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Joseph Roltz


Ethos Summary

Ethos Life is an insurance firm that sells modern and ethical life insurance to safeguard lives. They're developing cutting-edge life insurance software (a $650 billion market) that will make protecting your family more affordable, accessible, and instantaneous. It also takes a personal touch when providing its services.

Founded: 2016

Employees: 450+

Location: San Francisco, California


  • Offers Term and Guaranteed Whole Life Coverage

  • Accelerated Death Benefits in Some Cases

  • No Medical Exams (just answer a few questions online)

  • Financial Rating of Ethos issuers – A*


  • Not Available In New York

Editorial Review


Editorial score
  • Term Life and Guaranteed Whole Life

    Multiple policy types to fit your needs


  • 100% Online

    Streamlined application process online with no need to talk to an agent


  • Instant Issue

    Get same day coverage on most policies


  • Non-Smoker Discounts

    Discounts for not smoking


  • Money Back Guarantee

    30 day money back guarantee with no cancellation fees


With Ethos, get anywhere from $20,000 to $2 million in term life insurance protection. Choose between 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-year terms.

Ethos offers $20,000 to $2 million in term life insurance. If you buy a guaranteed issue whole life policy, the maximum coverage amount is usually $30,000.

Seniors (66-85) can take advantage of whole life coverage from $1,000 to $30,000 in guaranteed coverage regardless of medical history.

As a consumer you can obtain coverage from Ethos if you live anywhere in the United States except for New York.

Ethos allows consumers to obtain quotes and apply for coverage in as little as 10 minutes. Some applicants may be able to qualify for coverage straight away by answering some health questions without having a medical examination with an accelerated underwriting procedure.

Both term life insurance and guaranteed issue whole life insurance are available through Ethos. While it does not provide quite as much coverage as other providers, Ethos could be an excellent alternative for people who want to obtain life insurance fast without having to go through the hassle of a complicated application procedure.

*Legal & General America (LGA), a large U.S. life insurance company since 1836, issues and guarantees Ethos policies. Ethos uses technology to learn about you so that they can discover novel and genuinely personal ways to insure you.

TrustPilot Reviews

Donald Osgood


The follow up and suggestion on…Best decision ever!

The follow up and suggestion on coverage was great!

George Craft


Ease of application

Ease of application; cost of policy !!

rna Pat


Easy online sign up

Easy online sign up




Excellent , very smooth application process

Alexandra W.


It was easy and quick to do

It was easy and quick to do



Excellent process

Excellent process, service and meets insurance needs.

Kristina Williams


Great experience!

Great experience!! Devin Harris was kind, patient and knowledgeable. A great agent with answers to all my questions. Definitely recommend

IAMCourtney Phillips


Love this company

Love this company. I love how easy and convenient everything is.



Great website for buying life insurance…

Great website for buying life insurance online

Ashlee Sensat


Our agent Curt Woodard was very…

Our agent Curt Woodard was very thorough in answering all of our questions. He was very willing to explain everything so that we understood our coverage and what it entails.

Guillermo Salmon


Super simple experience

Super simple experience. Now I have peace of mind that my wife and kids will be taken care of should something happen to me. Thank you!

Brandan Spriggs


So Easy to use!

Very easy experience from start to finish, and glad that I now have Life insurance coverage for my family.

Shantelle Dash


Shout out to Kim Howard

Shout out to Kim Howard. She set me up with two great plans for my family. Thanks Kim!!

Krishnamoorthy Veeraraghavan


Patrick Duggan is the exemplary example…

Patrick Duggan is the exemplary example of what true customer service means and I bought my policy only for him and nobody else. Very detailed, patience in answering all the questions and true kudos to Patrick; Strong recommendation to Ethos leadership is to have as many Patrick you need to have to grow your business.

Travis Bye


Quick application

Quick application! Simple process.

tamika thomas



Easy! Everyone made me feel comfortable diving into this security in my life!

Maple Edmonds


Best life insurance ever

My experience with Ethos life was very refreshing, straightforward and easy. Everything they advertise was provided. The process was easy and simple. I submitted my information and my policy got approved within minutes with no medical exam. I've always had a bad experience with insurance companies and it's has prevented me from attempting to purchase a life insurance policy. So if you're in the market for life insurance, please contact Etho's life. Even if you're not in the market for a policy. This is a piece of mind and protection for your family just in case. Their rates are very reasonable for the coverage that you're getting. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Rhonda M from TX


Super easy to navigate website.

