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Customer Joe


Very professional group of people at…

Very professional group of people at Sprout. A pleasure to deal with.



Excellent communication

Excellent communication, knowledge and helpfulness. Definitely made the process easy and simple.

Jimmy Mason


I just want to say thank you so much…

I just want to say thank you so much when everyone else was running either a scam or playing games you come through for me now I have life insurance amongst many other things I jus t want to say thank you for all you've done .jimmy Masonic



Process was easy and great agent

Process was easy and great agent

Shirley V.


Very easy to use

Very easy to use! The application process is fast and simple and I was given a variety of coverage options. Highly recommend!

Valorie M.



It was a really easy process and after I got matched with a great company at a great price I didn't get bombarded with emails, phone calls, and text messages like I did with other search sites. Nice!

Robert Booker


Exceptional service

I received exceptional service from the team at Sproutt. The entire process from beginning to end was seamless. I highly recommend them.



Great experience!!

Great experience!!

Kenneth Burch


Quick and easy.

Quick and easy.



Highly Recommend Sproutt

Very pleased with my experience using Sproutt. James and Taylor were a huge help. They understood exactly what I wanted and found the perfect options. My wife and I were insured within a couple of days. I highly recommend using Sproutt for life insurance.

David Mehler


The application process is incredibly…

The application process is incredibly easy. No exam was perfect for my busy schedule. Literally had an approval in a matter of minutes.



My advisor James did a spectacular job…

My advisor James did a spectacular job today. Professional, competent and friendly.

Nosheen Nawab


Above and beyond customer service

Hi, I had a very good experience with all the agents involved in getting my insurance process. I would like to name Susette Lewis. She was very prompt in her response and made the whole process very smooth! Thanks



New Life Insurance Policy

Overall advisor was helpful, documentation a little slow with back and forth, time between Sproutt and the actual carrier.... On line application and overall user interface very good.

Brandy Still


They were so helpful it couldn't get…

They were so helpful it couldn't get any easier to get on life insurance

Brett Johnson


After scouting several websites I chose Sproutt

After scouting several websites, I chose Sproutt. It was easy to navigate and informative. I was able to purchase the policy and coverage I wanted.



So easy !!!

So easy !!! Overall Great experience !!! From beginning to end, all steps were very well explained and easy to do … Awesome !!!!!!!



Easy and reasonably priced!

Easy and reasonably priced!

James Courtwright


Go for Sproutt

I would like to say to Susette, thank you for being such a wonderful human being, I’ve appreciated every moment working with you,,,,youve made this process enjoyable not just bearable but enjoyable……I’ve had other ins companies reach out with quotes and interest in helping but they were all unbearable!!! Sprout as a whole I commend you for your choice in representation your teams go out of their way to serve the customer they are patient, they actually hear what you say not just listen, and ALWAYS follow up!!!! That’s a pet peeve of mine…..Susette again, thank you!!!! She deserves a corner office, a bonus, and a nig fat hug from me….it’s been wonderful working with Susette and sprout she represents your company at the highest standard. Sincerly The Courtwright’s

Darrick Madkins


So easy I was able to get a $75,000…

So easy I was able to get a $75,000 policy for $15 bucks a month in under a hour.



very happy

I used sprout after getting irritated by 1000 emails from Policy Genius. I was very pleased with the process, including the way Sprout navigated a bad turn from one of the insurance companies. Would definitely recommend it.



Awesome Start to Coverage

My advisor James was very helpful and explained the entire process. I look forward to working with him in the future to see the plans that are offered.

McD P.


Excellent service and technical prowess from James!

My advisor James was very helpful in the process and was extremely knowledgeable in helping me find the best possible plan that fit my circumstances.

Neil Corman


I contacted Sproutt to get additional…

I contacted Sproutt to get additional life insurance and was denied but offered accident insurance. No medical examine needed because you will be denied when you fill out the application. I have no need for accident insurance because I have a pension and social security even if I get hurt. They want to just make money off of me. Additional insurance would have been more beneficial, but not a necessity. I highly recommend going with a more reputable company! Read the other bad reviews from others experiencing bad service and no explanation! UPDATE: I was contacted by the HR person,(Yasmin), from SPROUTT, and received a quote and WAS NOT DENIED this time. Sproutt really tried hard to find me a policy to fit my needs. PLEASE GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO HELP YOU FIND A POLICY FOR YOU!!!

Travis Johnson


Great customer service that made my…

Great customer service that made my experience so easy and pleasant.

Joe S.


Good Customer service and response - [Getting Spammed // Original Title]

**Updated Review** After my original review, I was promptly contacted by a company representative. Yasmin was very understanding of the issue, promptly offer a solution and an apology. **Original Review** I've never heard of this company before, never opt-in to the mailing list and I'm getting 2 or 3 marketing emails a day.



Very convenient and affordable to…

Very convenient and affordable to acquire life insurance to guarantee my loved ones are covered and protected.

