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Marge Davis


As long as we have dogs, we will have Healthy Paws

After we lost Stella to IMHA in 2015 (and paid some $12,000 in vet bills over 14 months), we shopped around for pet insurance and chose Healthy Paws. Our dogs are like our children, and it is worth the monthly premium not to have to hesitate when they need care--especially when a mild-looking ailment might be masking something serious that might respond to early intervention. Healthy Paws has seen us through some two dozen injuries and illnesses, from a lacerated ear flap to a terminal case of lymphoma. Their policies are fair, transparent and easy to understand, their prices are reasonable and very competitive, their communications are prompt and their processing of claims is incredibly quick--we have received payments (via direct deposit) in as little as 3 days. And finally--having just had to put down our beloved Emma, followed almost immediately by some scary GI issues in her grieving pal Charlie--we have found Healthy Paws--the staff and the company--to be humane, helpful and genuinely compassionate. As long as we have dogs, we will continue to have Healthy Paws.

Isabelle Verdini


Pet Insurance

I am so glad I signed up for the Healthy Paws insurance for my two cats. In November 2023, I had to bring my female cat to the vet for an emergency. Afterwards, I was sent to the hospital to have my cat checked into on an emergency basis. She was admitted and stayed for 3 days. When I submitted my bills to Healthy Paws, they processed my claim within a relatively short period of time. (It was around Thanksgiving so I noticed it took a little longer.) HOWEVER, they covered everything they promised to cover when I signed up for the policy! No BS excuses and they sent me my reimbursement checks quickly. If you are shopping around for pet insurance, I would recommend Healthy Paws.

Shelly Dixon


Our Beautiful Stella was hospitalized…

Our Beautiful Stella was hospitalized for possible toxic poisoning and fortunately pulled through. It was quite a financial shock. Healthy Paws stepped up and honored their policy agreement and saved the day. A very trusted, thorough, and reputable company. Highly recommend in case your furry friends ever get into trouble.



Very Easy and Straightforward!

Our dog, Willie, recently needed to receive a very expensive procedure involving the removal of multiple masses and subsequent pathology analysis. It would have cost thousands of dollars without his insurance. Healthy Paws reimbursed us for the expense quickly with o questions asked. This prevented us from having to make some very difficult decisions about Willie's health. I would recommend their service to anyone looking for pet insurance.



I am so impressed with Healthy Paws

I am so impressed with Healthy Paws - I submit a claim and within 48 hours its complete and I have my reimbursement - and then they emailed me to check on our pet who had ACL surgery - amazing and always so helpful - I am so glad I have Heathly Paws



Completely recommend Healthy Paws!

I have had golden retrievers since 1985. I never pursued getting insurance because in general they were usually pretty healthy until their later years. But for my latest goldens I decided to try it out while my they were still young and I went with Healthy Paws. One of my girls has had multiple flareups of pancreatitis and having this insurance to help out with that has been great! The claim procedures at Healthy Paws really couldn’t be easier; just scan a copy of your vet invoice and medical records and click submit. And, one last thing: it means a lot to me when they send me a personal email asking how my dog is doing!



Healthy Paws is a great pet insurance…

Healthy Paws is a great pet insurance company, they are easy to work with and their website makes it easy to submit claims and receive payment. My beautiful English Springer Spaniel had to have surgery to remove a very large cyst from his neck. It was tough and expensive operation. I submitted the claim and within days of the surgery they sent the reimbursement payment to me and I was grateful as the payment came at time when money was needed. The following week the Healthy Paws team followed up to see how my pup was doing. I was happy to report his recovery and that he is cancer free. I highly recommend Healthy Paws to all pet owners. Pets can be expensive, and a good pet insurance company gives peace of mind to know our precious fur babies are covered.

Carrie Keskinen


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is the Best!

I can't say enough good things about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. I have been insuring my cat Skylar since 2017. They have great customer service personnel who really care about animals. They process claims in a timely manner. Recently my cat had to be in the hospital for 5 days with a medical condition. I submitted my claim on a Saturday, they processed it on Monday and I had my reimbursement through direct deposit on Tuesday. Having them in my corner helped the stress of the whole situation. They are truly the best.

Cathy Gray


Love Healthy Paws pet insurance

Love Healthy Paws pet insurance. I have been a customer for over 8 years and never had a problem. Very quick to process a claim and always there to answer any questions. If you are thinking about insuring your pet, this company is the way to go. Thanks Healthy Paws!



