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Eddy Wang


Great services from Shane and Tina

Both Shane and Tina were very helpful right from the beginning. As a first-time home buyer, I had many questions about my affordability and options. Shane and Tina took the time to explain everything to me to make sure I understood thoroughly. Shane went over closing documents line by line with me and that was also very helpful. Both of them responded to my questions promptly even after normal work hours. Shane and Tina put my mind at ease during the whole process which I think is one of the most important things that first-time home buyers need.

Shawn Richard Schwartzenberger



communication, and guiding us along the way

Geri Jones


Cross country move

Callen Taft shared options and helped us decide how to proceed.

Derrick Carroll


Almost too good to be true!…

I wouldn't have believed that I could have gone through this process at all, but Loan Depot made the process so easy that I am truly amazed by how easy they made it!



Personal attention I received from Shad…

Personal attention I received from Shad Hammond and his team was amazing. They were attentive, and thoughtful. The were present and supported me and my family throughout the entire process.



LoanDepot was AWESOME!

LoanDepot was AWESOME!! The team I had (Derek and Teri) were some of the best and most professional but personable to deal with. They answered any and all of my questions and/or concerns quickly. They were very helpful through the whole process. Recommend them highly!

Bill Van Riper III


Quick, promises made, promises kept.

Cash-out refi completed very quickly. Main contact, Arya Bybordi, stayed on top of everything to complete the mortgage process from beginning to end. All paperwork— even that needing signatures — was handled online with DocuSign. The only in person ink signatures were at the closing that was conducted by a local notary public.

Scott Moss


Nick Acosta at LoanDepot was a pleasure…

Nick Acosta at LoanDepot was a pleasure to work with and always kept us abreast of any changes with rates, etc.

jim farley


Very helpful and experienced people

Very helpful and experienced people. They made the entire process easy to understand.

Nicole Chatman


Very satisfied customers

From beginning to end everything was great. As soon as we spoke with Meagan, we knew exactly what information was needed. My online communication was set up immediately (with the help of Meagan) so we could begin corresponding in this manner. W were given an estimate closing date which we ended up closing sooner than expected. Why? Due to the great communication and explanations as well as constant contact. April begin working with us and she was just as diligent, professional, friendly and nice as Meagan. We had questions and would call or email and a response was delivered immediately. Everything was just so organized and we knew daily the status of our process. loanDepot was an excellent choice and we would recommend this company to anyone seeking to refinance their home.

Carol Costlow


Communication was the key!

Communication was the key. I worked very closely with Nate Ferrer and Raeleen Tubbs. Both were very helpful and informative. And with Nate’s help in breaking down my payments versus current commitments, made me see this is a good choice for me right now. I was hedging on doing a refinance and canceling the whole thing. Im glad I went through with it.

Jon Winans


Nate Ferrer provided a great experience…

Nate Ferrer provided a great experience with our loan. Amazing customer service. Thanks Nate and Amy Milkovic.

J Morton


Exceptional Support - N Ferrer and Team

I started my refinance expecting good experience. Have worked with loanDepot before. Did not expect any issues. Had a family emergency and initially thought would not meet timeline to close as was discussed. Nate Ferrer my Lending Officer and his support team made it happen..... We closed as planned. THANK YOU !

Terry Csmbrr


Nate Ferrer was extremely helpful with…

Nate Ferrer was extremely helpful with the entire process of refinancing. Stayed on top of things and answered any concerns and questions. Made the entire experience so comfortable and totally enjoyable. Would highly recommend his expertise to anyone who is interested in refinancing. Definitely an asset to Loan Depot!



Loan Depots online process is easy

Loan Depots online process is easy, self explanatory and efficient. Our Loan Officer Reyan Khanji is the most knowledgeable, experienced and competent Loan Officer we have ever worked with. She was always available to assist us when necessary. Reyan was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout our VA Cash Out Refinance. We cannot express enough how grateful we were for her throughout this entire process.



LoanDepot made the home purchasing…

LoanDepot made the home purchasing process easy. The online site was easy to navigate. The loan processing Team was great especially the Loan Consultant Ms. Maldonado. Ms. Maldonado was wonderful because she responded quickly to my every concern. I would highly recommend loanDepot to others.



All Arround Approval

Between the staff and a very well done/organized web portal - the complicated process of applying for and then the relative follow-up process for a loan was made quite painless. The communication was excellent and often proactive, the breadth of "at-hand" knowledge was impressive and the overall experience was above and beyond most of what I've experienced in other similar matters (banking, insurance - business with layers essentially).