Emil Jackson


Happy with choosing you

Happy with choosing you




They were very helpful in getting back to me with any questions and very friendly

Marianne Belanger


Quick and easy

Quick and easy



Straight forward and easy to setup a…

Straight forward and easy to setup a policy. Affordable prices and great customer service



So easy to apply and accept the policy

So easy to apply and accept the policy



Quick easy and affordable

Quick easy and affordable



Straightforward and quick

Straightforward and quick. Had my policy in under an hour. Mission accomplished.



very easy to set up

very easy to set up

Andrew Sauder


Fast Service

I spent months on phone calls trying to get life insurance. I was willing to jump through the hoops traditional providers required but they were slow to respond and their prices ended up being higher than Sproutt for my specific case. I found Sproutt one evening and signed up and was covered the next morning.

Cheagan Wilson


My advisor James was very kind and…

My advisor James was very kind and informative on the questions I had

Heidi Cluff


Hassle free, great experience

Fast, easy, and efficient. The platform to apply is very user friendly. I was approved in minutes for 1MM in face and the rates are great! Highly recommend.

Kyle Baxter


Straightforward and quick…

Straightforward and quick communication, no games, were able to help me get into a policy that covers my family, without having to deal with a middleman. If you know what you want, Sproutt’s process is easy to navigate.

Andrea Tews


My advisor James gave me excellent…

My advisor James gave me excellent professional service!

Shayla Hayes


This was perfect for me they had me…

This was perfect for me they had me fixed up quickly and in a timely matter my love ones is very important to me so I want to make sure they are able to be ready for any circumstance that could happened thank you Sproutt for making this possible for me!☺️

Jacob McNeely


Quick and simple

Quick and simple, to get that much piece of mind



My advisor Jamses is extremely…

My advisor Jamses is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We signed up the whole family for insurance and he was very patient even with two loud babies in the background!

Amenique Roberts


My advisor James was really helpful!

My advisor James was a great help and was very patient with me! Best representative you guys have!

Misty Miles


James did an excellent job!

James did an excellent job!! He was very knowledgeable and informative!!

maria martinez


My advisor James was awesome and…

My advisor James was awesome and patient with me. Thank u so much for your time..

Renee Howard


Good deal

Good deal on life insurance cant wait for the benefits

James Stayer


It was very easy to find insurance life…

It was very easy to find insurance life and accidental. We wound up with 2 different companies and plans but it’s affordable and I have peace of mind now.

Jacob McNeely


I liked the ease it was to sign up

I liked the ease it was to sign up, I’m young and very healthy, and I do get regularly get check ups. I’m glad that I did not need to do the physical thing, but I very much understand why that is sometimes required. I am glad that I finally did this Thank You Jerry



Finished in just a few minutes and got…

Finished in just a few minutes and got great coverage!

Britt Ell


Great work

Great work! Wow!

Joe Martelli


My advisor James was wicked awesome

My advisor James was professional, answered all my questions, and got me a 20 year life insurance policy quickly and without a medical exam! Highly recommended!




James, my insurance advisor, was very helpful in walking me through my search for life insurance. He located some potential options for me even though I have very special medical circumstances beyond his control. He was friendly and non-judgmental which goes a long way when helping the general public. Many thanks to James for his assistance.

marlon duncan


The best experience dealing with a company.

First I must say thanks to the team at Sproutt and a very special thanks to Susette who made me feel valued and important as a customer Susette demonstrated what customer service is all about despite I was having some problems with the forms and submitting it Susette was very patient and made the entire process very easy I will definitely recommend my family and friends to do business with Sproutt.

Cheyenne arredondo


My advisor James was very helpful and…

My advisor James was very helpful and more then welcome to help me with any question I needed

Edward mebane


Mr Edward mebanr

Mr. James was super in every step of the way. Professional and made me feel good

Paul Houle


Great and prompt service and support

Great and prompt service and support. I would highly recommend Sprout.



Excellent Service

Worked with James. He was polite, knowledgeable and even a little funny. Worked with me to find the perfect coverage for my wife and I, reviewed multiple options with us and helped us choose a policy that both protected us and fit within our budget requirements. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family, it was as pleasant an experience one can have purchasing life insurance.

Brian Singleton


Term Life Insurance

Process went very smoothly. Would recommend

Arnold Wilmink


I signed up for a life insurance and…

I signed up for a life insurance and are yet to receive any paperwork. Payment was done but so far 4 weeks later no confirmation: Edit: after this message Sproutt reached out within 5 minutes and solved the problem! Happy with the result



experience was great filled out…

experience was great filled out application and approved all in one day. great and no stress

Dontae Weedon, Sr.


Very convenient …

The application process was very easy and clear even after my network time it I was reached and provided a link to continue where I left off.

samer saba


Fantastic customer service

Fantastic customer service, excellent communication, quick replies, very friendly and professional. Terri kept me informed throughout the entire process. Highly recommended



I am very delighted to say that it was…

I am very delighted to say that it was a great pleasure to work with Susette Lewis for my insurance application. She provided me an excellent service one can hope for, and it's very rare to experience such kind of service from a customer service representative. Susette was very diligent, and responsive to my case, and I believe she is a great treasure for this company. I would highly recommend Susette for any future referral.

Stella Cobb


Very easy to use

Very easy to use. The app is very user friendly. The only thing I would like to improve is the option to add additional riders to my policy.