We are so happy we had Healthy Paws Pet…

We are so happy we had Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.. It was a horrific experience which started on Sept 2nd as we (Elena my wife and I) were just getting ready to walk with Baron to the BBQ just 4 houses down at the end of the block. As you can imagine this is Baron's favorite place to go. He's a celebrity here in La Mesa. Black Shepherds as big and beautiful are not common here. As Elena was putting on his vest and leash, I went to open the walk-in gate. Elena yelled "He Can't Get Up !" I tried to lift him and that is when Elena noticed his eyes shaking back and forth. We thought he was having a stroke. Labor Day Weekend. All the pet clinics were closed, and the local Pet Emergency Care was filled to capacity. We had to drive to a Pet ER 25 minutes away. From there it was 6 days of Up and Down and Up again news. Finally after staying my his side for 5-8 hours a day we moved him to a Specialty Hospital for overnight observation and treatment. It was on the 8th day we finally brought Baron home and were prepared to nurse him back to health. The total cost for expenses reached 13,000.00 - Diagnosed with Vestibular Disease he was suffering from acute vertigo, nausea, and incoherent, We resisted calls from the ER to "Think About his Quality of Life" at 4AM and continued treatment. Today he has been home for almost two weeks and is recovering. The next step is rehabilitation. He requires a double harness to walk. He wobbles like a drunken sailor (I can testify to that). But he is home and we are thankful we decided to buy Pet health Insurance when we inherited Baron from my mother after her passing in 2014.

Matthias Hunkeler


We had quite the whirlwind of a week…

We had quite the whirlwind of a week with our 4-year-old French Bulldog. She had some respiratory issues early on and then some gastro issues later, which required surgery and various procedures. Could not be happier with Healthy Paws; they have been great and made a very difficult situation a little bit easier to manage. Customer service, the ease of the claims process, and continued follow ups on our pet's well-being are above and beyond what we would have expected when we first got pet insurance. Have and will continue to recommend to others.

Marla Riggs


I have had great experience with…Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

I have had great experience with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Very prompt service, very responsive. Most recently my second dog (insured by Healthy Paws) had a major knee surgery. They paid my claim immediately. I could not be happier about their services.

JoAnna A. Macht


The best insurance you can get

The best insurance you can get, hands down. Choose the highest percent reimbursement possible, get it BEFORE your pet has any preexisting conditions, get their app and choose direct deposit for your reimbursements. I just had a $20k total bill when my dog got sick, and every time I submitted a claim it was literally paid and deposited within a few days. I think I paid about $3500 out of that $20k bill. You don’t ever have to end the life of an animal for lack of funds. Do it!

leslie shaw


Best vet Insurance

This is the best vet insurance. My sister who is a Vet (their company has their own insurance) endorses Healthy Paws based upon my experience. They actually care about the pet and their owners. When my dog passed away last year, they sent a condolence card that was actually signed by a number of people, not a fake signature. Claims are paid quickly, especially if you provide the documentation they need to confirm the claim being presented. Any delay in payment is only the fault of the pet owner. I submitted a claim for my dogs surgery on either 8/17 or 8/18 and the check was in my mailbox on 8/22. I am so thankful I found them. I have been a customer for 8 or 9 years and all I can say is thank you Healthy Paws.



Easy to deal with

My 6 year old German shepherd was diagnosed with lymphoma. She has been going through chemotherapy treatment weekly for the last 19 weeks. Healthy Paws efficiently paid and processed our claims within 72 hours of submitting the bills to them. They have checked in on our baby multiple times throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to get pet insurance through Healthy Paws

Paul Fortgang


Outstanding and prompt service for our…

Outstanding and prompt service for our dog’s surgery. Wanted to make sure everything went well. Very easy claims process. Recommend them highly

Sabrina Sprott



AMAZING COMPANY. They reimburse quickly, they’re easy to reach and they’ve save my dog more than a few times. Great company.

Tom Smith


We could lick your face!

Exceedingly pleased with our experience! Previous pet insurance companies have left confused and disappointed with our coverage and customer service interactions. Healthy Paws communication was very clear and caring. We truly appreciate the ease and promptness of making a claim and the reimbursement!

Dwight Lintz


Member since 2012

I have been a member with healthy paws since 2012 and have insured 3 Furbay's since. Each time I needed the insurance for them, healthy paws has been fabulous. My most recent experience with the claims process was this past month when my pup needed ACL surgery. I love the fact you don't need their permission to get the medical attention your pet needs and the claim process is quick and easy. You just need to be aware of policy coverage and your benefit package you signed up for. Definitely recommend.