Trin Rios


Loan Depot VA loan.

The product, service, and the complete staff were excellent.

Kathy Y


Right from the start

Right from the start, everybody was so helpful. They made this scary moment easier for me. Closing was fast and easy as well. Scott Kirkeby made the whole experience so easy. Thank you

ronda cable


Working with Nate was great

Working with Nate was great he made everything so easy helped with all questions it was a pleasure. Thank you.

Wayne Sara


Loan Depot Simplified The Entire Process, The Communication Was Amazing

The Loan Depot mortgage app made it easy to chart progress at every step of the process. The communication with the dedicated team was amazing. Whenever I called I spoke with a human!

Perry Wofford


We have just finished going thru a cash…

We have just finished going thru a cash out refinance with Nate Ferrer at the Loan Depot. The service, attitude and professionalism was A-1 top notch all the way thru the process from start to finish. Nate made himself available to answer questions as needed and promptly returned my calls or voice mails. I would highly recommend Nate Ferrer and Loan Depot to anyone looking for home buying or refinancing advice and aid!

Daniel B


Great experience!

Cesar Bryson was extremely kind, attentive, and professional. We were beyond satisfied with the customer service we received and were happy to have worked with him. Cesar knew his stuff and made himself available, going above and beyond throughout.

Melissa de la Cruz


Smooth and efficient

The entire process was smooth and efficient. Everyone I interacted with was professional, knowledgeable, and willing to explain details if I had questions. Communication was timely. The online portal for uploading necessary documents was extremely convenient. Of the four mortgage loans I have taken out, this by far was the easiest and most transparent process. I highly recommend loanDepot.

Kim Friedel


I had a great experience getting a…

I had a great experience getting a heloc home equity loan with Loan Depot. Nate Ferrer was very helpful and walked me through the whole process. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

Chris Munoz


Thanks for everything Nate Ferrer

Thanks for everything Nate Ferrer

Judy Pantazo


Nate Ferrer is the best

Nate Ferrer is the best! This is the second time I have dealt with him on a home loan and I could not ask for better service from anyone. To complete a refifrom application to checks in hand within one week is amazing! Thank you Nate and Loan Depot!

Laura Hubka


Used loan Depot for a refinancing loan…

Used loan Depot for a refinancing loan several months ago and had a great experience. We had to return and do another loan because we had difficulties with our well and other problems and they took us in and got it done quickly. Much better than our small local bank ever treated us. I see some other people wrote some bad reviews but we never experienced anything like this when dealing with loan depot. Everything was above board the rate was specific and the loan was completed within 30 days.

Peter d


LoanDepot treated me like a valued customer

LoanDepot treated me like a valued customer. They took the time to explain things I didn't understand. They communicated exceptionally well and often. The people I dealt with were universally polite and proactive.



Terrific customer service

Terrific customer service, very knowledgeable, friendly, and holds your hand every step of the way. Tiffany Daniel made sure I understood the whole process. She's terrific!



A very good company very helpful very pleasant and very knowledgeable

The agents I spoke to or very knowledgeable made things very easy to understand and help me with every for every step of the process I enjoyed working with them they were very personable it was a pleasure

Holly Escudero


I had a great experience with my team at LoanDepot

I had a great experience with LoanDepot. My team including Brett Payne and Amanda Penny were so knowledgeable, kind, speedy, and able to make a tricky process seamless. Super grateful for them and will definitely work with them in the future with other loans.

Scott Kowalski


Very Responsive

Very Responsive. Very thorough in answering all questions.

Brian Poissant


Working with Loan Depot is proving to be and has proven in the past to be a very pleasant experience. This is the second time utilizing Loan Depot and would not hesitate to refer friends

Working with Loan Depot is proving to be and has proven in the past to be a very pleasant experience. This is the second time utilizing Loan Depot and would not hesitate to refer friends to utilize Loan Depot and will surely utilize them again in the future if the need arises.

Jonathon Lombardi


Best Rate AND Service

Loan Depot is a solid company and will match ANY rate you find elsewhere. Request Nate Ferrer, because he answered every question I asked (this was my first home loan), and he was always available to chat. Very courteous and had great advice. This dude just saved me a ton of money and headache, and after calling every other company I could find, no one beat their rate. Highly recommend.

Renato Manalo


We had a great experience With Nate…

We had a great experience With Nate Ferrer, he helped me with so much, good guy as well and understood everything I said, 5 stars for sure I recommend him.

