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Super impressed

Super impressed. Application was easy, fast, and user friendly. Pricing competitive and came back quickly. Customer service was quick and helpful.

Gabby Santos


User friendly platform and very easy…

User friendly platform and very easy application process! Super content with Haven Life , consider them when shopping for a policy.



Great Experience

The ease of the process and speed in getting my application approved was terrific. Highly recommend using them for your insurance needs.



Simple and well-designed process for buying life insurance

Life insurance is an industry that seems stuck in the past - things like completing an application, filling out paperwork, scheduling medical exams, etc. are not handled online at many companies. At Haven Life all of this can be done and tracked online, and I hope that others in the industry will follow suit. Other positives include that pricing was competitive and easily available through an easy online quote. It was also possible to adjust the specifics of the policy throughout the process, even after underwriting was complete - changing my mind on one small detail did not require restarting the process. The underwriting process proceeded quickly. I was easily able to gain access to my lab results online. Etc. The process was easy at every step.

Kayla Counselbaum


5 STARS!⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ They made everything…

5 STARS!⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ They made everything simple, seamless and positive.

Colleen McKenna


Quick and Easy

Simple process, fast approval with out any exam.

Joshua Christensen


Top-notch across the board

Cheapest we could find, simple application, didn't require a health screening since I'd had a recent physical. Quick answers from customer service both times I had questions for them.



Easy process

Easy process, painless, pretty quick turnaround. great rates!



Easy online application!

Easy online application and the decision on my coverage came within 24 hours.

Jeff Thompson


It is fine

Oh my gosh. I am finally writing a review after a week of daily begging from Haven Life. Pretty good experience overall but it is life insurance. So a bit of a pain and not very transparent as to what is affecting rates. I got a good policy approved in under a month which is great. My rate was surprisingly high. I have several mild health issues but taken together they probably provide cover to rate my higher risk. I am pretty sure I could have gotten (and may still) a better rate if I had gone the traditional route. But that is even more invasive and time consuming. I am giving a 3 because of rate and lack of reasons for rate and because - it is life insurance - which in my experience is never very pleasant.



it takes some time for approval

it takes some time for approval. It took almost 30 days from the date lab work was drawn before I got approval.



Applied Sunday, Approved Monday…

I filled out the application on Sunday afternoon, and was fully approved before noon on Monday. I was initially told that I would need a medical exam, but in the process, it was determined that I didn’t actually need a medical exam to be approved. So, this was a welcome surprise. Also, the initial quote I was given (before completing the application) was only about $15 off from the final approved premium. The Haven Team communicated with me regularly thoughout the application process and promptly answered my questions. Overall, this was an extremely smooth, efficient, and pleasant experience. My family and I are thrilled to have this affordable policy that will last 30 years, onto my 70s. Thank you, Haven!



Easy application process and great…

Easy application process and great rates compared to other insurance companies I considered. The health screening portion was a bit long and I kept getting follow up questions for medical history related to my wife and not myself.

S Speight


Easy to apply

Easy to apply I just got approved last week so haven't had to make any claims or anything like that (as this is a life insurance policy, guess that's a good thing lol). But what put Haven Life at the top of my list was their intuitive website and easy application process. All done online and then the physical exam was done in my home! Very easy process.



There was truly no medical exam for…

There was truly no medical exam for their term life insurance. The customer service was responsive and helpful. The price was comparable to another company with the same terms.



Wonderful company!

Wonderful company!! I definitely recommend Haven life!! Awesome at finding the best coverage for me! Great coverage that is affordable!! Glad I listened to the recommendation that was given to me about this company



Great Customer Service

I looked into two other companies. The coverage was comparable but I was most impressed with Haven Life’s customer service. I was also impressed with the pricing tools.



Simple & easy.

Pros: -Easy online application -Can get coverage immediately after applying online -Pretty seamless process throughout the experience Cons: -Although told I was covered initially after applying online, I was informed that I needed to get physical check up in order to continue the plan. -Although I’m very healthy, my plan price increased 2x after the physical checkup.

Shanna LaDelfa


Applying for life insurance in your…40’s

Applying for life insurance in your 40’s is exhausting!! But at least Haven made it as easy as possible! Everything is efficiently handled through email. Communication is excellent, they give updates all along the way. Scheduling the bloodwork is easy and convenient. Plus, the rate was better than other companies. Easy to sign off on paperwork.



Terrific experience and rates!

The application was easy to complete and the rate quoted was very competitive. The amount applied for required an examination and that process was very convenient, efficient, flexible, and the medical professional was friendly and capable. The policy approved was exactly as quoted with an option to add to the amount originally applied for and I took advantage of the offer. Haven Life is a subsidiary of MassMutual, one of the highest rated companies in the insurance industry. I couldn't be happier!