Shea Hensel


The application was quick.

The application was quick, easy and straightforward. I was surprised how quickly the approval came back with the rate for my term coverage being very fair and reasonable. I will definitely recommend Sproutt.

Danny White


It was ok easy enough to use

It was ok easy enough to do



My experience with Sprout was…

My experience with Sprout was wonderful. I am busy and don’t have a lot of time to sit down and talk (which happens only sporadically) but Michael of Sprout was very flexible with me and worked with me, with respect to my schedule from step one of the process. He communicated with me through phone and emails (whichever was more convenient for the occasion) and guided me through the whole process. The process wasn’t difficult at all because of the flexibility and willingness to work with me and the questions that I had, with respect to giving me the proper time to make a decision. Excellent customer service and I recommend them for someone who simply doesn’t have all day looking for insurance but wants someone who understands that and is willing to work with you at your own pace without any pressure.



Sproutt has been excellent to work with.

Sproutt has been excellent. They understood my needs, explained everything and made the process easy.

John Beury


Too easy of an application process

Too easy of an application process. James was tremendous.

Ryan McGee



Very happy thank you

Paul Rodriquez


The process was so simple and fast!!!!

The process was so simple and fast!!!!

Nicole Alfaro


It’s great help

It’s great help

John Simon


Was pleased with my overall result.

Was pleased with my overall result.

Annette deBellefeuille


James is excellent

James, was a wonderful agent. I was a bit slow on some details, he was patient, polite and even laughed at my jokes, bless his heart. I got what I wanted at a price I could afford and painlessly. Sproutt has an excellent spokesperson in James. - Annette deB

Kierra Strickland


The registration process was a breeze…

The registration process was a breeze and very straight forward.!

T. H.


Terri Murray has gone over and beyond…

Terri Murray has gone over and beyond watching my documents making sure everything is filled out correctly and has stayed on the phone with me many times while helping me fill out the forms correctly. She will call me to see if I needed anything or checking to see if everything is processed correctly and going smoothly.I APPRECIATE HER FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART THANK YOU SO MUCH



My advisor Clayton Rhodes is the…

My advisor Clayton Rhodes is the absolute best! Extremely professional and knowledgeable, while friendly. Treated my like a real human!



Nothing more to say than "the best"

Nothing more to say than "the best"



James my advisor was extremely helpful.

James my advisor was extremely helpful.

Vaneissa Beshears


We had been looking for more life insurance

We had been looking for more life insurance and got a couple quotes. Decided to try Sproutt and got a great rate . The process was super fast and efficient! Feel better knowing we are fully covered now!

B. Capp


Sproutt was with me every step of the…

Sproutt was with me every step of the way in selecting life insurance. Thank You!

Ashley Braxton


They did an excellent job by…

They did an excellent job by communicating.

Elaine C.


Took a long time to process

Took a long time to process, and took longer to withdraw the first draft, but otherwise satisfied overall.

Jerry Schmidt


My rep, Chance

My rep, Chance Jellsion manner is professional and attentive which helped ensured the interview process with the Life Insurance carrier went smooth.

Abduralrahim Talley


Contact Information is not accurate but…

Contact Information is not accurate but everything else is on point! I received emails for my wife and I am a business owner so I didn't always forward. Terri is awesome I am so glad she was our agent.



Sproutt went above and beyond for me !!!

Sproutt went above and beyond for me and I owe them an eternal debt of gratitude for their hard work in helping me to get my policy. If you have a complicated medical history and/or trouble getting insured, this is the best place to start. Thanks so much !!!!

Laine Cerny


Great service from my agent James very…

Great service from my agent James very polite and knowledgeable.

Patrick Wiebe


Genuinely decent folks

Genuinely decent folks. Customer service is on point and after trying to find insurance even with PTSD while serving my country and being denied by most insrance companies they came through. You cant miss with this company. This is coming from a disabled, permanent and total veteran.

Karl C.


excellent, just buy it

fast, easy and great price and awesome value.



Experience with Sproutt Advisor

James Kiernan is my advisor and he is very easy to talk with. No medical exam and I got approved in less than two weeks. Reasonable quotes and now I have peace of mind that my family is protected.



Excellent experience

Excellent experience. James Kiernan was very helpful and knowledgeable. Helped every one of our needs

Christopher Goisse


I received a $750,000 20 year term life…

I received a $750,000 20 year term life insurance policy without a medical exam very quickly online.

Ken Nesmith Elliott



Like most folks, I have been shopping around for the insurance policy and talking to many different brokers, I honestly think that Mr Rhodes Clayton is one of the knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, honest and friendly person I have ever spoken to throughout my ins. shopping experiences. Furthermore, like the ratings we would use in the navy, Mr Rhodes is a true "5.0" sailor!

Kelly K


Really Helpful

I really appreciate James help in getting my life insurance policy. I have some unique challenges in getting a policy and he was able to find an A+ policy at a fair premium.

Christopher McCann


My advisor James was a consummate…

My advisor James was a consummate professional. He was patient, diligent and always followed up. I really appreciate his efforts.

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