Victor Gomez


Transparent with all and Efficient

Jonathan Betancourth's expertise on loans and "time management" is absolutely spot on! That is why our loan was complete and funded two weeks earlier than date agreed on! Simply put, trust isn't easily attained with me. So before I met Jonathan, I called a friend of 20 plus years who is a loan officer himself and he recommended Jonathan directly. My friend is as honest as they come and wouldn't process my refi because the bank he works for has stricter requirements whicch would cause me to pay more! The most important reason I would recommend Jonathan is he and all the associates I dealt with at Loan Depot were transparent in layman's terms, making everything simple, understandable and truthful! That's enough for us and I'd guess, most people seeking simple terms, especially with every type of home loan are looking for.

David Brown


Had a positive experience with Nate…

Had a positive experience with Nate Ferrer of Loan Depot. He was responsive and did a great job answering my questions every step of the way. If you need a mortgage loan, ask for Mr. Ferrer.


Great experience

We had a great experience with Loan Depot while working with Nate Ferrer. He was very responsive and took the time to answer any questions we had and If he didn't know the answer, he made sure to ask someone who did know instead of just giving us incorrect information. If you are on the market to refi or to buy, look him up!

Marybel Martinez



Nate Ferrer Made it easy to Refinance.HE is patient most of all professional and caring person .thanx was a good experience Marybel Martinez.



LoanDepot - An Efficient, Simplified, Pleasing, Satisfying Experience!

LoanDepot - An Efficient, Simplified, Pleasing, Satisfying Experience! Overall, this was a great New Loan Experience. Lola, Lisa and Ryan were attentive throughout the process. I give most of the credit to Lola as she did most of the "heavy lifting" in the process. Once we reached an agreement, then Lisa and Ryan picked up the ball and made sure we followed through to closing, but Lola was there every step of the way. This was a unique purchase, as it was a home for my daughter. Lola picked up on this right away, and she got to work. Quickly walked through the process, provided the requested information, settled on terms, and applied. Even when we had a last minute price change, Lola was able to pivot, and quickly got us on track. At all times, I felt like she was working for me. She listened to my feedback and took action. The Closing went off as planned. We signed all the required paperwork in less than an hour (including all the required explanations and answers to our questions). The Closing Attorney was very professional, courteous, and most importantly, on time! Our loan funded within just a few days in time to support our Closing Date. Bottom Line - I would definitely recommend LoanDepot for your Loan / Financing needs ... if the rest of their team is half as good as Lola, Lisa, and Ryan, you will have an efficient, simplified, pleasing, satisfying experience!



Loan Depot makes the process easy

I’ve never borrowed money before and I didn’t have a clue how to start when I found Loan Depot in with a woman named Ray she made it so easy she was very kind very patient answered any question actually is she was very nice and we had a lot of fun doing it then I felt completely comfortable and very knowledgeable when I left. Would recommend this company to anybody

Joe Putz


Review of Nate Ferrer

Nate Ferrer was outstanding in the service he provided not just with my initial VA loan but now with this refinance. He was patient and answered every question wonderfully. He was extremely professional at all times. I couldn't be happier with his service. Thank you Nate for a job well done!!

Tammie Masters


The quick responses and the agents are…

The quick responses and the agents are so helpful and a delight to work with and very knowledgeable.



Nate Ferrer was an excellent lending…

Nate Ferrer was an excellent lending officer.He gave me options when things seemed not to work.He answers all my questions until the process is done.Highly recommended! Estela M.

Cole C


Wonderful group of people to work with!

My experience for my refinance was wonderful with Nate Ferrer and Sara Hearn. All my question and concerns were answered and alleviated, this experience was 100% better then when I originally bought my house with a different company.

Clinton Ted Burke


Just refinanced my home with e

Just refinanced my home with equity to pay off bills and do home improvements. Nate Ferrer and Olga Boyd worked my account, and I’d like to say they both were awesome and most professional. They assisted and helped me through process with no confusion or unanswered questions. I give them both a high 5 for all their assistance and knowledge in getting me through the process.

Valued Customer


Sue my loan officer was professional…

Sue my loan officer was professional and personal and efficient



Excellent communication

Excellent communication, customer service, and professionalism by Nate Ferrer as well as the other loanDepot team members I communicated with. Nate was in communication with me from start to finish. I am looking forward to a long term relationship.

