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Trupanion has been the best!!

Trupanion has been the best!!! They have paid out very claim promptly and fully! We recently almost lost our dog and not only was Trupanion easy to work with on the claim, but they were so sensitive and caring and made the whole process seamless. The best news is that we have our dog today… all because of Trupanion, she was able to get the critical care she needed to survive

Nikki Greer


Thank you!!!

I just finished registering my new pup for coverage, I chose a $200 deductible this time around. I previously had a $700 deductible. I also added complimentary care as I wish I had of had it in the past. Acupuncture is expensive! Quick recap of my last pup... Total submitted to Trupanion: $38,520.30 Total paid in monthly premiums: $3,180.59 Total paid out by Trupanion: $23,179.27 There's many things Trupanion doesn't cover, but they saved me $20,000, and provided top notch customer service along the way. They're more than an insurance company, they're embedded in so many Veterinary clinics making their claim process seamless. I'm entirely grateful for Trupanion ❤️



Great customer service so far!

Great customer service so far!

Alex Carey


sing up then get the price increases ! 50 percent in 2 years is too much

its ok but between our two pets weve seen 4 price increase in 2 years ! not pleased with some generic email saying our breed in our area is increasing

Janet Harris Abreu


I have both of my dogs on Trupanion

I have both of my dogs on Trupanion. I had an old and very sick chihuahua and the insurance was so helpful! She just passed and a few months later I got a puppy. I also put her on trupanion. It’s so helpful to have a safety net.

Sheila Bush


Trupanion gets an A+++

Trupanion gets an A+++ for Pet Insurance. We have two young dogs. Both dogs have been insured with Trupanion since they were puppies. Our 2.5 year old has torn both her ACL's over the past year. After paying our deductible, Trupanion has paid 90 percent. The whole process of submitting a claim is so easy. We pay up front and are reimbursed within a few days right into our bank account. This company is absolutely amazing. I refer them to everyone I know who has pets. ❤️ 🐾 Thank you Trupanion for excellent customer service.

C. Hollis


It was easy to review what is covered…

It was easy to review what is covered and not covered through Trupanion. Finding/obtaining a quote was extremely easy.

Deborah Anderson


No one wants additional insurance…

No one wants additional insurance expenses. My pups are cherished members of the family and need the same consideration as any member of my family. I would never want to have to make a decision on medical treatment because of unbudgeted expense. Insurance is a way to eliminate the concern with fair monthly charges.



Very professional very informative

Very professional very informative

pleased customer


Trupanion Rep in my phone call was very helpful

Rep in my phone call was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. Provided very clear responses.



Friendly and efficient

Person I spoke to was friendly and efficient. Had a few times that I couldn’t hear him well due to the phone cutting out or he was moving away from the speaker.



The insurance agent was so pleasant

The insurance agent was so pleasant. He gave me a lot of informative advice about my new fur baby.

Shirley Raleigh


Young lady very nice and patient

Young lady very nice and patient. Offered many options which I was looking for.



All my questions were answered by staff…

All my questions were answered by staff member on my phone call.

Velma Burton


Information on policy

Each representative I have spoke with has been very helpful and courteous.



It was very easy took less than 5…

It was very easy took less than 5 minutes to do. I also love how I set my deductible. Also my breeder recommended you so how could go wrong.



Auto-Draft Payment Issue

I had an issue with my auto-draft account payment. Ashley was great in helping get that information updated and corrected. She was an absolute pleasure in helping me.



Warning! Read and review Trupanion Policy.

