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Bonita Hadley


Customer service was excellent

Customer service was excellent! The application process was so easy.

Trent Renier


Very simple

Very simple, straightforward process. Fast payment, and overall easy and pleasant experience.

Peter Familia


Fast and easy

Fast and easy

Charlotte Christian


It was a hasselfree easy process.

It was a hasselfree easy process that was done in a matter minutes only I received the loan in about 4 days. I'm really happy with Lending Club

Kenneth Bennett


The process was simple

The process was simple. The loan even with the interest makes my life more manageable with a target when everything can be paid off. I would recommend it for others. Ken

Aram Topjian


easy for applicatitton to submit

easy for applicatitton to submit



Convenient and easy to apply online

Convenient and easy to apply online. Quick approval process and very straightforward. Although it stated the funds gets wired and/or disbursed to financial institutions within 5 business days, I got mine and paid in 2 days. Excellent service!

Marcia Theisen


This is a company that rewards good…

This is a company that rewards good customers with good service. I appreciate that so much.

Marianne S


Good loan but…

Your bank kept asking for documents but weren’t specific as to what you really needed. This loan took 3 weeks and 6 phone calls.

Edgar Catalan


Fast response

Fast response



Getting the loan was easy

Getting the loan was easy, but after paying off two previous loans, I had hoped for a better rate.

Elizabeth T


My loan application was quick

My loan application was quick, easy, approved & received funds in 24 hours




Everything was processed just like they promised. They handled paying off my high interest credit cards which saved me time and alot of money THANKS AGAIN!!

Mario Cornacchia


Easy, quick and totally professional!

Easy to use online applicational; professional staff (even on a weekend); and quick decisions! I have two loans and they were both an amazing experience!

Rochenda Barnes


Lending club has always been there for…

Lending club has always been there for me with no hesitation. They are quick and reliable and I appreciate them.

Chris Shockey


Lending club personal loan was fast and…

Lending club personal loan was fast and easy. Funds were distributed in just a few days. Excellent process!!



Lending club has always helped me…

Lending club has always helped me better my credit and pay off high interest credit cards. The website is easy to navigate, fast and efficient

Patricia Reynolds


Loan Process

Applying for loan and being able to see all costs and interest rates is very helpful. It’s nice to have a very smooth and quick process.



Easy application process.

Easy application process. Got money in few days. Thank you and very

H Hilton


Very fast

Very fast. Upfront with everything. Very easy process to go through

Patricia Herring


Love you

Love you! You’re the best lending experience I have ever had. Your web page is easy to navigate, your answers were prompt and the funds were in my bank quick!

David Johnson


Great experience

Very easy to deal with everything done online or scans for your documents. This is my 4th loan with them I have had no complaints.



I love Lending club because they made…

I love Lending club because they made simple to apply for a loan and funded fast too. Specially when I needed it. Thank you very much for your help to solve my financial problems.

Majella Tanada


Lending club not just leading loan company to rely on but really abig help to everyone. It's a 100% sure help to those in need especially in cleaning debts. I am proud to have you Lending Club!

Lending club is really dependable a sure source of help to our financial needs! The best! Thank you very much Lending Club Sincerely, Majella T.

Brenda P


Fast and easy

Loan terms are equal to a brick and mortar bank, the process is simple, and so convenient! I've been a customer for several years, had a few loans that worked great for me, and would HIGHLY recommend Lending Club for online loans!!



I had used Lending Club twice…

I had used Lending Club twice previously, and it was such a relief to have a place to go that I could trust. I never borrow money needlessly and I always will pay it back so it’s nice to know that I have a reasonable fixed interest place that I can go to if I need help. I always think hard for several days, sometimes weeks Before I borrow Anything. I am retired and the inflation has gotten out of hand and I had to use my cards, and I really struggled to get a few small things out of the way. Lending Club Is like Charlie Brown’s security blanket to me!



