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Rachel Henderson


Randy was amazing

Randy was amazing! He got back to me right away with any questions I had, no matter the time of day! Corey, the underwriter, was harder to get ahold of, but I could always count on Randy.

William Jeter


Awesome Refinance Experience

Our experience has been awesome! They were efficient and competent in handling our concerns during our refinance application. Would highly recommend them!

James Basinger


The originator and processor were very…

The originator and processor were very helpful in making the decision on which loan I was best suited and needed.

James Pitt


Really quick

Really quick. Effortless on our part

Henrietta Massenburg


Everyone that I spoke with and assisted…

Everyone that I spoke with and assisted in this process was very kind, professional and helpful. I am pleased with the service rendered to me. Thank you all.

Jean Paul Nguimbous


You have worked very hard to satisfy me

I am very happy about every thing you have done for me. You have been formidable for me. Thank you very much

Robert Bibber


great communication

great communication, friendly people.

Patrick Mcneely


My Two Agents Lyn Tinsley and Erin…

My Two Agents Lyn Tinsley and Erin Johnson!

William Cowling


The process was fairly quick

The process was fairly quick. The loan officer was efficient but not too friendly and assumed I knew what I was doing and how this process worked, which I did not. Also, There was a lot of pressure to "lock in" a rate, by immediately paying for the appraisal, which was the highest I had been quoted. I explained that I couldn't pay until the following day and was told the rate couldn't be guaranteed until I paid and that rates usually changed around 10a.m the following day. I was able to pay by 8am the following day, but "sadly" lost my 6.8% rate because I "waitied" - I really felt like this was a scam and could have been avoided. I told the officer I was going do this and I don't see why my rate couldn't have been locked in prior to paying over 600 dollars for an appraisal. Additionally, before we closed, I asked if my mortgage would be sold or processed by a different company and was told by the officer that she had no way of knowing. This was obviously, patently false. My loan closed less than 2.weeks ago, I haven't made my first payment yet, but received an email this morning that my loan would now be serviced by a subsidiary beginning January 1, 2024. Why not be honest and just say yes your mortgage will transferred to another servicer as soon as (in)humanly possible. Also, during the process I received several duplicate emails asking for items already submitted, which became confusing. Finally, the closing costs for this transaction were exorbitant for the services provided. The first projection on the disclosure was high enough, then the final number was almost 50% more than the original amount. No one can adequately explain why the giant hike, why not just say because we want more money or we just wanted to. This cost is definitely pure gravy for the corporation and is certainly an undue burden for the consumer. I was extremely unhappy with that cost. However, I suppose overall I am satisfied with my experience, with the above mentioned exceptions. Thank you, William Cowling



No hassle

I thought buying a home would be frustrating but instead, the process was very smooth.



Loan Officers were helpful all though

Loan Officers were helpful all though the process even though there were some mountains to climb

Michael Barnes


The people were informative

The people were informative, and guided me through the process well. What is really helpful they stayed in contact.

Linda Ford


Process defined

Friendly, informative, smooth, and successful defines the process!

Angie D


Awesome Experience

You guys were amazing! Loved the experience from beginning to end! Thank you Amerisave!

Curtis Fielding


Loan processor and assistant were very…

Loan processor and assistant were very responsive and professional to keep things moving on a very tight schedule. The biggest concern I had with this loan process was the very extreme details required last minute from underwriting. $30 escrow for garbage removal service? Required to pay two $64 dollar credit balances that were already paid off a month prior Lots of detail and repeat requests for HOA fees, insurance, escrow etc. I provided a letter of explaination that should have taken care of most of that but it seemed to be ignored. Multiple requests for check images and proof of fund source and deposit.



The Team working to get the re-finance…

The Team working to get the re-finance taken care of. A few hiccups but they were there to help and get the situation taken care of as quickly as they could.

David Pace


Fast easy straightforward

Fast easy straightforward. Got divorced got to keep the house had to refinance. Even though I got denied the first try they told me what I needed to do vs other lenders where they give you false hope make you spend a bunch of money and still get denied. I choose amerisave due to them being competitive and straightforward.

Lolita Kizzie


I gave a five star ⭐️ due some…

I gave a five star ⭐️ due some individuals make the task easy and when they talk to you and not demand things it’s okay but when ppl call you and just off on you without asking questions to see if u got it done or not. Mac Woodard was amazing easy to talk to and he calls and explains on the next step and give me what I should be looking for I enjoy working with him. Thanks again

Marcus Finister


AmeriSave was very professional and…

AmeriSave was very professional and made what I thought was the impossible, possible. Erin Johnson and Matthew Carter walked me through the entire process, and both were very patient even when I got frustrated. I would most definitely recommend AmeriSave to anyone looking to refinance there home.