[Updated June 03] After the third review of my claim Trupanion has covered the majority of my claim, less the $500 deductible. Thank you Mary and Trupanion for your special consideration due to the circumstances. I will modify my review to 4 stars accordingly. [Original review May 26] I have had several dogs covered by Trupanion in the years since my 1st enrollment in May of 2005. My experience with Trupanion [formally Vet Insurance] has been very positive through some very costly medical issues over those nearly 20 years. My most recent experience has been anything but positive. I am currently the very proud guardian of 4 dogs, only 1 of which, a 13 yr old female, is currently being covered by Trupanion since she came to me in 2013. Trupanion has not paid out one penny in claims over the past 11 years for my very healthy girl, although I am paying $190/month in premiums, just for her coverage. Recently during my girls annual check up it was recommended by my Vet that she have a non emergency dental procedure, no recommended time frame was given. Due to circumstances, I cancelled an initial appointment for the procedure scheduled for 14 days after the recommendation. Not remembering a line in the policy, I took out 10 years previous, stating a dental procedure had to be completed within "3 months". I unfortunately waited 3 months less 2 days to make an appointment, however the procedure could not be completed until 3 months and 15 days after her initial appointment. Because I did not keep up on every nuisance and word of the Trupanion Policy, Trupanion rejected my claim and an appeal made both by myself and my Veterinarian explaining the circumstances. Despite paying $9,412.02 in premiums over the past 10 years 5 months for my girl alone, Trupanion has decided to rejected my claim for $1,479.46 based on 1 line, buried in their policy. I will have to seriously consider if I wish to continue paying $189.18/month for my girl's coverage. Coverage that apparently that does not exist. A premium that increased 35% and 25% annually over the past 2 years, or find coverage that I can count on , and afford, elsewhere, as I have done with my other 3 companions. [Update May 30] Trupanion has contacted me, as stated in their reply to my review. They are going to reassess my claim once again. I am hoping for a more positive outcome.

Sharon Scott


15 Years of Great Coverage on 2 Very Ill Dogs

I've had Trupanion coverage on five dogs over 15 years. This year I lost my two elderly fur babies. Both dogs had expensive medical care in their latter years. Rhett had two knee replacements and was diagnosed with atypical Cushings and a heart murmur. He saw a cardiologist and internal medicine specialist in addition to his regular vet. Colt had an opthalmologist (he became blind at age six), a cardiologist, an internal medicine specialist and, in the end, an oncologist after lymphoma diagnosis. Both had the best of care due to Trupanion's coverage and miraculously lived to be over 14. Trupanion pays quickly and the rare times I've asked for a reevaluation on a denied claim, it was either paid or I understood why it wasn't covered. I highly recommend them! I wish rates didn't have to go up, but the vet bills can be gigantic and paid off for me in the many, many tens of thousand dollars I was reimbursed.



My puppy was diagnosed with Angular…

My puppy was diagnosed with Angular Limb Deformity on both front legs. Trupanion delivered on everything they promised in the contract. Representative are also amazing...extremely friendly. knowledgeable, supportive. helpful and kind. They answer the calls within seconds.

Thom Williams


A Protector of our companion

From day one trupanion has been an excellent companion support protecting our four legged family member in many situations that we never expected to experience in our pet ownership. They deal with us in a professional, warm personal and friendly way. The protection offered is clear in terms of what is and isn't covered. With claim support, they have always been prompt and thorough. This is insurance that is truly there when it is needed and not hiding behind a mountain of excuses!

Rick & Patti


Trupanion helped, but BEWARE OF PREMIUM INCREASE

Trupanion helped save our dachshund from paralysis by making the cost of surgery possible for us. We have had Trupanion on our boy for almost 5 years. I reviewed a Trupanion pamphlet at the vet’s office. It stated in the pamphlet that the premium would not increase after a claim. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Four months after surgery, we were notified that the premium for his insurance will almost double, effective in two months! We’re grateful to Trupanion for their help in an emergency, but people need to know that their premiums will increase significantly after a claim.



Easy to communicate and understand

Easy to communicate and understand



Excellent knowledge very helpful…

Excellent knowledge very helpful explaining all I need to consider great job thanks ken and Fin



Thank you to appeals

I would like to share my most recent experience. I have a kitten who got very sick. He was hospitalised for over 2 weeks. Long story short because he was seen within the first five days for diarreah it was pre-existing. Milo ended up with FIP, It wasn’t related to the pre exisiting. Through the appeal process and my veterinarian Trupanion paid a large portion of my bill. I’m very grateful for this. I’ve had Trupanion for 13 years and with 6 animals. They have ALWAYS paid out for me. Thank you Trupanion For reopening the case and paying part of my bill Fondly, Sandra A.



Great courteous customer service

Great courteous customer service, which I appreciate so much.