Paul Cianciaruso


Easy Application Process

I shopped around for a few weeks before finding Haven Life. They made the application process very easy, and I was thrilled with the competitive rate they offered.

Laura Van Dyke


The folks at Haven Life were so…

The folks at Haven Life were so response and helpful during my application period. They were also warm and kind.

Marlon Regis


Adjusting To Online Simplicity

This is how we should be all moving forward, fast and simple online smoothness together with actual human interaction.

Deveianti Heller


Made a great choice.

Just happen to run into Haven Life on a random search, instantly wanted life insurance from them.



Pretty smooth experience

Pretty smooth experience

Deveianti Heller


Glad I found Haven Life. Many Thanks.

I finally realized how important life insurance is and needed.



The process was really simple & easy

The process was really simple & easy. No one bothered you with phone calls. The amount was exactly as the quote.

Tom Bui


I highly recommend Haven Life Term…

I highly recommend Haven Life Term Insurance for anyone in need of life insurance. As a family with young children, my wife and I wanted peace of mind knowing our kids would be taken care of if anything were to happen to us. After having term life insurance for over 10 years bought through an agent, we realized that it was not enough due to high inflation and the added responsibilities of having children. After researching our options, we decided to go with term life insurance and found Haven Life to be the best choice for us. The online quote process was incredibly easy and flexible, allowing us to get a quote for coverage without the need for medical tests. The prices were incredibly affordable, and we were able to get coverage within just a few days. My wife was even able to get hers within minutes! Overall, I highly recommend Haven Life Term Insurance for anyone in need of life insurance

Robert P.


My experience with Haven Life has been…

My experience with Haven Life has been nothing short of fantastic from start to finish. After working tirelessly with brokers and getting quotes that were complicated to understand online, I found Haven Life and I am very pleased that I did. Haven Life's respectful and understandable approach to issuing something as important as life insurance and doing so in such a straightforward way is why I would recommend Haven Life to my loved ones and friends alike.



Easy and extremely important!

Excellent and very intuitive experience! Highly recommended!

mark gentile


Term Life Insurance

Application was simple and received sizeable approval for term life insurance without a medical exam within 48 hours. Great follow up and easy process.



Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy Wanted to get this done for a while and this was the easiest experience I could find. I feel great knowing that there is some protection for my husband and likely dogs.

Rachell Cordon


It was an easy process

It was an easy process. The turnaround was also feasible.



This was hands down the easiest way I…

This was hands down the easiest way I have come across for looking into and getting life insurance. Fast, simple and shows you cost etc… Definitely glad I listened to the wife and looked into it.



Plan on spending more than you think

Plan on spending another $20 a month from your initial quote even if your in perfect health. Had their exam, everything came back in the normal ranges (green) but still jacked up my initial rate quote. Little disappointing.




Easy and smooth application process. Great coverage!



It was super easy

It was super easy, fast, and the rate was even better than the estimate. If you are looking for term life insurance this is the place.

Raul Jara


Life Insurance convenient and easy

The process was very easy. My blood work was done at home. Underwriting had some additional questions which we resolved via email. The process couldn’t have been any easier and my family is now protected.



Excellent online experience... thorough quick easy...I will definitely recommend my friends and family

Excellent online experience...I will definitely recommend my friends and family for THE HAVEN LIFE EXPERIENCE! THANK YOU!

Sharon Fenimore



Easy. Didnt have to talk to anyone.



I just purchased a life insurance…

I just purchased a life insurance policy with Haven Life. The experience of shopping and buying with them was super easy, and for myself, this was the cheapest I could find for the amount I was looking for. Highly recommend.



I bought a haven life Insurance policy one week ago.

I bought a haven life Insurance policy one week ago. The process was thorough but effective, as from start to finish the whole application process took only one month.



I just started with Haven Life

I just started with Haven Life. A few days ago. But, my interaction with the representatives was very helpful and ready to assist. Thank you Haven Life.

Rose H


Quick approval! No hassle!

I have compared quotes for life insurances with other agencies before finding out about Haven Life. It was very stressful because it would take more than 2-4 weeks just Waiting. I was told no medical exam needed and still the process took way too long. I wanted a peace of mind and to get this off my checklist as soon as possible. Fortunately, I found out about Haven Life and I was very surprised how fast and easy it was to get a rate and approval. I even got the best quote! No hassle. No waiting period. Thank you.



First time policy buyer.