Todd Goldenberg


Healthy Paws made my life just a little easier

Healthy Paws made my life just a little easier during a very difficult time. My beloved "Lambeau" had been dealing with cancer - and fighting like a little champ - for several years. I'm SURE Healthy Paws "lost money" on our account, as Lambeau's bills (medications/surgeries) had to be over $50,000. I ended up paying only about 20% of that amount, and the premiums while high, never compared to what Healthy Paws covered. When Lambeau passed, the team at Healthy Paws was sweet, comforting, and made sure to close my account, so I wasn't billed for an additional month - while continuing to send reimbursements for her final vet bills. I'd highly recommend Healthy Paws for these reasons.



So Grateful I Have them!

My adopted pitbull mix was rescued from the worst condtions. I chose Healthy Paws hoping that i would not have to use it. Unfortunately my pup has had several health issues from slipped disk needing surgery, splenectomy and cancer surgery. They have saved me thousands of dollars. Having Healthy Paws has allowed me to do whatever has been needed to help my beloved pibble , if it weren't for them I don't know what i would have done, I am so grateful to them !! Fast claim reimbursement with no issues. So glad I made the decision to go with Healthy Paws :))

Deanna Harden


We took out insurance with Healthy Paws…

We took out insurance with Healthy Paws on our Shih Tzu when she was a few months old. We had hoped to never use it. Now that she is 4 years old we’ve had to use it twice, both times were unexpected and scary. Both times Healthy Paws paid our claims quickly and stayed in communication with us along the way. They even inquired as to how she was doing when all her surgery was done and recovery completed. I cannot say enough good things about Healthy Paws and have recommend them to our friends.



I have had to utilize my dog insurance…

I have had to utilize my dog insurance twice in the past 5 years. Both times, healthy paws responded immediately with accepting my claim, processing the claim, while keeping updated quickly as to its status. You also should know that this policy is backed by one of,the strongest most reputable insurance companies, so they will never “nickel/dime” you. And yes, they check up after they pay the claim to make sure your pet is doing well. Job,well,done!

Bodie Yoshinaga


Healthy Paws took care of all my…

Healthy Paws took care of all my insurance claims quickly and made the process simple. They even sent a personalized email asking how my pet was doing. I highly recommend this company for your pet insurance needs.

Jen Phelps


5-Stars for Healthy Paws

I took out a Healthy Paws policy on my cat 5 years ago after a friend with a service dog experienced an unexpected, life-threatening illness with his pup. Healthy Paws covered 80% of his care, processed the claims within 24-hours and had the money back in his account within days. To say I was impressed was an understatement. His dog is his lifeline - and thankfully made a full recovery - and Healthy Paws was amazing. Fast forward to now. I am SO grateful I took out the same type of policy on my beloved Siamese. He recently became lethargic, developed inappetance, and generally was not acting well. We're looking at either an IBD or intestinal lymphoma diagnosis which is crushing, as all pet parents know. But the one thing I've been able to rely upon is that same amazing level of care and customer service my friend experienced. We're still waiting on my cat's diagnosis, but his biopsies, medications, appointments, etc. have already run me in the thousands. Healthy Paws has processed my claims and reimbursed me my 80% in the same speedy manner I've come to expect. They've checked in to see how my cat is doing, and have provided me with a level of reassurance no one else can at this tenuous time. I HIGHLY recommend anyone acquiring a pet also acquire a Healthy Paws insurance policy at the same time; before pre-existing conditions can develop and while you can make the most of the lowest premiums. All it takes is one major accident or illness to make an already tragic situation more stressful. Trust me when I say you will want the kind people at Healthy Paws on your side to help you navigate your pet's health through good times and in bad.

John Raney


Wonderful company! Covered over $70,000 of vet bills!

Our dogs has had 4 major surgeries and 4 minor surgeries and Healthy Paws has paid everything with no questions. Ziva’s total cost of surgeries is around $70,000 and we have only paid 20%. I will never use another company. Once we place the claim it is only about a week later that we have the check. Wonderful company! The key is to get the dog on the insurance at a young age. When we started her as a puppy it was only $35 a month. As she aged the insurance has gone up. The price does not go up based on the number of claims.

Lydia Harris


Smart decision …

When my sweet sweet Golden Retriever puppy Tucker came into my life, I new I wanted to purchase pet insurance just in case I ever needed it. I looked around and chose Healthy Paws!! So thankful I made this choice.Tucker had some skin issues and diagnosed with Thyroid Disease and put on medication and Healthy Paws has always paid on his blood work and medication. Tucker who is now 5 was just diagnosed with Epilepsy. He had his first seizure in Jan 2023 resulted in trip to Emergency Vet at 1am and Healthy Paws was there to help! He had his 2nd and 3 rd seizures together just a couple hours apart resulted in another trip to Emergency Vet / Hospital where he was admitted and MRI and Spinal tap done to rule out brain abnormality and Healthy Paws was there with reimbursement within a week !!! He has been started on Keppra and Healthy Paws is there!!! Easy to file claims, quick reimbursement and affordable! They even checked on Tucker to see how he is doing!! My husband told me again this week that choosing Healthy Paws Pet insurance was such a smart smart decision!!!