Stanley Blitz


My loan officer Brett was absolutely…

My loan officer Brett was absolutely and completely all over every detail. The best experience I have ever had with a home loan. Easy, quick and customer service was by far the best. I would recommend to anyone needing to dip into the needed funds in your homes equity. very satisfied! Stan Blitz, North Carolina

Jessie Aguilar


Loan officer was excellent

Loan officer was excellent, very knowledgeable and his response time was commendable. The title company, on the other hand, was awful. No quality control, agents asking for documents on the day the money transfer was to take place. The notary was wonderful. When I went to sign the documents, they were made out to someone else - they spelled my name wrong. Everything had to be corrected and forwarded to the Notary again for our signatures. Bad experience with the title company. They held back $500 until the missing document is submitted to them (Isn't that their job?) And I still don't have copies of the documents.

Kasi Reed


Nate Ferrier was awesome to work with

Nate Ferrier was awesome to work with. He made the whole experience so easy.

Regina Speights


My lender Omar was fantastic!!

My lender Omar was fantastic!!! The process was easy to follow - easy document upload, professional lender, quick turnaround!!

Ward Parker


Thanks to those who care

Had a great experience all my questions were answered. Brett Payne and his team took me through each of the steps and if there were any questions all I had to do was call day or night. I also have to thank Carolyn Luong she ensured that everything went smoothly. Brett Payne (949)470-6585

Mary S


Nate Ferrer was very patient with me…

Nate Ferrer was very patient with me and with the process. I am a senior citizen and appreciate it that he didn't treat me like a old person who didn't know anything. Over the years and been part owner or owner of 5 homes and really appreciate his kindness and patients. Congratulations on having a great representative for your company.

Joseph Soldano


What you want in a loan experience!

Every person within the process was communicative, patient and focused on our best interests. Brett Payne and Mark Novielli made contact nearly daily to keep me informed as to where we were in the process and to provide updates as able. I would recommend to all my friends.

Rolton Lovett


Loan Depot is company of excellent service

Re: Patrick Costello Platinum License Lending Officer and Justin Mahsman Senior Account Account number 105214676 Rolton Lovett Jr.these two Agent did a excellent job with the loan process.They provide me all information and answer all questions in timely manner.I would recommend them to family and friends.Great Job Patrick Costello and Justin Mahsman.Rolton and Patricia Lovett.

Bob Schnake


Scott and Jeff made our refi very easy

Scott and Jeff made our refi very easy. Scott started things with a very thorough explanation of all our options and what the process would be. Jeff kept us up to date on what steps needed to be taken. As a company they are extremely detail oriented. They only blips in the process was a little mistake I made, and Jeff made correcting that very easy. I was impressed and would recommend Loandepot to anyone wanting a quick and easy refi.



Jonathan Betancourth literally treated…

Jonathan Betancourth literally treated me like a family member. He was patient, understanding, and completely confident in the plan he was creating for me. All of my hesitation went away as soon as he started explaining how re-financing was going to change my life. He wasn't joking. He is a life saver! Don't go anywhere else. Jonathan will not guide you wrong.

Mel Wiggins



Experience has taught me that lenders are only as good as the agents and officers that represent them. I am a real estate agent for 37 years and always have the need for loans. I recently hooked up with Loan Depot and Loan Officer, Jonathan Betancourth on several loans. They have been hitting grand slams on my personal loan needs as well as for my clients. They make the dreaded loan application process very easy and work closely with you all the way through funding and after. I am so pleased that I will be calling them for all my loan needs. Loan Depot has the best deals and the quickest process for meeting deadlines. Jonathan is the best loan officer I have ever worked with. He is very experienced, always available, knowledgeable, easy to work with and FOLLOWS UP ON EVERY DETAIL. He is a problem solver with difficult or complicated loans. The bottom line is getting the loan funded. With Loan Depot and Jonathan Betancourth on your side you will be very pleased. I highly recommend this team.

Gabriel Ganzagan


Ryan Vecchiarelli 949-822-4702

Prior to meeting Ryan, I have had numerous disappointing experiences in my pursuit to refinance our home. At first, I was reluctant to even talk to him fearing that it will result to another let-down. However, Ryan is keen listener and addressed all of my concerns and doubts. He was very instrumental in getting the whole process started and with the help of Melissa, we closed in less than month. For me, communication is the key ingredient in every transaction and both of them excelled in that regard. I got briefed in all aspects of the loan application. Ryan exuded confidence and compassion in his work. He is consummate professional and is a great asset to Loan Depot.