Super easy to navigate website.

Jacqueline Garrison


I like the coverage for my estate

I like the coverage for my estate. I think it’s reasonable and I throw away more money than this. I also think that my culture should change the way they think on the matter. This can solve a lot of issues for us to have a peace of mind and also for our family not to stress out. The extras they give you on top of insurance such as a free will, security protection and estate planning is the reason why I choose to stay and it is worth every penny. I give them a 5 star because I love everything being in one place.



Extremely quick process

Extremely quick process. Application took less than 10 minutes and I received instant approval.

Roosevelt Augustin


It was very responsive and convenient

The process was very simple and straight to the point.

Tabitha Antonovich



Simple, easy, quick!

Darie Scott


Speaking with Kim Howard was an…

Speaking with Kim Howard was an excellent experience! She is professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I recommend he to anyone needing life insurance. Keep up the amazing job! Blessings!



Kim Howard was excellent she answered…

Kim Howard was excellent she answered all my questions and was very helpful. The entire process was quick and easy

Kyaw Thein


Ethos Life is amazing administrator

Ethos Life is amazing administrator. Very easy to use, short to the answers and overall, definitely 5 stars.

Daniel G


It was quick and easy

It was quick and easy. I’ve always dreaded applications for insurance if any kind. But the process online was painless and only took 10-15 minutes. The rates were competitive and I’m able to use direct payments. I’m very satisfied with my experience!



Made opening a policy simple for the…

Made opening a policy simple for the coverage I need.

Carlos Arbelaez


Very fast

The process was very efficient and very fast.



They made it easy

They made it easy



Very simple and straightforward…

Very simple and straightforward process. I was able to obtain coverage in the same day and it did not take very long.

Daniel Taylor


great product

great product

Gordon F


It was an easy process.

It was an easy process.

Christopher Lipscomb


Great customer service

Quick and easy with great customer service and follow up.

Joel Ramsey


Very easy process

Very easy process

Adrian Ray


Very very easy to navigate for…

Very very easy to navigate for successful coverage

T payne


Great service!

I had questions and the agent was great.



User friendly

The entire process was super easy to complete! I love having peace of mind with Ethos!



Highly recommend

The rates are excellent and there was a follow call that was helpfull and not annoying. He answered all my questains and I was able to make a decision and move forward with the policy.

Michael Rodriguez


customer service was stellar over the…

customer service was stellar over the phone. system allows you to add contingent beneficiaries!

Michael T.


Great Value!!

Easy and incredibly quick!

Ashley Akin


Great staff

Great staff! My insurance policy helper was very informative and made it possible for me to understand the processes of obtaining life insurance! I am very happy with Ethos

Chris Thomas


Very easy process!!

Very easy process!!

Lincoln Anderson


Easy...Peace of mind!!!

Easy...I hope I don't need it, but I have peace of mind if I do

Laura Toppin


Fast and Efficient

The online application system was user friendly. Overall very efficient and fast!

Jessie Canfield


Everyone is very helpful

Everyone is very helpful

Ernesto Gaspar


Fast and easy Application process.

Fast and easy Application process.



Excellent & Simple

Thankfully, I'm still alive so this review is only about the first part of the company. Everything was excellent and so very simple to complete. Even updating my current info on the website is simple. Thank you for keeping it simple and providing a safety net at a very reasonable price.

Cindy Malone


Got what I wanted with a reasonable…

Got what I wanted with a reasonable price for my age. It was quick and easy

Michael W


Very simple process

Very simple process. Mostly self explanatory. This is just me, but I sometimes get confused on health questions; like yes I’ve been to the Dr for broken bones but not for health issues, does that count?

Dustin Portell


Easy to understand interface

Easy to understand interface. And the whole process was very straightforward. I would recommend Ethos to anyone looking for a good Insurance company.



Super fast and convenience

Super fast and convenience! Great life insurance rate and friendly people! Love it!

Russ Baron


Simple to apply

Simple to apply, get to choose the coverage one can afford. Definitely worth my time!

Abel Ortiz


Easy to apply and approval was almost…

Easy to apply and approval was almost immediate. They also worked to accommodate my monthly budget.

April Smith


Simple application takes away the…

Simple application takes away the stress of applying.

Keara A.