Janet Nelson


Releived and Happy I chose Happy Paws!

I am so happy and relieved that I chose Happy Paws Pet Insurance for my Golden Retriever. The first year my dog was having trouble absorbing B12. She had to have a lot of shorts for maybe 6 to 9 months. They paid out more than I paid them. I was scared they'd dump us off of the insurance or raise the premium double or triple. Nope. They kept us and the premium went up only a few dollars a month. And they paid me back within a few days. Recently she had to have an emergency spay to save her life. Again, we got paid back within 4 days! They are awesome! I chose them mainly because Golden Retrievers have a very high cancer rate. I've heard it's 50%. Healthy Paws have no limit or cap how much they'll pay out over the life of your pet. Anytime anyone on FB asks about pet insurance, I ALWAYS highly suggest Healthy Paws to everyone! They won't disappoint you at all!



My too smart for his own good dog…

My too smart for his own good dog opened a mason jar and ate a bunch of chocolate. At the emergency clinic you could tell the vet wanted to keep him overnight but was worried the expense would be too much. I said I have pet insurance and her whole body relaxed. My doggo got the best care, has no liver damage and is back to his old self. I received a reimbursement check within a week and can now pay off my credit card with zero interest. So thankful for Healthy Paws

K. Goff


Highly recommend Healthy Paws.

We have had our two dogs insured for several years. Healthy Paws has always been easily to work with - gluing claims is simple and checks arrive quickly. Their customer service is great and there are no surprises. Highly recommend.

Shauna Gilbert


Great company, fast easy claims payment

Our little Maltese had a herniated disc in his neck and needed surgery right before Christmas. Thank goodness we had Healthy Paws insurance. They paid 80% of the $5000 bill within 2 days, Unlike other Pet insurance policies, they do not have an annual limit (often $3-4K max). This was such a stressful situation for our family, but Healthy Paws gave us peace of mind at least with the financial aspect. Great company!

Joe S.


Healthy Paws is AWESOME

I would never have a pet without pet insurance. Healthy Paws has been fantastic for my hyperactive German Shorthaired Pointer. She is a hunting dog, and is prone to all types of injuries. Healthy Paws actually checks on your pet to see how they are feeling, and pays claims promptly. Great company.

Deborah Horwitz Benson


Great Pet Insurance

My dog had emergency surgery at an after hour’s emergency vet. It was very expensive but I didn’t hesitate because I knew I could rely on my Healthy Paws insurance. I submitted the claim and was reimbursed in 4 days for everything except the exam fee (which I know is not covered). What a relief!

S. Lee


The best pet insurance company!

Great pet insurance company! I've had other pet insurance dealings in the past and I wish I knew about Healthy Paws with the fur kids I had years ago. Healthy Paws has great customer service, they process your claims expeditiously, accurate and efficiently. Their plans are customized to how much your deductible you want to set and the reimbursement level. There's much value with this company and I highly recommend them!



There when we needed it most!!…

Our 4 year old dog needed unexpected major back surgery and Healthy Paws was there when we needed it most!! Easy and quick claim process. Healthy Paws was a HUGE help.

Katie Favale


Life Saver Policy

This policy has been a life saver. My 3 yr old dog has had 3 surgeries and Healthy Paws has been great for each one. They walked me through what would be covered before each surgery and then processed my claims quickly when I submitted them. They also send this email after you submit a claim and tell you to take care of your pet and they will contact you if they need more info. They also check in on your pet after surgery. The customer service, response time and coverage has been amazing! Hopefully I won’t need to keep using it this often but It really is nice knowing it’s there if I need it.



So thankful to have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

I was skeptical about getting pet insurance after never having it before. Thank god we had Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Our little puppy has been in and out of hospital. I submitted claims right after his visits and was paid promptly with no issues. They also followed up to check on my pup. I highly recommend

Ana Bianchini


Highly recommend Healthy Paws

Highly recommend Healthy Paws! I was able to get the best care for my sick cat when I had to take him to emergency room. They paid quickly with no issues what so ever.. I have all 6 of my pets insured with them because it gives me peace of mind since veterinary care is so expensive.

Jay D


Healty Paws to the rescue!