Good information

Company representative was well informed and not a "hard" seller. Rates quoted were reasonable abut closing costs seemed high.

mark haapala


Made Home Buying a Joyful Experience

When my Fiancée and I decided to purchase our first home we were really clueless to the process and did not know what to expect. We were lucky enough to be referred to Jonathan by a family friend and it was the best decision we could have made. Jonathan went above and beyond to walk us through the lending process. Often times, because of my crazy schedule, he was kind enough to take a phone call from me well past office hours on his own time. That is a testament to how much he cares about each individual he represents. Going through the home buying process with Loan Depot and Jonathan Betancourth was a dream. What we anticipated would be a nerve racking experience turned out to be a joyful one, with Jonathan side by side with us throughout the process. I consider him not just a home lender, but a friend. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Kaylene Hebdon


We are just finishing the process of…

We are just finishing the process of refinancing with Loan Depot. Brett answered all of my questions until I understood the process of our refinance confidently enough to explain it to my husband! He helped us make a plan to pay off our credit cards and get some cash for savings. The process was mostly painless and smooth. We highly recommend Brett and Vincent!

Daniel Brown


LoanDepot has quick, excellent, personalized service

Amy, with loan depot, is amazing, attentive, and quick to answer our questions. She has helped us through this process with her knowledge, skill, and speed in a welcoming and inclusive way.

Doug Kirts



My experience with my loan officer was absolutely top notch. Lisa was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She has called to check on me, at least two times since October. Her engagement and willingness to help, is absolutely above reproach. Thank you sooo much!

Tracie M.


Great refinance

Brett was fantastic!



This company is GREAT!!!

This company is great they kept my family informed on everything while our application was pending.If you are looking to purchase a home etc.I strongly recommend them.My loan officer made us feel as though he was a part of the family.Thank guys.

Megan Payton


Ruby-Great Experience!

Lisa Kuchta did EXTREMELY well help me through everything. Great and fast communication.

Kelly Carter


I have really enjoyed working with Lisa…

I have really enjoyed working with Lisa and Stacy at loan Depot. They were both very warm and welcoming went out of their way to help me and make me feel comfortable with the process their attitudes were just absolutely wonderful Lisa is a great asset to the company dedicating her work into long and late hours striving to help me get through the process would not hesitate to work with Lisa again most importantly your team has made me feel as I am a friend and not just a client number.

Eric Parsons


Brett Provides Amazing Service & Has an A+ Team

Brett and his team were extremely knowledgeable and helped us get the best rate with minimal fees at closing. The whole process from start to finish was very smooth. We closed on time, communication was on point, and they held our hand through the whole process. We would highly recommend Brett and his team.

Brandon Harris


Brett Payne - Best Lender!

I had the pleasure to work with Brett Payne on multiple occasions. First with the purchase of my house and also with my refinance a couple of years later. Brett was very responsive and easy to talk to. He was able to explain complicated things in a very precise way and I always felt like he was working for me to get the best rate and plan for my budget. I highly recommend Brett and Loan Depot

Åå-røn Kanahele


LoanDepot quick and easy!

LoanDepot has done a couple loans for me now, both were easy and very quick. Rates were also the best out there as i shopped around, even beat my credit union. Great communication and painless, highly recommend.

Chris Siverling


Nate went above and beyond like our…

Nate went above and beyond like our loan was his own, he was always there when we had questions, and always returned our calls. This is the second loan with Nate, and he is the reason we decided to go with loanDepot a second time. I will be doing all my future business with loanDepot as long as I’m dealing with Nate Ferrer.

Anthony Seitsinger


Amazing service and service team

Your team member Ana Heatherman is who I dealt with she has been AMAZING with out her talking with me I probably wouldn't have done this deal. She was very prompt and on point about any questions I had, VERY GOOD AT HER JOB for anyone thinking about loan depot I would highly suggest you trust them I DID. Once again amazing company, Amazing people, Amazing service... Give Ana a raise!!!! Happy new years and thank you for everything you've done!!!!!

Cat Robinson


Refinance in less than 30 days with 2 major holidays in the middle!

I met with Ana, our first contact beginning of December 2022 and knew I’d found the person I wanted to work with on a home refinance. Ana was knowledgeable, friendly, communicative and easy to work with. She could explain our options and found a way to ensure we all got what we needed We ended up closing a VA loan, cash out refinance in less than 30 days - it would have been 21 if there weren’t these pesky holidays in the middle. I can’t say enough good things about the experience and would recommend Ana (and her boss Vincent) to anyone who wants to work on a mortgage.

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