Alan D Parks


Josh and Daniel made it all pretty…

Josh and Daniel made it all pretty easy. They

stephanie howard


Easy and Professional

Communication was fast and answered in a way we understood. Everyone was kind and extremely knowledgeable. We have used Amerisave 3 times in the past 3.5 years and every experience has been positive and professional

Alan D


Josh and Daniel make everything very…

Josh and Daniel make everything very easy. It was fairly quick

Pedro Soto


The communication was good

The communication was good. I was able to ask questions and if I did not understand there so kind to explain over and over till I was comfortable. Thank you

Joseph Craddock


Every one I worked with worked with me…

Every one I worked with worked with me and pointed me in every right direction I’m only 24 with my first home I never thought it was possible until AmeriSave

Amanda Blomstrom


Awesome experience working with AmeriSave

Michael Wilson and Geoffrey Nichols were really very professional, helpful, kind and an awesome team to work with. We will be sourcing another mortgage in the near future for our SC home and will def look to Amerisave for that purpose. Thank you.

Ronan Patterson


Michael was great and patient

Michael was great and patient. Many of your instructions are confusing, and sometimes use descriptions which are terms of art…which we “mortgage every 20 years group” find a bit difficult to navigate.



My experience started out like is was…

My experience started out like is was going to be real easy and fast. I receive the same documents seams Iike everyday even after I responded with information. That was very frustrating, calls were not returned even after two massages were lifted. But through it all they got the job done. Mr. Underwood was a nice person but had too much on his plate.

Carl Fejedelem


Knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with

The people we dealt with were so professional, yet friendly, and they made a complex process easy to understand.

Aaron Perry


Thank you too Beth Lovett

Thank you too Beth Lovett Thank you again



Both agents were friendly and…

Both agents were friendly and professional.

Chris Eudy


Erin and Andrew definitely worked hard…

Erin and Andrew definitely worked hard for us. Great experience for a Mortgage loan . Great people to deal with.

Renato Ramirez


My interaction with Lynn Ong was…

My interaction with Lynn Ong was exceptionally positive and pleasant. She explained the options available to me very clearly and guided me through the process of refinancing my home, accessing the equity I had in the property, and paying off my debt in a very clear and step by step manner. Any concern that I had was quickly answered by her to my satisfaction. She was highly professional and very experienced in her job. She was also very reassuring in explaining each step of the process. She was readily available to assist me and answer any question I had. She was very courteous, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in all respects. I hope to utilize her expertise again in the future and I truly appreciate her and AmeriSave. Many Thanks. Renato Ramirez

Brenda Frick


Knowledge and concise communication

Everyone I had contact with was very knowledgeable and courteous. Each one knew their job extremely well. If they couldn’t answer my questions they would refer me to someone that could. Communication was prompt, concise and thorough. I did not have one experience where I felt like I was being told a lie or given the run around. I was concerned about doing business entirely online but this company has been excellent to work with to this point.

Phillip Sutherland


The people are very friendly and…

The people are very friendly and helpful. I was a bit surprised by the closing cost but the experience was pretty pain free. I would say don't have any expectations of amounts of the payout or the appraisal. I got caught off guard with certain expectations but other than that it was a good experience.



The people that made this loan were…

The people that made this loan were awesome they went above and beyond to make me happy



Well first I call for a mortgage…

Well first I call for a mortgage William Middleton said it could happen and then Brandon Jackson helped me get all the paperwork done my condo association was a giant pain for giving us paperwork so beyond that it was great your company came through for me I really appreciated that and I will recommend you to my friends and family I what to say you really need to recognize these two gentlemen thanks again

Josephine Iosua


Very good thanks to Lyn Tinsley she…

Very good thanks to Lyn Tinsley she gave me excellent service

Hazel Montaque


there have the best team Christopher…

there have the best team Christopher and tammie



Richard Burks and Christopher Miller…

Richard Burks and Christopher Miller have been very helpful throughout the process. They were very informative in teaching me things I didn't know and timely prompt with all the documents so this loan would go smoothly.

John Herman


Wanted to much information emails were…

Wanted to much information emails were all the same for things needed finally got what they needed and processer said needed letter signed and dated which did not say in email Actually took to long

Robert Weaver


Quick and efficient

Quick, easy, and efficient. The notifications are a very good way to ensure tasks get completed in a timely manner. Keeps the process moving.