Well to be honest

Well I’ll to be honest, I paid a recent 16,000 loan off early, I have an excellent payment record and you give me a high %rate. I thought my faithfulness to your company would be rewarded with a lower rate.

Mauricio A Garzon


Excellent, fast and easy loan process

Sometimes when people have difficult times, they only thing we need, it’s a helping hand, and lendingclub gave me that opportunity. The process was easy and I’m very thankful with them. No judgments, fast and an easy approval. Thank you guys

Paula Eggleston


Give yourself some relief.

I've been doing business for a few years and will say that they're the most efficient and transparent company I've ever had the pleasure of working with.



Fast and Easy

I applied for a personal loan to pay off my credit card debts. The entire loan process was extremely easy and my loan was approved and funded within 3 dasy



Help when you need it

Lending club, helped me with a loan to do some home improvements and pay off some credit card debts I had. Having this help, helped me to increase my credit score and also tackle some much needed work on my house. Thank you Lending Club

Toni Lynn


This company had the best rates!

This company had the best rates and it was so simple to apply for. I believe I applied on a Thursday of a holiday weekend, got approval email on Friday and the money was in my account by Tuesday, the day after a holiday! Quick and painless and a pleasure to deal with!

Stephen Bentley


Lending Club

Lending Club, responded in a timely manner. You addressed and resolved some pressing financial issues. The repayment terms are very reasonable. I would recommend your service to anyone facing any financial issue.



Once again lending club has provided…

Once again lending club has provided great support and financial relief. The individuals that process my loan took great care that I understand the process from beginning to end. I would recommend lending club to anyone needing financial assistance.

Linda, Springfield, OR


I got a better interest rate than…

I got a better interest rate than through a bank. It was so quick and easy. My loan was to pay off higher rate credit cards. This was done for me quickly and efficiently. I would definately recommend.

Paul Lazzaretti


A well designed website that makes for…

A well designed website that makes for a quick and efficient way for a person to quickly apply for a loan. I’ve been a customer for years now and have always been happy with the whole process. Thank you.

Daren Hill


Very impressed with this service

Very impressed with this service. Quick and easy and the funds got to where they needed to be at the time they promised. Will definitely use again if needed.



Fast and easy process and got the loan…

Fast and easy process and got the loan right away!!!

Dennis A



Lending tree has been there in times of financial need. The staff were efficent and effective. They are greatly appreciated.

Deborah Welch


Thank you for the loan

Thank you for the loan, this was my second with you. I had a great track record, automatic payments for over two years but had to jump through so many hoops the second time, WHY?



Loan process experience

The experience in getting my loan approved was a good and pleasant experience. The system Lending Club uses makes is simple and easy go get a loan quickly. Thank you.

Reza Derakhshi Salmasi


Absolte Recommendation!

Easy application, best rate, short process, peace of mind.

John Douglas


Professional service.

Professional service.

Jason Holmes


Great service!

Great service!

Stephen Fox



Fast, no hssale deal

Anna Lucena



This is my second loan and I am so grateful that LendingClub was able to lend me the money. In my first loan of $10,000.00, I was able to pay my bills. I paid my bills on time every month. A situation came up that I had to take out another loan. I took out 15,000.00 this time around and I was approved. It pays to make your payment on time. I recommend LendingClub, wholeheartedly. I never had a problem and very grateful to them for approving my loan.

Rita Espiritu


You guys are great

You guys are great! This is my third loan and they make it so fast and easy. Very good rates and payments.



Great overall experience

Great overall experience! Easy application process and quick approval. MUCH easier and faster than dealing with a bank! I wish the interest rate was a bit lower, but it's still reasonable and competitive with other lenders. I feel like I'm on the right path to being debt free within the next 12 to 18 months. Thanks!

larry wind


Thank You Lending Club you're always…

Thank You Lending Club you're always there for me when I need it! Such an easy process! You are Great!

