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Robert Enriquez


I wasn't expecting much

I wasn't expecting much. Last time I took in my cat (digestive issue) they refused the coverage. Said his diarrhea was a pre-existing condition which is wasn't, it was a parasite we discovered later not the vet. I contested their findings, they refused to update. Cat is completely healthy. This time around they were helpful, accepted the charges(ear damage) and paid in just a couple of days.

Tricia Uselton


Lemonade Pet Insurance - with Wellness Plan

I purchased pet insurance, with a wellness plan earlier this year. Luckily, I have never had to file a claim on the accident/injury side; however, I have filed 2 claims under the wellness plan. Both claims were approved immediately and funds were sent to my bank immediately. One other point, that everyone should know is this - you can't file a claim on a computer, it can only be done on your mobile device through the Lemonade app!

Hannah Weaver


Incredibly easy and intuitive app

Incredibly easy and intuitive app, clear and timely communication from representatives, very efficient and was paid within 48 hours on every claim submitted so far.

Sherry Pepper


When our pup got hurt Lemonade was…

When our pup got hurt Lemonade was wonderful at walking us through the claim process. It was a easy pleasant experience and helped make this difficult time a bit easier. I would recommend lemonade to everyone that has a fur baby!

Xavier Daillencourt


Quick, responsive, flexible and supportive

Lemonade helped us with our claim after a fire incident. They were really kind and supportive along the way, quick to respond, and very quick to approve our claim once submited. Their help was hugely appreciated in this difficult moment.

Laura Prendergast


Quick and Easy!

Quick, fair, and efficient! The app is so easy to use and the coverage is great!

Loren Doyle


Quickest and easiest claims process

Quickest and easiest claims process. So simple to get reimbursed

Dan Bergey


Quick and efficient reimbursement

I filed claims for ~3 months of tests due to elevated liver levels and it was resolved and reimbursed in under a week

Ariadne C.


Fast and Easy to use Lemonade

My experience was fast, and easy to get paid out on my claim. I filled out my claim and was paid out the same week. An amazing experience and glad I chose Lemonade for my pet insurance policy.



Great Service

I always get exactly the help I need on time. This service gives me peace of mind about anything that might happen in the future.

Denise McCabe


The absolute best pet insurance

I have consistently had terrific interactions with everyone I have spoken to at Lemonade. They are quick to respond, friendly and supportive. The claim was approved and paid very quickly. I recommend Lemonade to anyone who is looking for pet insurance. Ten stars.

Tom S


Thank you for making it easy.

Our experience with Lemonade has been exceptional. The app is simple to navigate and the communication is great! We are beyond satisfied. Thank you Tom



This is my first time buying pet…

This is my first time buying pet insurance because I was young and naive when I purchased my puppy years ago. I heard lemonade is one of the best pet insurance out there and I can agree now that my senior doggy had a unpredictable moment with a seizure and we had to bring him to the vet who referred us to the neurologist. The claiming process with super simple and quick. Will recommend lemonade to all my family and friends



Easiest process!

Easiest process. Very quick. Love this insurance for my pup

Tia Carle


It was very user friendly and I…

It was very user friendly and I received my payment really quick

Shykell Ledford


Easy and Quality

It's such an easy process to take care of myself, and then if I do make a mistake, their customer service is quick to respond and make it right!

Kandace Asmus


Reimbursement for claims could not be easier!

Reimbursement for claims could not be easier



ordered 2 lots of boots different…

ordered 2 lots of boots different colours sort and long they turned up fast and they are amazing just ordered me and my daughter another pair



Lemonade is where it’s at!

submitting claims is so easy using the app. The team is super fast and responsive with any issues! I did find that submitting larger claims in the app is glitchy and won’t go through so that is a bug that can be fixed but they can also take claims through the phone or review it themselves! I love Lemonade and would recommend it to any friends and family with pets.




The process to submit a claim is easy and the response was really quick.



So glad I chose the right pet insurance!

The claims process is simple (asking the hospital for a clear receipt helps). I claimed the cost of an annual check-up (vaccines and some tests) for my cat and induced vomiting after my dog ​​ate something. They were all successful and refunded within minutes of submission.