Thanks for all the information


You do what you say thanks no hiding…

You do what you say thanks no hiding fees

Taurie Kinoshita


Trupanion SAVED my cat's life

Trupanion SAVED my cat's life. I don't know how to thank them.... Back in 2013, I signed our rescue cats up for Trupanion. It was my first experience with pet insurance. To this day, I cannot believe how lucky I was! Our cat, Sabina, recently needed surgery and they were so helpful!!!! Someone is always available when you call, they are personable and kind and show an interest in your cat. They're the ONLY company that offers pre-approval. They helped cover the surgery and therefore my cat's life was saved. When my vet found out we had Trupanion, even she said, "they're the best, they really care"! Thank you forever Trupanion!!!!!

Stephanie Cannella


Trupanion has been there for me and my pup through 9 years of health issues!

It makes me sad to read the negative reviews about this company. I have a 9YO German Shepherd that has gone through pneumonia at 2YO that resulted in a very expensive 6 day stay in ICU at Tufts Animal Hospital in MA. In addition, she was diagnosed with spinal arthritis at 2 1/2 YO which has resulted in ongoing prescription expenses. Recently, she tore her cruciate ligament and just had TPLO surgery yesterday for which she received a pre-approval for that covers 90% of her surgery. Trupanion has covered everything they promised - and frankly, they have reimbursed me more than I’ve ever paid them in 9 years of premiums. As they state, rates go up and down (I’ve seen both) based on the industry, which is completely understandable given the coverage they offer. I understand that my situation is probably extreme, but that is what insurance is for - the unexpected high expense illnesses and injuries that for uninsured dogs could mean the difference between a chance at treatment and recovery or loss of life because of an unexpected financial burden their person couldn’t afford. I also have a 4YO Pittie mix that is also covered. Thankfully, I have not had any claims for him thus far and hope I never do. But I have zero qualms about paying Trupanion for the piece of mind they give me knowing my dogs can get the best treatment available without having to make the difficult decisions finance can force. In regards to claim processing time - the longest I have ever had to wait for reimbursement was 2 weeks. More often than not I receive reimbursement within 1 week. I highly recommend this company to everyone that is looking for the best coverage with the best staff.



Owning Pets Your Entire Life

With the Vet costs of today, monthly cost, spreads out what one day may be thousands. Wish the upfront information would have included the no long-term obligation, I had to make a request for.



Enrollment was easy and looking forward…

Enrollment was easy and looking forward to having a great company to take care of my puppies needs.

Teresa Hubbard


Trupanion was a great decision

Trupanion was a great decision, have had it for many years now, and with the cost of Veterinary Services it’s financially reassuring, peace of mind that my fur babies are covered!

Molly Williams


Great customer service!

Great customer service! He explained everything about my policy and answered my many questions nicely. It is my first time using this company. I will recommend them to all of my friends.

Kevin Taylor


Compassionate, efficient, good value care for your pets

Trupanion has been excellent to deal with in every way. Compassionate, efficient, good value care that has helped us to pay our dogs medical bills many times over the years. Communication has always been prompt, courteous, and well explained. There are obviously people that care about animals at their end. Our local Vet Hospital tells us they really like working with Trupanion as well, they get prompt notice of approvals instantly.

Fidel Makapugay



Helpful, knowledgeable, patient, & professional representative.

Kimberly Taylor Cross


Scott at Rosemary Butler State Farm is tops!

Scott at Rosemary Butler State Farm in New Milford CT made the process 100% seamless. He educated us on the policy details every step of the way and answered all our questions.



Trupanion is amazing

Trupanion covered our brand new puppy's canine parvovirus infection which carried a $5,000+ vet bill. We are so very thankful. We will be customers for life.

Chris and Alonda Kyriacou


Agent was polite

Agent was polite, answer all questions, read the pros and cons



Very happy with trupanion

The enrollment was clear with very clear documents regarding what is covered, how to submit a claim and how to contact customer service. When my cat was needing emergency care I could choose the level of investigation knowing it was what was best for him and that Trupanion would have our backs. He got the best care because I knew I would have support.



Informative about the coverage and made…

Informative about the coverage and made sign up easy over the phone!