Great experience

I completed an application online to receive a quote but initially I didn't go through with purchasing life insurance because I had questions, and I was still shopping around looking at quotes. Kim contacted me but I missed her call. Finally, I called her back and I couldn't be happier that I did. She was so helpful, pleasant, and patient. She took her time to answer my questions and was able to assist me with getting my family covered as well. She stayed on the phone with me every step of the way and walked me through everything. I was so glad she did because I thought of more questions. She was a delight to work with and I really appreciate her help. I will be referring anyone that I know that is looking for life insurance to Kim Howard. Thanks again!!

Christopher Rose


Positive experience using Ethos Life

Ethos Life helped set me up with an insurance company. Their term life policy is very fairly priced and gives me peace of mind. I've had positive experiences with the employees I have had contact with setting up the policy and with any questions that I had.

Susan Franceschina


Very quick and easy

Very quick and easy

janice whitaker


The Simplicity to qualify for Life Insurance

This experience was very easy and fast with a few simple questions!

Steve Lherisson


Help not received

I reached out for help by email, still have not heard back. Software is still trying to get me to sign up again despite me already signing up. I do not have access to my policy documents. Should not be this difficult.

Matthew Munoz


Gabriel was super helpful and very…

Gabriel was super helpful and very nice! He explained thorough answers to all of my questions.



Great Deal

I am replacing my current two policies with coverage for 20 years for only $57.00 more per month.

Lionell Stewart



everything was just real easy;step by step the best part of it

Shronda Birch


Great insurance company for me and my…

Great insurance company for me and my clients.




Fast. Efficient. User Friendly.

R. Thomas


Easy peesy

Great experience took no time at all and at a great cost!

Elliot Ness


Fast, painless and no sales pressure.

Fast, painless and no sales pressure.

Sanghyun Je


Great customer service

Great customer service, fast application and same day approval. Eric Montgomery, my advisor was very friendly and helpful.



So easy

So easy! Do everything online with seven minutes.

Claudio Toledo


Page easy to navigate

Page easy to navigate

Steph H


Great customer service and fair prices…

Great customer service and fair prices found.



Quick and Easy!

I needed a term life insurance policy without the hassle of interviews, medical exams, etc. I shopped around for reasonable rates. I wanted same day coverage. Ethos made these things easy for me. I like the simplicity of their member portal and the included tools for estate planning. Documents are automatically filled in for review and available for downloading and record keeping once completed. It's too easy. Thanks!



My agent Nick was great

My Agent Nick was great. After getting off to a rough start because of a technical glitch, the amazing customer team at Ethos reached out to make sure everything was resolved. I am extremely impressed with their efforts and am happy about my decision to do business with Ethos!



No Nonsense approach to servicing …

No Nonsense approach to servicing their clients. Informative and easy applications process. Reasonable premiums.

Jonas Iglesias


Very easy to apply

Very easy to apply

Stephen Swalley


Customer service

Customer service

Nael Mashal


Very friendly

Very friendly, professional and they got my life insurance approved very quickly.

Marc Bowman


Great customer service

Great customer service! Dustin was very helpful and made the process very simple for us!

Joseph Lima


Four Characters

Ten characters

Jason Cortenbach


Would buy again!

Patrick's level of customer service was above and beyond what I would have expected. No pressure and answered all my questions with examples and personal experiences.

Daniel Majkowski


Very easy application

Very easy application

Annmarie Wildermuth


Wonderful customer service

Wonderful customer service, easy application process!

Mary R


Super easy to use

Super easy to use. Was able to complete the application all on my phone, during a quick break!

Ed Harkins


Very efficient and straight forward…

Very efficient and straight forward application process

R Currey


Couldn’t be happier

Couldn’t be happier. The process was easier than my past term life policies. The coverage is better than I expected. I didn’t feel like I had left the doctors office after being probed. My Experience with Ethos was actually extremely positive.

Brian Meddock


Included Services?

It stated that Trust and Will services were included but when attempting to create a Trust they require $449 to proceed.

Erik Anslinger


Quick and easy.

The entire process was easy to understand and follow. I felt there was just enough questions to get a good understanding of me and what I was looking for in a new policy.

troy jacobs


easy all in one place

easy all online, convenient and the price was very affordable. now my wife is taken care of.

Matthew Randall



Great and easy

Tom Wiatrak



Erik, was Great to work with…! Never pushed anything listened to what I needed and delivered. Thank you

Adriana Tamiozzo


Very satisfied

I am glad that I have this company to help me have protection and good care to my family. Very satisfied with the job that they offer to me.



Great choice!

Great choice!

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