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Don Q


Super easy online experience, having a long history with PenFed does not go unnoticed. Fair and favorable loan decisions,

The ease of use with the online applications and the speedy approval decisions along with fast funding

Betty Squyres


Application went through very quickly…

Application went through very quickly and female customer service was very helpful and personable.

David Ashby


Started receiving your ads in my inbox - I don't want them

Started receiving your ads in my inbox on the new Outlook. I didn't ask to receive these. I don't know who you're buying customer information from, or who you're paying to advertise via surreptitious means, but please stop 🤷‍♂️

Leo T.


Pen Fed is an Excellent Credit Union

Pen Fed is an Excellent Credit Union! I joined several years ago and the Credit Products and Approvals they have Offered me have improved my overall Credit picture. I recommend them as a 10+!

K. Fleissner


Very easy application

Very easy application. Simple documentation to be sent. Quick transfer of money. Percentage rates are ok but that's the economy today.



Fast and easy

Fast and easy, and I got what I needed

Pablo J Gonzalez


Great customer service

Great customer service, very satisfied for the service

Gina Toce Herboldt


Great place to do business with

Great place to do business with. They offer great rates and the staff is very helpful. There website is easy to use.

James Walsh


Very happy customer

Excellent customer service and rates on their credit cards

angie hobdy


Great customer service

Great customer service

Andrea Castiblanco


Easy to apply !

Easy to apply !



Always easy to work with for Vets

Always easy to work with for Vets. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ann Williams


Easy online experience

Simple online experience. Fast and reliable service.

Vicki Griffin


It was easy and quick to navigate the…

It was easy and quick to navigate the website, and PenFed is so easy to work with, and their credit card offered the best rewards, cash back, 0% interest, no yearly fee, balance transfers, it offers everything you could want!



Very easy to work with and overall…

Very easy to work with and overall pleasant experience.

Jean Trudell


Every experience with Pen Fed has been…

Every experience with Pen Fed has been professional, knowledgeable, friendly, fast and efficient. Rates and products are very competitive. Highly recommend.

Sammy Delgado


Great Experience!

Great Experience!

Reynaldo Rivera


Easy to work with

So easy to manage request and see what you are getting before hand. No tricks, plain and simple



They helped me a lot over the years…

They helped me a lot over the years with my student loan and personal loan good company.

Manjo Quintanilla


Convenient and easy

Penfed is the most user friendly and convenient financial institution to work with when needed. The customer experience is unmatched to any other bank--most importantly fair!

Timothy Dye


"Exceptional Service and Competitive Rates: My Positive Experience With PenFed"

Overall, PenFed stands out for its exceptional customer service, competitive financial products, convenient online banking platform, and dedication to giving back to the community. These factors contribute to a positive customer experience and make PenFed a company that customers can trust and rely on for their financial needs.

Isaias Henriuqez


Easy to navigate website

Easy to navigate website, self explanatory, not complicated, good job!!

clay loveless


Great company willing to work with me…

Great company willing to work with me and I appreciate it.



Quick and easy!

Applied for a personal loan and the process was extremely quick and easy! I would highly recommend PenFed for your banking needs!

Milton Vasconcelos


Easy process

Easy process, application easy friendly and best rate than big name banks

Norbert Kouame


The credit application went the way it…

The credit application went the way it said it would.

Hector Valencia


Everything was so easy to work

Everything was so easy to work



The application process was extremely easy and it took a minute or two but it's everything worked out okay

Easy process and wonderful customer service

Wardell Harris


Penfed is one of the best credit unions…

Penfed is one of the best credit unions out there

Tangelia Gilbert


Excellent benefits and rewards

Excellent benefits and rewards



This is a very good credit union

This is a very good credit union. They are eager to take good care of their regular and new customer base. They offered to call me when it was good for me to learn about revenue generating products that they off. So far so good when dealing with the PenFen folks.