Melissa Olshow


Super easy process

Submitting a claim is very easy. The team responds so quickly and it was seamless.



Quick and painless process to receive a…

Quick and painless process to receive a reimbursement for shots and well visit. Love the app and the communication I received on the process. Customer


Earlier in October 2023 my dog ate…

Earlier in October 2023 my dog ate something she shouldn't have and fell ill. After a few visits to the vet we were able to treat her. Lemonade made it very seamless and quick to submit the receipt utilize the lemonade app.

Katie Moeckel


Lemonade pet insurance - So Simple!

Lemonade pet insurance has been simple & fast. It really helped when my pet got sick while my parents were watching her and she became sick.

Jen LaBar


Easy, Fast Claim Process

I recently had to submit a claim because my dog was bitten by a rattlesnake, and had to have emergency veterinary care. (Happily, he's fine). Lemonade made this process so easy and fast. I submitted the requested info online, and they issued my payment within a couple of days. Highly recommend!

Heather He


Super fast claim process

Super fast claim process

Madeline Jeffery


Claims processed in less than 48 hours

My claims for 2 emergency vet visits were approved EXTREMELY FAST (within 48 hours) and it was super simple to upload my invoice, receipt, and vet notes to submit the claim. I was still able to submit the claim even though I didn't initially have the vet notes which was great! I later asked my vet for the notes and was able to upload a PDF of notes through a link Lemonade emailed to me. I'd transferred money from a savings account in anticipation of using that money to pay off the large vet bill while I waited for the claims (I was anticipating weeks) and that was never needed! Lemonade deposited the claim amounts directly into my bank account within a day or two of me having my claim approved.



Always love using Lemonade

Always love using Lemonade. Great service, great peace of mind, and they're always there for me and my pet.

Liz C


Great and easy

Great and easy



I have contents insurance with…

I have contents insurance with additional high value items on the policy, I recently lost one of those high value items and made a claim. From the start to the settlement the service from Claudia was impeccable, the claim was settled in 16 working days, would I recommend Lemonade, 100% yes

Dean Kirkpatrick


Fast and Easy Claim Processing

Lemonade was able to very quickly reimburse me for a visit to vet for our dog after we took her in for an emergency exam with a neuro vet. Luckily our little Jackie is okay, and having quick coverage/reimbursement (within seconds of filing) from our pet insurance helped alleviate some of the stress that comes with these situations.

Kirsten Stein


Fast service

Lemonade makes it very easy to file claims and i got my return super fast!

Shana B


Great service!!

Wow! We had one sick pup and Lemonade made the process so simple. He’s back feeling great again and we’ve already received reimbursement from Lemonade for all his medical bills! The submission process was unbelievably easy, customer service was outstanding, and we recommend everyone we know to Lemonade now! Nicely done!



Excellent Pet Insurance

The app is super clear and easy to navigate when submitting claims for your pup. The reimbursement turnaround time is less than 48 hours with a breakdown of what was covered and why based on your chosen plan(s). A lot of research went into choosing the right pet insurance for our large mastiff mixed breed, Bruce and I wouldn’t change a thing. 5 stars and 4 paws up! 🐶🐶🐶🐶



Claims process is extremely easy and…

Claims process is extremely easy and hassle free. Customer service is excellent.

Amie Gates


Filing a claim is simple

Filing a claim is simple. The payout was processed immediately, right into my bank amount. Seamless!

Stephen Rath


Fantastic. Fast and excellent service.


Ralph Wells


Best pet insurance

You love technology, quick response on claims, understanding of the guidelines and best customer service among insurance companies? I wish I had Lemonade before!

Agnes KimDugan


Thank you for such a wonderful service.

Our dog ended up overnight at a emergency vet and we had a big peace of mind knowing that we had Lemonade coverage. We put in the claim on the 18th and had the approval plus the reimbursement in our back on the 19th. This has been such a wonderful experience and I can't believe the level of service we received. The claim process was so easy and simple. The app is EASY. Thank you so much!