John Hitchner


Excellent experience

Excellent experience. Process was quick and easy.

Ram Sung


Thanks you for AmeriSave

Thanks you for AmeriSave

Glen Bland


It started with Russell Jameson when I…

It started with Russell Jameson when I called to start the process. helpful and answered all my questions and I could call him anytime. during the process I got to work with Allison Mull, and she couldn't have been more helpful. She was there to walk me through every step of the way, and I never worried having them both working with me.

Michael Nanni


I liked the online website and everyone…

I liked the online website and everyone I worked with was very nice and always returned my calls same day

Amy B


Quick and simple

The entire process was handled by two professionals who made it easy for me. Up to date progress is available throughout on the company website. Question after question was answered kindly and quickly. I appreciate that we experienced such a quick, simple refinance; 3 weeks, start to finish.

Shawn Rambo



The process was super simple and fast. Great experience

Max Downing


Representatives were very professional…

Representatives were very professional and helpful.

John Rush


The process very easy every one was…

The process very easy every one was polite and very helpful..Robert Cantrell thank you and your staff.

Michael Schlereth


Professional polite and extremely…

Professional polite and extremely knowledgeable

Laura Kostyn


Closing delarys

Everything was going smoothly until close to the end of the process and our contact kept having all kinds of issues with the underwriter. I was told that it was the underwriter that kept knit picking that my husbands middle initial wasn't on our utility bill, really! After that was finally accepted our loan closed. The notary was wonderful and I really felt sorry for our contact person who seemed to be getting run over by the underwriter. It got to the point that I thought this whole thing was a scam company but it isn't. Just very cautious of paperwork.

Scott Mcelroy


Very impressed on knowledge and very…

Very impressed on knowledge and very patient and helpful with the whole experience

Larry Downs Iii


The communication was so good even when…

The communication was so good even when things were getting crazy.

Darrian Cole


Amerisave did a Great job in a timely…

Amerisave did a Great job in a timely fashion...They made me feel right at home and was on my side the entire way!!..just be honest with them and they'll make it all work out 👌🤠

Teresa Bryant


Your employee who helped me was…F. Brown

Your employee who helped me was awesome! She never pressured me, provided important information and was most of all friendly.

Robert Samm


Zach Embdee was absolutely wonderful to…

Zach Embdee was absolutely wonderful to work with! All of my previous mortgages have been in person, so I was hesitant to do online. But, due to health issues I had to do just that. Zach was extremely professional! He understood my situation and helped me through the process step by step! Highly recommend!

Fabienne Debe


Customer service was very good

Customer service was very good. Heather Fischer was one of a kind. Very professional and respectful.

Michael Marquis


Everyone Should Choose Amerisave

Through the largest and most stressful purchase you can make in your life, William hands down was everything we could ask for and more! William had unmatched patience and communication. Every question and detail were explained to a level anybody could understand. Tracy was also highly communicative and efficient through in the processing stage of the loan. Everyone we dealt with at Amerisave made the process smooth and an absolute pleasure to be a part of!

Michael Turner


Very Appreciative

Very appreciative of the opportunity to refinance and get my monthly payments under control. Everyone involved was very helpful. Thanks.

Christopher Fortune


It was a fast and smooth process.

It was a fast and smooth process.

Renee Slomka


Kelly Bullins and Nicole Lamanto have…

Kelly Bullins and Nicole Lamanto have been angels through this entire process. They have walked me through every single step and have been my cheerleaders. They are an asset to this company and deserve every accolade possible. And a raise!!! I can’t express how much these 2 women have meant to me during this. I would recommend these two ladies to anyone.

Alain Cooke


Good Experience

Working with Adam has been terrific. He is on top of things and I can tell he know his business and the company. He was especially helpful when I had difficulties with downloading documents into the online portal. I have not had as close a relationship with my Processor, Allison, but I think at this point in the loan process she will be coming to the forefront now and up to this point she too has been good to work with. as of today, I have not yet settled on this loan.

Carson Mcreynolds


Steven Berry and Megan Crumley are the…

Steven Berry and Megan Crumley are the best! They both made the entire lending process enjoyable and seamless.

Ling Braceros


Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is excellent. They are very good in following up the documents that you still needed to fast track your loan. I love working with them with my loan needs.

Maria Curry



Fast, friendly, and honest!