I initially had some issues with finalizing the purchase of the policy but I called customer service and had a very helpful representative assist me which is one of the reasons why I decided to go with haven.



The process of obtaining term life…

The process of obtaining term life insurance was easy and fast with Haven Life. I am very satisfied with how convenient this process is.



The application was easy and simple

The application was easy and simple, I had to complete a physical and that process was no problem! I got a response back I was approve for this life insurance. My overall experience with Haven Life was outstanding!



Rates are amazing compared to other…

Rates are amazing compared to other insurers and customer service was top-notch! I would highly recommend them!



Excellent service and easy to navigate.

Excellent service and easy to navigate.

Alex Cervantes


Haven Life is just what I was looking for!

Haven Life is just what I was looking for. I had been turned down for life insurance by other companies due to previous medical history. Haven life went further to find out if I qualified. Happy to say I now have coverage for more than I was expecting at a lower monthly cost! Feel much better now.

Ananth Venkatachalam


Easy, affordable and efficient

Firstly I the entire process was very simple and easy to complete. The monthly premium was affordable that had the coverage I needed. They were responsive that they made sure am being notified about the status of my application. Overall I am happy with my experience.

Kelly Nisbeth


Satisfied customer

Loved that I was able to complete application online, labs done at home and received results and offer in less than a week.

Christine Hathaway


I am very happy with how easy it was to…

I am very happy with how easy it was to apply for Haven Life insurance online. My husband did also. He got his quote quickly and didn’t have to have an exam or bloodwork. I actually did have to have an exam. It was simple though. She even came to my home and asked questions and took my blood pressure etc. after about a week I got my results and an offer soon followed from Haven Life. It was just a bit more than the initial quote because of my health history. But it was the lowest quote that I received from similar companies. I am happy with the emails and when I called with questions, I got answers quickly and to my satisfaction. Thank you Haven Life for making me feel that you listened to my needs.

lynesha robinson


From start to finish I had no problem…

From start to finish I had no problem navigating my way through the questions. Not sure if I will keep my current rate or lower it late but glad I have the option.

Santi Khiosida


Fast and easy

Fast and easy. Received my policy hassled free.



Choose Haven!

Put your mind at ease, hands down the easiest process and best in value compared to other companies.



The insurance application process with…

The insurance application process with Haven Life was seamless. I applied online on 3/8 and received a call within about 24 hours to schedule the paramedical exam. The appt set for 4/2, due to my schedule (requested a Saturday appt). The nurse came to my home, exam took about 15 minutes (verify my info, BP check in both arms, blood drawn, urine collection). Those results were available on 4/8. I received a few follow up questions 2 days later regarding prior prescriptions and medical tests from the underwriter. Answered those promptly, and my policy was approved on 4/20. Overall process was less than 30 days, excluding the wait time for the paramedical exam, which was due to my scheduling.



The process was easy

The process was easy, secure, and it’s an affordable. Also, it’s good to have a policy with a trusted brand.



The process was quick and easy

The process was quick and easy



The process is very simple

The process is very simple, quick and easy to follow. My experience with Have Life is very satisfied! Thank you Haven Life!

Derek R.


Great company

Great company. Easy to navigate yourself to a excellent policy. Thanks Haven Life!

DaMarcus Sullivan


Best experience EVER

Best experience EVER! Quick, easy, and very affordable! If you haven’t done it already—DO IT! You will not regret it



Simple, Quick and Delightful

I just loved how simple and quick the whole process was. I got approved for the maximum I could have being a non citizen. I filled a form with my details and the next day I had the policy. I was fretting over sitting on endless phone calls and getting medical tests done before I could have a policy, but I had the policy in less than 24 hours. The Haven Life website is amazing as well. To the point, inviting and works without a flaw. Also, the policy comes with the perks like TrustWill for free and a few other very useful services at no cost. I have only great things to say about Haven Life so far.




I've only been a few month's with Haven Life. Great customer service. Great perks. Affordable. Definitely recommendable.



I’ve had a pretty amazing time with…

I’ve had a pretty amazing time with Haven Life. Excellent service, and the perks already have paid for 5+ years of insurance. I was able to do my Will and get my Trust done with them as an add on, and was seriously impressed. Highly recommended.

Liz Spahn


Great so far

So far, I am very pleased. Enrollment in term life was quite easy. I didn't even need a physical. Luckily, my partner and I have not had to deal with "cashing in" any life insurance, so I cannot speak as to how that process is handled. Overall, I trust Haven Life to do it well, just like they do everything else.

Bishop Lee


Great afforable insurance i'm just…

Great afforable insurance i'm just waiting for them to get whole life

Stephen Vacamora


They are affordable

They are affordable, and great!