Herr Schlucht


Excellent customer support (no claims experience)

Every single question I had was answered wonderfully by the customer support in Germany (shout out to Timo). The app is transparent and not misleading like many insurances out here. Luckily, I never had to use the insurance but I hope the experience goes as seamless and it has been so far.

Ryan Alvis


Honest and Convenient Pet Insurance

I have Lemonade pet insurance for my dog who recently had surgery. Through their app and email, I was able to provide information for a pre-approval, and submit a claim against that pre-approval after the procedure was done. The claim process took mere minutes via the mobile app and I received expected coverage and a reimbursement THE NEXT DAY! Insurance tends to be full of fine print and gotchas, but I find Lemonade to be straightforward, simple and their staff is very responsive and helpful.



Took Stress away during Emergency

Had an emergency visit recently. It’s stressful enough to worry about your fur baby. Lemonades customer service took a lot of the financial stress away, the claim filing took 2 minutes and I had the result and reimbursement within a day. Cannot recommend this enough simply for the peace of mind. Thankfully this was a minor emergency around $500 but could have very easily been a few thousand. Your pet is basically one of your children, you should have insurance for them just like you would a human!

Daniel Elliott


A very good experience

My dog required many tests and X-rays and the invoices totaled about $3000. Lemonade covered most of it. They reimbursed me directly into my bank account within a week of filing the claim. The process was quick and easy and without any surprises. Based on my experience, I recommend this pet insurance highly.



Lemonade is amazing

Lemonade is amazing. You guys have been there for me when I’ve needed you the most. I never have to worry about getting the best care for my pup. Thank you so much!

Matthew Scott


Simple claim process that works just as…

Simple claim process that works just as advertised

Amos Elberg


I filed a claim and they paid it quickly

I filed a claim and they paid it quickly

Ethan Leventhal


Lemonade has you and your pet covered

The app is convenient and the entire Lemonade team goes above and beyond to provide quality service and assistance through the process. Was able to submit my claims while sitting in the vets office and felt peace of mind while my dog was being cared for that it would be covered.

Aman Kejriwal


Lemonade - Champion from insurance purchase to claim reimbursement!

Lemonade had already impressed me when I was buying home contents insurance from them. The super simple UI, clear and easy to understand policy, and a very well made app already convinced me that this company is going to change the insurance industry as we know it! On top of that, the premium rates offered are phenomenal! My bike got stolen this month in Amsterdam. The location is away from from home. I filed a claim with Lemonade through the app and was once again awed by the ease of using the interface and how prompt their responses were. Within 10 days, my claim was approved and money transferred to my bank account. I have never known a more customer centric insurance company.

Matthew Hill


Lemonade is awesome

Lemonade is awesome. It’s very user friendly and easy to understand. Service is fast and great and getting claims approved it way easier than I expected and my bank account was reimbursed immediately!!

James McWilliams


Good and speedy claim review.

Good and speedy claim review.

Edgar Peralta


Super fast response and approval!

Super fast response and approval!

Nilafay Ferrand


App on the phone is great

App on the phone is great - if something doesn't work, a rep calls & handles the challenge - 2 days for review & reimbursement of our Vet charges is awesome.

Renato Fialho


The customer service is fast and…

The customer service is fast and reliable! It was amazing, very fast and reliable, how an insurance should be, recommend!

sara murphy


Super easy to use

Super easy to use, quick responses and payments. I'm really happy with the service! I've recovered it to many friends.



Great pet insurance

We use Lemonade for both of our cats pet insurances. We had some unexpected health issues with one of the cats and there has never been a problem with the insurance. They’re fast in processing the claims and we’ve never had them not approve one. Very reasonably priced still, even with the prices regularly going up. Would recommend as a pet insurance, can’t speak for any other types of insurances since we don’t use Lemonade for that.

Maya Lazar


Such an easy and fast process

Such an easy and fast process! Filing a claim was a breeze, and I received a direct deposit so quickly!

Danielli Monari


Quick response,Quick resolution!

Quick response,Quick resolution! Thank you guys!!