Mary Jane Cosme JANE


Very simple yet sage

Very simple application process and they do a very good identity verification. Fast approvals.

Grace Beharry



Excellent customer service

John Bandy Home


Difficult to complete application.

The product looks like a good product. It seems difficult to apply for the product.

Dennis Dunn



Penned is a well known and respected credit union and I was accepted!

Adriana Montroy Dixon


Welcome to our Family

PenFed is a well respected financial institution. They offer many great services. The credit card application process was easy and quick. I am so happy to welcome them into my family!

Carlos Esponda



I have Good experience cause' they approved me more than I expected

Valeda Hall


Great experience

Over, incredible experience, ease of accessibility, and great customer service!

reaudi mills


Competitive Credit Union

Great customer service and a great starting line of credit.

Karl Kilponen


Excellent Credit Union

Pen Fed is a great company with exceptional service and great rates !! They've been good to me.

Alexander Pabon


Good Rates and great service.

Good Rates and great service.

Christine Cartwright


Earned our familys business for a lifetime!!

The website is easy to navigate and the whole process from start to finish is a breeze. Keep up the good work we love our CU. You have earned my business for a lifetime. Cartwright Family

Linda Jackson


Good Company

The process was very easy and I am happy with them already. Generous credit line.

Rudy Carter


Penfed offers great rates and is very…

Penfed offers great rates and is very veteran-friendly.

William Ray


User friendly.

User friendly.

Susan McGinty


Helpful, Patient, Pleasant

Everyone with whom I dealt was helpful and patient, not to mention pleasant.

Michael Kozemchak


Fast efficient and better rates than…

Fast efficient and better rates than other markets. No upfront costs from requested amount of the loan Example: Another institution loan for $20000 when approved would have kept approximately $2000 with me receiving $18000. Think of PENFED first

Michael Simpkins



A very streamlined process from start to finish. Website was intuitive, I always understood request of me and results. Within minutes of applying, answer was provided allowing for an informed decision to be made on my end devoid credit impact before acceptance.



Fast and easy process.

Fast and easy process.

John L Smith Jr


I applied for a credit card via the…

I applied for a credit card via the PENFED website and the process was quick, simple and easy.

David Burns


Smooth process and great rates!

I received an unsolicited offer from Penfed and almost discarded it. Instead I opened it and was pleasantly surprised by the rate on the credit card. I have good but not perfect credit. I applied and the process went very smoothly. I received my decision in a timely manner and was so pleased that I'm moving most of MT banking to PenFen.

D Norman


Solid financial institution

Since I've been a member of Penfed I haven't had any problems the app works great I haven't had any problems with my direct deposits and applying for different products and services through Penfed have been a breeze

fitzroy tutein


Simple way of doing things

The process was easy and quick. I've never experienced anything like it. Thanks PenFed!

Melvin Hernandez


The entire process was very user…

The entire process was very user friendly and quick, however; my credit card was received with a name error so I need it to be replaced with the correct information

Gidget Delay


PenFed offers reasonable interest rates and truly supports military families

I have always enjoyed my dealings with PenFed. They have been here for me and my family on a few occasions and especially when we needed them. Firstly, the loan process was fast and answers on your application are within minutes. They offer several options to ensure the repayment is within your comfortable budget. Even with the crazy interest rates, PenFed tries to be reasonable. Lastly, on a personal note, I wish to thank PenFed for being there when I was medically retired from the military, PenFed was there to graciously supply us a grant to help us purchase our home. Without PenFed, we would have otherwise not been able to move forward with the home purchase. For that alone I will remain a life long customer. Thank you PenFed for all you do for us military active and veterans.

Keith Williams



PENFED. Is a great Financial institution. They have great products and even better customer service..PENFED is your LIFE long BANKING home!!

Dixie Rutherford


The loan and credit card application…

The loan and credit card application processes are easy and fast. Any time I have had to contact them by phone they were knowledgeable and helpful. Also very friendly and patient.