Maryann Cordova


Easy sign up competitive prices

Easy sign up competitive prices

Cranes Roost



WOW!!!!! Took Brinio to the Vet yesterday for his regular cytopoint injection for allergic dermatitis. Filed my claim last night after we came home from our 1.5 hour trip to the vet. This morning, my claim has been paid! You guys are AWESOME!!! I will NEVER own another pet without insuring them with TruPanion! We had 3; Thor passed away, never had claims, and then there were 2; Joey was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma a year before he died, TruPanion made it possible for him to have his surgery that would have ruined our budget otherwise; Brinio is still with us at 14.5 years old, healthy and happy because he gets all the Vet care he needs. I will NEVER own another pet without getting health insurance through TruPanion!

customer Jennifer S.


The enrollment was fast, easy and inspired confidence

The enrollment was fast, easy and gave my husband and I confidence that should the day come when we need the best care for Cody, she will have it :)

Trish R


We wish to thank everyone at Trupanion…

We wish to thank everyone at Trupanion for the kindness & patience we received during our dog Finnegan's illness. We were hoping never having to use our policy. You came through when we needed you. Aside from the claims being paid out quickly & without a hassle, I was struck by the level of compassion exhibited by your truly remarkable staff. We will be forever grateful for this treatment during one of the most difficult times of our lives. We still have another dog with a Trupanion policy & will certainly keep coming back to you in the future.

customer Pam


Pleasant experience.

Getting signed up was easy and very friendly. I wish there were fewer emails. I have gotten to where I don’t read them as there is too much information to wade through.



"Pet Insurance Believer"

I was not a "Pet Insurance Believer" until I experienced Trupanion. My puppy was enrolled by our breeder and I decided to keep the policy active when we brought him home. Unfortunately my dog starting experiencing allergy issues and ear infections on a regular basis when he was a few years old. My husband and I were shocked how easy Trupanion made it to submit and receive payouts on claims when applicable. We love our dog and will certainly pay as much as we can to make sure he is healthy but there is such a relief knowing that Trupanion is there along with us. The submission of claims is extremely easy and efficient as I can easily submit them on my cell phone. I've also chatted both online and live with representatives regarding questions and they were able to assist and respond immediately. I am now a "Pet Insurance Believer" thanks to the positive experience of Trupanion. I've mentioned these comments to many of my pet owner friends so they too can share this experience with their pets.

Jodi Side


This was a great experience for me as a…

This was a great experience for me as a new puppy owner

customer Cyn


So far I’m very pleased with the…

So far I’m very pleased with the contact and information. My last insurance company was not transparent and caused me so much stress. So glad I switched



I have not used the insurance yet but…

I have not used the insurance yet but the representative was friendly and helpful.

customerDamon hitt


It was very comforting that I had good…

It was very comforting that I had good care for my puppy and they cared for me and my dog 5 stars,also very informative for someone like me who isn’t computer savvy and they were very patient with me on all my questions and gave me a lot of time that he didn’t have to do,It was a enjoyable experience



Ease of doing business.

Ease of doing business.

Amber Tanner


Never does anything wrong and always…

Never does anything wrong and always does everything right. My dog wouldn’t be here without Trupanion, and I definitely couldn’t afford his allergy shots to keep him comfortable. Always easy to get in touch with a representative and they’re always providing Chick-fil-A type customer service. I tell everyone about trupanion!



Maria Hernandez did a wonderful job…

Maria Hernandez did a wonderful job explaining the insurance and all of our various options. She went even further providing various personal experiences. She was also very patient with all our questions.

T. M. Sanchez


10 years of service with no regrets

My dog has been a member since he was three; he's now 14. After one hospitalization, I learned my lesson and signed up for a policy. When the unfortunate times came when I needed help, their customer service was kind and efficient. I never felt like I had to battle for coverage. I feel secure knowing that if my dog needs help, I have the resources to give it to him, and that means the world to us.

Susan Fadiga


My experience with Trupanion has been…excellent

My experience with Trupanion has been excellent. Claims are processed immediately and reimbursement has been within the same week that the claim for services was submitted. Trupanion enables me to give my pets the care that I would otherwise be unable to afford such as ultrasound, cardiology and specialist referrals, hospital stays, and treatment for chronic conditions. I recommend Trupanion to anyone who cares about their pets. I have had Trupanion for almost 20 years with 2 sets of dogs. Customer service can’t be beat!

customerJoe Benxinger


The staff is nice and the coverage for…

The staff is nice and the coverage for the price is excellent. I will say this they help both of dogs life with diabetes for years. Where I think they will improve with coverage on well visits. More people would buy the coverage and take there animals to doctors with this coverage.