Cliff Branch


Just a great company to do business…

Just a great company to do business with, ease of everything being done with your phone, but also dealing with actual people when you want or need to

JoAnn Roeschlein


It was easy

It was easy! Grateful I signed up for this insurance.

Mr david christie


Customer service beyond anything that has gone before.

5 stars nowhere near enough. Home insurance. Sign up seamless. Sorted. Add something later? Seamless, just done there and then. Ricket on DD so all cover at risk. Magnificent, absolutely outstanding customer service. They told me about the ricket. I re supplied required info (not their fault) and in less than a blink of an eye Maya responded, all sorted. No praising words adequate. Brilliant not even close.



Great customer service

Great customer service! They quickly resolved my claim, their app is very user friendly. Highly recommend!



The best health insurance

I wish my health insurance was nearly as clear and easy as Lemonade. I wouldn't go with anybody else.

ana romero


Super Happy

I submitted my claim and within hours I had a deposit in my account. Super happy! They were quick and responsive.

Dhanesh Agrawal


Excellent claim handling proces

Excellent handling of our claim. Although the report was in a different language, it was handled within time and helped us in every way possible. Also filing a claim is super easy with the app.

Hannah Ginter


Easy to file claims and quick turn…

Easy to file claims and quick turn around! Great coverage for my little dog 🐶

Ashlyne Garnish


Quick, easy, worth it!

Quick and easy process after my dog had TPLO surgery. I got the refund I was expecting and it was in my account just 3 business days after filing my claim. This is exactly what I have pet insurance for and I couldn't be happier with Lemonade!

Maria Conti


Best Pet Insurance Ever

Super easy process with fast payout.

Joan Bailey


Lemonade's App is Easy and Reps Responsive

Both times I've used Lemonade's services, the app has been easy to maneuver and the follow-up by a representative is done in a very timely fashion. I highly recommend their services.

L Sharp


Fantastic claim efficiency and personal touch

Super skeptical about how the entire claim process would go --- what a fantastic experience! I wish our medical insurance provider was as efficient and communicative. Really appreciated the personal-touch email from our claim representative, Micaela!! Thank you for everything Lemonade!!



Three years with Lemonade Insurance

We are on our third year using dog insurance from Lemonade. We have two healthy Cockapoos; however, accidents and illness happen and we are thankful we had pet insurance. The claim process is easy and payment is fast and hassle free. There are a lot of pet insurance options available but we are happy with our choice with Lemonade.

Mohammad Mreish


Great experience

Great experience, fast action , fair price estimates and Excellent service

K Davis


Easy and Fast Filing

Filing a claim was quite easy on the app; I wish there was also an option to complete the process online on a computer.



1 Happy Customer

Filing the claim was very easy, my money was in my account the next day. Very satisfied with the Pet Insurance.

Brian Schneider


Lemonade’s claims process was super…

Lemonade’s claims process was super easy and fast. It was my first claim after about 3 years of coverage, and they handled everything well. Their product and service are tough to beat.

Michele Feldman


It is so easy to submit a claim

It is so easy to submit a claim, and the reimbursement process is lightening fast! I never had pet insurance before, and I am so glad that I have it now. It really helps with the unexpected trips to the vet!

Brandy Sarian



It was a very easy process and I was reimbursed within 24 hours of submitting my claim.



Easy claim process

Easy claim process. Quick refund. Terrific customer experience.

Dawn Geisinger


Would definitely recommend!

We have had Lemonade Insurance for our dog for over a year and so far everything has been great. Submitting claims online is easy and the communication received regarding the claims has been kind and straightforward. I have been very impressed so far.

Jillian Springer


Lemonade has made the pet insurance…

Lemonade has made the pet insurance review so simple and easy! I’m highly recommend for pet insurance.

J. Jose Leon


Very helpful..processed my claim…

Very helpful..processed my claim fast...thank you so lemonade.....



Good service

Very good service when needed. Everything was well explained and the communication was fast and effective.



Professional and quick response

Lemonade insurance team are very professional in handling the claim. They ensured I am safe and the claim was approved within a week. Excellent experience with the team.

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