Koren Brown


The credit card application was easy

The credit card application was easy, and a high credit line was offered.

R Ortiz


The PenFed website a great experience …

The PenFed website is customer friendly, easy to understand. Their response to my application was quick. I am delighted with the service.

Byron Sneed


The best Credit Union or Bank I ever…

The best Credit Union or Bank I ever did business with.

Jim N.


Fast easy

Fast easy, 24/7 do not know why anyone would go anywhere else.

Michael Ritter


PenFed is awesome.

PenFed is awesome.



I've been doing smaller loans with them…

I've been doing smaller loans with them and It's been quite easy to do online. It is fast and with in 3 day you have the money in your bank account. This time I did a larger amount to pay off all my credit cards and like always they didn't disappoint. Thank you PenFed.

Shiela Hill


Easy to apply and also was given other…

Easy to apply and also was given other options that I wasn’t aware of. I would recommend Penfed as they are amazing to work with and very trustworthy!

Corey Schappert


Nice honorable workers and good bank…

Nice honorable workers and good bank overall. Would recommend to anyone looking for good honest bank with equally good employees.



no comments.

no comments.

Marie Waters


Penfed is a great credit union

Penfed is a great credit union. They will take a chance on you and help you build even better credit. They offer good rates and products. I am a grateful, satisfied customer. Thank you Pen Fed.

joseph Alfonso


Delighted The application process was easy and…

The application process was easy and they gave me a result on my application within minutes .

shawn shaw


Preapproval process was great

Preapproval process was great. No credit score ding. Interest rate was very honest. Fast and efficient process. Helped me get another loan when other lenders wouldn't. Great job Penfed CU.

Mark Co


Everything user friendly

Everything user friendly

Mitch Read


Penfed highly recommend

Penfed is easy to use, informative, and technically extremely user friendly.

Kathleene Pietrewicz


Quick and easy.

Quick and easy.

william Reynolds



Fast, simple, and effective!



Credit card

Great credit card



Quick and easy loan process from start…

Quick and easy loan process from start to finish.

Dean Stefano


My first time dealing with PenFed

My first time dealing with PenFed. Could not have gone better.

Psalm Tehellyim


PenFed has a very smooth and fast…

PenFed has a very smooth and fast application and approval process. I’m very excited to be a member!

Angélique Francois


Love PenFed

They are easy to work with and I have a collection of services through them and they just keep making me happy! Definitely a benefit being a member. I tell everyone to give them a try!



The pre approval made the application…simple

The pre approval made the application easier I was approved for a high card limit ,can’t tell you much about the card because I just applied, so am giving it sometime to arrive.

Michael Sullivan


Website was very easy to navigate

Website was very easy to navigate, rates were great, overall good experience

A Renee McWhorter


Impeccable Service & A Top Tier Rate

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy..." Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. Kindness, patience, long suffering are just a few core values I experienced with Mr. JOHN GRIFFIN III. Conversation after conversation his demeanor, tone and shared information remained respectful, encouraging and professional. Regardless of the time of day, length of discussions or the number of questions asked from me or my realtor, his service and team work was impeccable. As a first time homebuyer, it's a win win when you find a great mortgage product and experience great service. The first call with Bianca Kaufman I locked in an amazing rate! Our conversation was detailed and concise. She immediately completed my application and created a portal to unload documents. Thank you is such a so small phrase to express how assuring Mr. Griffin III was to me throughout this process. My experience is so unforgettable! I will forever and always remember his name and the service provided. He exemplifies the Mission and Values of the company extremely well. People will forget a lot about you, but they will never forget the way you made them feel. Dr. Maya Angelou



Happy with company so far

Completing the application was very easy. Response to my application was fast. Telephone communication was very pleasant and helpful.

Antonios Stphens


Process very easy and was approved for…

Process very easy and was approved for high limit card.

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