Kara M.


I’m so glad I found Haven Life

I’m so glad I found Haven Life! They made signing up for life insurance very easy. The perks of their “plus” program have been great too! Namely, I’ve taken advantage of the subscription to Aaptiv and the Will and Trust service. They also send little gifts sometimes which are a nice touch! I got my husband to sign up through them as well and it was super simple. Highly recommend!

Rowan Bienes


Great Benefits & Easy to Understand!

I had a large surgery last year and doctors recommended that I get a life insurance policy beforehand, and I am so glad that I chose Haven Life. I found out about them through my bank, Aspiration, and their online process makes everything easy to navigate and easy to change when needed. Plus, it's affordable and provides me with a ton of extra benefits through their Haven Plus partnerships. Now, I even have a will and advanced healthcare directive that was no additional cost! I doubt I will ever switch to another life insurance company.



Very easy

Very easy - seamless process.

krishna chaitanya kathari


Amazing experience with them

Amazing experience with them. Very responsive and best quotes out there. Must have term insurance.



Very happy with the whole process from…

Very happy with the whole process from start to finish on my application. Only area that could be improved is that my wife also applied and was rejected and we did not get a reason. She is a 30 year old female without any existing conditions so I was surprised.



Hassle-Free Term Life Insurance!

The whole process was seamless and easy. My application for term life insurance was all done online. The rates are fair, and the people at Haven Life seem to genuinely care about their customers.



Best life insurance company.

Best life insurance company.



The process of getting life insurance…

The process of getting life insurance with you is a very smooth process. I really liked the way you communicated through the process and were on top of the things. I really appreciate it. Thank You for my peace of mind and my family’s peace of mind.



Super Easy and No Upsell!

Super easy! I was putting off purchasing life insurance as all I wanted was a term policy and was dreading the thought of having to meet or speak to a broker and deal with the dreaded upsell tactics. While researching options, I stumbled across Haven Life and began looking into it. Thrilled that I did. I could not have imagined an easier, more streamlined process from beginning to end. Very easy process and excellent, easy-to-understand documentation on the site.



Very simple to use

Very simple to use, everything is straightforward.



Good service with easy and relaxed…

Good service with easy and relaxed communication that was not pushy. Helped with what I wanted and the whole process maybe took 25ish minutes from calling to getting approved to setting up my online access. (if you are approved right away)



Quick and painless!

The online experience was extremely simple and took all of the intimidation out of the application process. I appreciate how fast I was able to complete the account setup.



Great Life insurance company

Great Life insurance company, your treated like a individual not just another number added to the bunch.



Satisfied & at Peace

I love the process through Haven Life, as the application was easy to complete, and the medical exam was done at a facility near my home. Customers also have the option to have the medical examiner visit their home; however, I preferred to visit a nearby lab. Finally, I got a fair price for a 30-year term life insurance with Mass Mutual. I am delighted because the process was easy, and the underwriter did not make a huge issue like other insurance companies I have tried in the past, and the whole process took less than a week to complete. I am at peace know that should something happen to me; my family will be covered.



Easy Options

The website is easy to review. Coverage level I requested meant testing. That was a little clunky due to communication between their 3rd party, but haven life agents were timely with email communication. Overall the rate was a little higher than expected, but glad to have the insurance. Really liked using the slider to determine the final coverage. After policy issued, website shows a new perk so come so looking forward to seeing what that is about



This was a very pleasant experience

This was a very pleasant experience. Their automated system was very well organized to obtain my medical records, driving record, and all of the other normal questions I would expected to answer. I'm 49 and in perfect health so I'm not surprised that I was approved. But I was very surprised that I was able to be be approved for life insurance in just minutes without a medical exam. I was even able to signed my docs right then. What I thought would take weeks took minutes.



Very responsive and clear guidance…

Very responsive and clear guidance through the whole process.



great rate and service

great rate and service



Great service and easy enrollment and I…

Great service and easy enrollment and I could not find a better price. Thanks

Michael Haimson


Easiest and quickest term life insurance application

Easiest and quickest term life insurance application I went through as I was shopping around... highly recommend!



Haven Life was awesome

Haven Life was extremely quick, and provided a reasonable price for the life insurance I was looking for, without even needing a medical exam. I know that doesn't happen in every application, but I was surprised and impressed that it was so easy and quick to sign up for life insurance.



Great fast service

Great fast service



Haven Life fits the bill

I was looking for life insurance via multiple websites and Haven Life came up as an option. Went through the process and within a couple of days I had been approved. The cost, term, and ease with which to sign up were simple and straightforward. Would highly recommend.

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