his breathing rate, hydration level, and check the color of his gums. I was also given great advice on how to get him to eat wet food, loosen up the plugged nose using steam from the shower, and was recommended probiotics as well! I was extremely surprised with the quality of service I received, especially since there are quite a few sketchy "expert advice" websites out there. Unfortunately I cannot afford to pay the $99 for an annual subscription at the moment, but when I am more financially stable I definitely will!! The help I received is better than most vets I've spoken to in person. One suggestion I have for the website, specifically the live chat feature, is to show a notification/play a sound when receiving a message. Sometimes it takes a little bit for a vet to type out a detailed message, so being notified when they send it would be nice! I used this feature on my Macbook, though, and not my iPhone, which is probably why I didn't receive any notifications since I was using the desktop site.



Very helpful..

Very helpful..

Kirsten LaRocca


Compassionate and prompt

Prompt response to my questions and compassion for me and my pet.

jeff bottom


Missy became very ill

Missy became very ill. I contacted PAWP, had a video chat, was advised to get Missy immediate attention. Got to my vet and Missy was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was treated successfully. I submitted the reimbursement for on a Thursday and received it the following Tuesday! I can't thank or recommend PAWP enough



The vet was very knowledgeable about my…

The vet was very knowledgeable about my situation. She gave advises that I can use and helpful to calm me down on my worries.

Jose Galindo


Jamie was helpful and insightful

Jamie was helpful and insightful. Thanks




Helpful! I was able to speak to a vet right away. You have access to the transcript of what was discussed as well as the recommendations given to review.



Dr. Taffi ⭐️

I spoke with Dr. Taffi. I was able to get my concerns addressed in a very timely manner. I was given clear and concise instructions and that was a great help.

Leanne Delmonaco


24/7 access to a DVM or LVT provides…

24/7 access to a DVM or LVT provides 24/7 peace of mind. Every professional I have chatted with has been extremely genuine, knowledgeable and supportive.

Lady's Mom


good first impression

I was quite surprised how quick the response was. I expected to have to make an appointment. Maria was friendly and patient. A very good first experience



Amazing feedback

Amazing feedback, timely, and accurate!

Damaris cruz


excellent service

excellent service



The Vet I chatted with was great

The Vet I chatted with was phenomenal and knew exactly why was wrong with my dog. Thank you for taking the time to help me through this stressful time. I did not know what was wrong with my dog but after chatting here I feel much better about PAWP. Thank you.

Sharon Aliff Kessler


SO COMFORTING to know PAWP is there 24/7

Seems every time a problem arises with my beagle, it is in the evening or on the weekend when my regular vet is not available. Most recently I waited less than a minute to chat with about a concern with my beagle's eye. Mika asked me to send a picture and asked several questions about symptoms and how long he had them. Going to the emergency vet was an option we discussed, but Mika said getting him to his regular vet first thing the next morning should be sufficient, but stressed not to wait. We were there early and he was diagnosed and treated for conjunctivitis. I was so relieved there was no injury or foreign body found. Knowing that a conversation with a vet tech is only a chat away at any time I need them gives me such a sense of comfort, knowing I never have to guess whether a trip to the emergency vet is warranted. I HIGHLY recommend PAWP, I'll never be without it!

T Black


First virtual visit

My first visit with the team was amazing. Very knowledgeable representative & quick easy service. I am so glad I found out about this app



The whole visit went well the little…

The whole visit went well the little time he talked to me he helped me with all four of my animals two of them needing emergency help. He diagnosed and recommended what they needed and I am going to do the emergency fund. I did ask him if he could be my regular veterinarian for all of my dogs but he stated he could only do the emergency virtual. Which is okay I guess. He is very good at what he does and very thorough and very patient I had a lot of questions I took up a lot of his time he did not seem irritated or aggravated. Very well mannered and he's very very good at what he does.

Margaret Raabe


I love having Pawp in my pocket!

I love having Pawp in my pocket! No one knows all when it comes to pets, but having a second opinion from a team of knowledgeable pet people is wonderful to have. You can message, video call, or call them as many times as you see fit with one steady cost. My pup means the world to me and I love having the comfort of Pawp advice on everything from bumps on her body from bugs to the big stuff. Would defiantly recommend it.

Toni White



I have used PAWP for 4 video chats and have used the emergency fund once. I have had awesome experiences with them. You must contact them and do a video visit with them prior to them deciding if they will activate the emergency fund. I’m kind of perplexed at users who think that they can just self declare an emergency and not contact the company and then have the emergency covered. It seems like common sense that you would need to contact them so they can decide if something was an emergency. So it’s important to do the video visit with them first. The emergency fund recently switched to reimbursement versus out of pocket so plan for that. I also have regular pet insurance on most of my fur babies. It is more comprehensive, of course, but also a lot more expensive. I use pawp because I have 24/7 access to vet care and I have coverage on some of my animals who do not have regular pet insurance due to age and other issues. It gives us something. The 24/7 online access to vets is really helpful because you can know when you actually need to head to the vet and when it’s something that can be dealt with at home. I recently had one of my kitties spayed and she had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Because I was able to get on with Pawp in the middle of the night, I knew that it was OK to take her to her to the vet the next day versus taking her to emergency in the middle of the night. She’s back on the mend and doing great. They assisted me with my 19-year-old kitty that passed away last year. I was not able to have her on regular insurance so pawp was all I had. I was able to get on with them, have a video chat and they advised me to take her to the emergency clinic. They activated the emergency fund and paid. They made a heartbreaking, stressful experience much less so. I’ve had nothing but great experience swith this company. I’m really glad that they are there because I hadn’t found anything else like them. My vet recommended that I get them and I’m so glad she did. They have been a great for my kitties that didn’t have regular insurance and they have been an awesome addition to my younger dogs/cats that have regular pet insurance. It’s just an all-around good value as well at $24 per month.

Glenn Jimenez


Great help

Great help. Especially the list of nearby clinics.



Very caring and very patient

Very caring and very patient

Beccy Cafarella



Out of the two times I have had to chat with a vet to determine the best course of action, both times the vet's have been amazing providing clear and helpful instructions, summary and what follow-ups I need to do with my primary vet. Love this service gives me peice of mind and comfort that the are just a call or chat away 24 hours.

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