Excellent customer service

Thank you Trupanion! You’ve made setting up the plans for my 2 min pin puppies a breeze. Your customer service is EXCELLENT. A rarity these days. The young woman who helped me by phone this evening went out of her way making sure I understood everything about the policies and how the payments would work. And she was so personable and understanding I felt like an old friend was helping me not just a customer service rep. If I could I’d rate my experience 10 stars instead of 5. If anyone considering Trupanion is on the fence about it I feel you can’t go wrong with this company. Just do it…..your pet deserves it.

Betty Beeson


You answered right away and gave me…

You answered right away and gave me coverage right away. However the agent spoke so fast I couldn't grasp anything he said.



Literal first time member

I don't know much about this yet, since I joined recently, but over time, I'm hoping to learn more so I can leave better reviews



Trupanion has save us $1000’s

Trupanion has save us thousands of dollars as our three mini dachshunds entered into their senior years. One had back surgery. A $12000 bill only cost me $1200. You can have Trupanion pay the vet directly to avoid paying the $12000 up front. Just let them know upfront and don’t let your plan expire or miss a monthly premium payment. We’ve had them for over 15 years now. They will cover dental procedures as long as your vet doesn’t have any dental issues in their record before coverage starts.



Customer services was helpful and…

Customer services was helpful and patient.

Lisa Chambers


Very grateful to still have my Best Girl

Very grateful to still have my 14 year old Mini American Sheperd! She is the goodest girl, and needed her spleen removed. I would never have been able to afford all the vet visits and ultrasounds without Trupanion. I have it for all 3 of my dogs, and yes, it was more expensive for an older dog. But 100% worth it! They covered 90% of the costs outside my deductible, and at times the reimbursement was direct deposited into my bank faster than the vet bill hit it!

James Bleuer


Great support in a rough period

My animals have been largely healthy, but we've had a rough patch lately. Our older dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma earlier this year, and our younger dog had major jaw issues requiring surgery. We've been through radiation treatment, chemo, amputation, and a jaw surgery in the last 3 months. I've submitted over $28k in claims this year alone (another $5k in 2022). Trupanion paid it all, in a timely manner (minus deductibles, coinsurance, and non-covered exam fees and taxes). I will absolutely continue to keep Trupanion insurance on all of my animals. I couldn't appreciate them more when things get tough. It was nice to be able to navigate this difficult period knowing cost was not an issue, the animals received the highest quality of care they could get. I recommend them to everyone.

Daniel Knodle


Stick with it - it pays

Signed up for insurance for my now 8 year old German Shepherd when he was nine weeks old. For years he was really healthy but we kept the policy in place. Over the last year he's had some real issues with a difficult to diagnose series of infections. Throughout the process Trupanion paid exactly what they'd committed to pay, with speed I did not expect. He's fine now but needs monthly injections to keep him clear. They continue to cover these - I'm thrilled.

new customer


Great people, very fair premiums, easy sign-up process

A friend had recommended Trupanion for our 2-year-old Australian shepherd. Signing up was a truly positive experience. Our sales specialist, J Holaka, made it all much easier than I had anticipated. He gave me clear and concise explanations for all my questions. He was friendly and not at all overbearing. I came away with a truly positive impression of the company and look forward to dealing with the folks there for many years to come.

Amy Pickard


5 star review

The sign up process was very easy, the gentleman that I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and friendly. He answered all of my questions



Very easy enrollment procedure

Very easy enrollment procedure. I think it’s an important service to have with a new puppy. Will wait until I have experience with claims and coverage comment further.



Trupanion has a great and easy sign up…

Trupanion has a great and easy sign up process. They explain everything clearly and I feel confident that my dog Douglas will be taken care of in the evident of an injury or illness. This was an easy decision to make to enroll with this company for their transparency and amazing customer service. Having peace of mind lets me focus my energy and enjoy every minute with my furbaby!



Helpful on the phone

Helpful on the phone

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