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This is my second loan with…

This is my second loan with Lightstream. I got my funds in 24 hours. Zero hassle. I had to end my relationship in a HELOC with Flagstar Bank who was awful and needed funds fast. Lightstream was seamless. I can’t imagine what people are doing wrong to have a bad experience.

Alicia Sheeley


Good company, victim of illegitimate reviews

Seems to me people are too ignorant to understand that there are scammers impersonating this brand (as is the case with numerous loan companies) and also that LTV/DTI always factors into eligibility. It's unfortunate that these people have caused the rating to be so low when you can see that their actual customers are generally satisfied. I got approved for a personal loan and funded in 2 days. I have decent credit with a good amount of student loan debt. Funds were sent directly to my bank and got the autopay discount to my rate. This is a great option for borrowers with good to excellent credit scores without a ton of debt. Online account is easy to use and they have an amortization tool so you can see how increasing your monthly payment will help you pay off your loan faster. Also no prepayment penalties. I disagree with their decision to not include their phone number on their website as this makes them seem a little sketchy but this is the only complaint i can think of. I would consider using again in the future.



Excellent! - I'm not understanding the bad reviews

I'm not understanding the bad reviews. I have excellent credit and signed up and was approved during a lunch break. They deposited the money in my account shortly after. The whole process was seamless and I highly recommend using them. Excellent experience overall!



Life savers!

We have used them several times for emergency home repairs. Their rates are pretty good for personal loans. I like having options to spread out our payments over our chosen time period to fit our budget. Be careful what site you go to! I was once directed to a site that was close, but not exact. Their email customer service is QUICK and their phone customer service is also just as great! They have never contacted me to send money back and forth. They just put the loan money in my account and I make auto payments.



Im not sure if this is legit.

Im not sure if this is legit but I received a text stating Iwas eligible for up to $10,000. I called them and somehow they already had all my personal information including bank. I continued with the paperwork. They said they would deposit a verification amount and I needed to send it back in order to get the regular deposit the next day. Afterwards something didn't set right with me so I went into my personal banking and changed my login information. I tried calling the number back but no one answered. I believe now that this is a scam and I am so glad I went in and changed my info.

Summer Fiddes


Fast, easy, lowest rates.

Honestly I found this company through my job. Everything was online and quick. No need to deal with any customer support. I submitted everything that was needed and got approved for my loan with the lowest interest rate that I was hoping for (I have really excellent credit). I couldn’t be more happy with how quick and seem less and affordable this process was for me. I’m glad I went with it despite reading these reviews. I think people are confused with this company and some scam that reaches out to them. If you want a good company that is able to have lower rates because things are more automative then this is a company for you.



Excellent experiences!

We've had two loans with Lightstream and have had an excellent experience both times--smooth application process, easy payment structure and--important to us--no penalty for early payoff! Highly recommended.

balaji sharath kumar


light stream never ever calls people…

light stream never ever calls people and provides a loan if u got any email please check the sender if the sender is from Gmail it is a scam if that email came from it is a legit email please check the domain when u receive any emails. this is for everyone who is in this forum

Ali Malik


I had not issue at all

I had a good experience with lightStream. The process was simple and easy and in 2-3 days I got approved. The money was in my account and I was able to buy my car. I had no issues with the process and the rate calculator gives you a good idea about what you are getting into. Better than get finance with a dealer.



Best financial company I’ve dealt with ever!

Wow wow wow! They’re by far the best financial company I’ve ever dealt with. My loan was approved within hours (talk about fast approvals!) I received a super competitive fixed interest rate and the term that I wanted. I’m extremely satisfied and I highly recommend LightStream to anyone looking for a competitive interest rate, flexible terms, fast approval, and a hassle-free experience.



The best loan I've ever had

The best loan I've ever had. For openers they'll give you $100 if it isn't the best loan you've ever had. If their rate isn't the lowest they give you a credit as well. I have a high credit score so they gave me the loan with absolutely no documentation. In the three years I never had the slightest problem. AMAZING

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