I really appreciate this company. Over 6 years I've had a few claims, but my dog recently had a big emergency. Required one minor and major surgery at two different emergency vets. They covered everything that is stated in my policy. What a relief to us! The bills were large and we were so freaked out about the cost of everything. Healthy Paws to the rescue. Also, I'd like to add that I love everyone there I've ever talked to on the phone. So kind and they go above and beyond. How refreshing!

Lauren V Meredith


Really great experience with Healthy Paws!

Over the past 8 years with Healthy Paws our dog developed two separate chronic diseases, and I'm up to claim number 37 with them right now. I have been treated with nothing but courtesy by the super helpful, friendly customer service people at Healthy Paws. They have paid us quickly every time, too. I can't get over what a great insurance experience this has been - and I wish it could be this easy with human insurance! The only thing that's tough is that the monthly cost has gotten really high. It's still been worthwhile for sure, but I don't know how they set their rates, so I don't know how much our next dog will cost to insure with them. No matter what, though, I'm really glad that we got this pet insurance, or our sweet old dog wouldn't have had the long and comfortable life he's had with us. We're very grateful to Healthy Paws for making that possible.



I have had Health Paws for many years…

I have had Healthy Paws for many years for several dogs. They have covered 2 major surgeries - including one that cost about $8,000 - as well as a host of other issues that have come up. Their service was absolutely the best it can be - meaning they covered everything they should have and sent payments quickly.



Thank you healthy paws

Our Labrador Joss injured himself and was paralyzed all of the sudden, he was diagnosed with a slipped disc and had to have emergency surgery. After a long stay at the hospital he is home and is expected to fully recover. Having healthy paws for pet insurance was such a relief as they covered all the costs. The claim processing was very quick and hassle free.

Vanessa Hanba


Healthy Paws is reliable and efficient

Healthy Paws is reliable and efficient. Claims are completed within two days with a check in the mail. Thank you for the amazing coverage and follow up emails. If I could give Healthy Paws 100 stars I would!

Anita Schmidt


Just so-so...

The good news is Healthy Paws does make claim submission easy, they process claims quickly and customer service representatives are helpful and always nice. The bad news is they NEVER pay for veterinarian exams, even if it is an emergency visit, or follow-up illness visit. That is bad news for me as my pet will require monthly follow-up visits for about a year as she recovers from Blastomycosis. I did read their benefits carefully before signing on, but thought the excluded "veterinary exams" meant wellness exams - not so. I cannot change companies now because this will be an existing condition, so I'm stuck. They also charge a deductible, then only pay 80% of eligible fees. I hope this helps you be better informed than I.



2 Paws up!! Wonderful Experience!

Two paws up for this company!! Our 10 month old German Shepherd was very sick with a respiratory issue and hospitalized for 3 days. We paid the emergency vet bill upfront then submitted the invoice to Healthy Paws. Within 2 weeks we received a check for the amount agreed upon within our selected coverage plan. It was all done online with no hassle or confusion. Their website is easy to use and the correspondence was great. The staff at healthy paws even checked in on our pup a few days later to make sure he was feeling better. I have recommended them to all my fellow pet lovers! We are grateful we selected Healthy Paws for our boy, Jax!

Sung Pak


I’m so happy I got this pet insurance…

I’m so happy I got this pet insurance when I first got my new puppy, I didn’t want to risk not treating him if there’s an accident or some illness that is so unpredictable, due to high cost of veterinary treatment. Healthy paws claims were so helpful and prompt in reimbursement of my vet bills for emergency surgery my puppy needed for blockage in his little intestine. And they checked to make sure my puppy was doing well after treatment. Thank you Healthy Paws.

Emily Rosenberg Pollock


Easy to navigate and very efficient!

I have made two claims within the past 6 months and have received reimbursement within a week of filing. I can't recommend Healthy Paws Pet Insurance company enough praise.

Susan Jordan


Healthy Paws has been great to deal as…

Healthy Paws has been great to deal as we had to go thru two expensive surgeries on our dog. Their claim processing is straightforward, easy to understand and allows vets to make a claim for you. Their response time is phenomenal. We received our checks for reimbursement in a very timely fashion. I highly recommend Healthy Paws to anyone who has an active pet or even an older pet that might eventually need insurance.

Sheena Landreth


Highly recommend

When my Chichi mix became sick and needed a life saving survey it was going to cost thousands. We had the money direct deposit in the bank 4 days after submitting the claim. Moki is doing much better. I am a 20 year vet tech and I recommend healthy paws!



Generally happy with Healthy Paws

Generally happy with Healthy Paws - claims and super easy and their app is great. One complaint is that rates have skyrocketed quite a bit every year!

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