Sheryl K-G


Expect to jump through hoops

Refinancing was more stressful than I expected; when documentation was requested and provided, it was often rejected for reasons that were not clarified from the start. However, it finally went through. Closing was scheduled within days. Overall satisfied.



Competent staff

Working with Darla and Kimberly was reassuring. Any questions I had received an immediate response.

Jonathan Dotson


Great experience

Great experience. Everyone was very easy to work with and quick to respond to any questions

Ling Braceros


Your customer service is stellar!

Your customer service is stellar!




The experience with Amerisave was fairly easy and pleasant. There were some repetitive issues that I wish I didn't have to deal with, but all in all I really can't complain the loan officer and lender were both the very helpful through the whole process.

Alvin Propst


That they will help

They go out of their way to help if anyone needs a company this is it Tks everyone

Justin Breaud


Nicole and Jaron made the whole…

Nicole and Jaron made the whole refinancing process very easy and painless!

David Burgett


Kept us informed every step.

Kept us informed every step. Answered all questions



Everyone was very helpful and responsive

Everyone was very helpful and responsive

Ray Finklea


AmeriSave Service

This was our second loan using AmeriSave and we found it a pleasure. The AmeriSave team was professional and communicated with us every step of the way. The process was simple and expedient.

Krzysztof Pustelnik


good people

good people

Michelle Manning


Great customer

Great customer! I mean, on top of it. Knowledgeable agent! Made the process smooth! Didn't have to miss work.



Great support and a wealth of…

Great support and a wealth of knowledge. It makes my first home purchase that must easier.

Lashawn Ponder


Kelly Radford and Thomas Nannoshi were…

Kelly Radford and Thomas Nannoshi were absolutely amazing! They were both extremely helpful and assisted throughout my home buying process!!

Brona Lohr


I had used them before so

I had used them before so, they had a lot of my information on hand.

Robert Dean


Great service

The process was extremely quick and everyone was very professional. Service was phenomenal.

Yenny Diaz


Knowledge-professionalism and service

Eric Wines was very knowledgeable and professional. It was very easy to work with. The portal access was a great tool. When ever one of those involved in our mortgage was going to be out, they made sure that someone else was covering. It was a very professional process to ensure there were no gaps.

Thomas Maier


Knowledgeable and Professional

Charlie Nap, NMLS ID 627144 and Nicole Sandoval, NMLS ID 2026711 were exceptionally qualified and helpful throughout the entire process. They both responded immediately to every question and concern I had. They were friendly, professional, knowledgeable and made themselves available to answer any questions I had. They made the process easy to understand and flow smoothly.

Thomas Maier


Knowledgeable and Proessional Service

The attention to detail and availability of Charlie Nap, NMLS ID 627144 and Nicole Sandoval, NMLS ID 2026711 made the process go smoothly. They were knowledgeable, professional and friendly; and perhaps most importantly, they were available to answer every question and concern I had almost immediately throughout the entire process.



Excellent Service - Above and beyond!!!

The contact, conversations, and answered questions were right on point. There was enough contact that they were not "bugging" you, but enough for a "reminder". Any question that we had was almost immediately answered, and the conversations felt like they were with "friends" not sales people. I highly recommend Charlie and Brandy!!!

Jackson Howard


Thankful I found Amerisave.

Thankful I found Amerisave. Saved money and had excellent support from their entire team.

Steven Macsas


First Time Customer

Phil and Gary were easy to work with. Some things in the process were a bit difficult due to us being unfamiliar with this type of transaction (online versus using a local company). I was asked to sign up for “Closing Lock” through an email and nobody ever explained that I had to do that for the funds wire transfer. There was also someone named “Mike” that called my insurance company and apparently was very rude and unprofessional. My insurance agent is a local provider in a National company and is a friend. He contacted me after his interaction with “Mike” to let me know about his behavior. I didn’t appreciate that. Overall the experience with Amerisave was positive.

Sandra Ervin



Was kept informed on what was going on



Good follow up with all my direct…

Good follow up with all my direct contacts. Quickly completed.

Raymon Truitt


AmericanExpress was able to refinance…

AmericanExpress was able to refinance my mortgage when I was not able to get anyone to else to make the refinancing happy thank you so much 😊

Jennifer Joslin


Tarak and Jamie were awesome

Tarak and Jamie were awesome! My deal was difficult and Tarak just kept working with me . Both of them always returned my calls and answered my questions!



I receive calls for help promptly

I receive calls for help promptly. Staff is knowledgeable and helpful

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