Tara Myricks


You all are great

You all are great! Love doing business with Lending Club! Always there when you need them! Keep up the good work!😍

Johna Rhodes


I had a great experience with Lending…

I had a great experience with Lending Club. I have paid off several loans over the years. The application process was simple. Approval was granted in a timely manner. Funds were deposited within two days. I was able to consolidate general high interest credit cards.



Quick, easy and fair

Historically speaking a pleasure doing business with Lending Club. Fast and easy to obtain approval in times of need. Thank you for lending in the past. I hope to be able to help others in the future by becoming a lender.

Stephanie Jourdan


Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. The woman I spoke with was very knowledgable and listened unbelievably well. Lending Club makes sense with the ease of application and a reasonable interest rate. And the money was in my account far faster than anticipated.

Lynnette Carter


No hassle

No hassle, great service, credit applied straight to my acct

Daniel Shupta


Best rate

Best rate I could find, got money fast within two days thank you so much 🙏

Mili P


Quick and easy approval

Quick and easy approval. Low interest rates. Different options of payment plans. Funds directly into your account within 24-48hrs. No hoops to jump through. Definitely recommend!

Beto Ramos



The process is easy,the approval is quick had answer in less than two days ,very pleased with this company.

Joseph Gallagher


I love Lending Club

I love Lending Club. It's been so easy getting a loan from them. So far I've had 2 loans and they have been so easy to apply for. If you are looking for a loan, I would highly recommend going to Lending Club. You've never had such an easy experience in applying for a loan before.

Diana Ryan


I have used Lending club 3 times now

I have used Lending club 3 times now, and it is always so easy and fast. I really appreciate the lending process.

Robin R


This was easy!!

This was easy!!! I love the ease, on-line process went smoothly, no hiccups, my kind of process.

Edgar Gomez


Easy and quick response

Hi. I am very happy that I got my loan request. Very affordable interest rates. Thx !!

Gabrielle Schneider


Always a great experience!

I've taken out a total of 3 loans from Lending Club and every time the experience is wonderful! Super easy to apply and no hidden fees. Money is deposited within 2 days. Super satisfied and would recommend to anybody!

Chrystal Donnelly


Timing, APR, and interest rates are reasonable

My experience with this company has been nothing but fabulous. They are fast and responsive. Interest and apr is reasonable for consolidate debts. I will continue to use them.

John R.


A great company to do business with

This is my 4th. loan with Lending Club, the application could not be easier & you just keep getting faster with the funding. I would highly recommend this company.



Everything is pretty smooth and easy.

Everything is pretty smooth and easy.



Lending Club is the best for loans.

I love that you are very quick and efficient in your interactions with me as a customer. I like that I could handle my business with you online and that It was all set up through my bank with auto payments. All I had to do was keep track of the dates and pay off was easy as well. What really impressed me was how quickly the second loan went through, and now the third loan. I never had a problem and I could access my account online and know exactly where I stood at any moment. I appreciate your service.

Jeniffer Barcia


Amazing service,I had my money super…

Amazing service,I had my money super fast.Thank you

Randolph Wagner



Great! Easygoing and simple. Thankyou

Valerie Hannan


You are absolutely Amazing

You are absolutely Amazing I love doing business with you You make it so easy Thank you Valerie Hannan

Leslie Johnson


This was a scary decision to make but they made it easy so far.

This was a scary decision to make. I took a long time to plan out exactly what I'd do with the money. I did research to make sure LendingClub was legitimate because there are so many scams & I'd been turned down elsewhere. The process itself was so easy, I can still hardly believe it. Everything was done exactly as what's on the website and then again what was told to me when I actually spoke to someone to verify my identity. The funds arrived in my checking account in shorter time than I actually expected. I am now able to consolidate some debt and have a timeline as to when this debt will be paid off. I like that a lot. From the beginning, I knew the exact payment that I'd make each month - no guesswork, no bait & switch. I knew I could offset the monthly payments with the amount of money saved from the consolidation. So far, so good, it's just been a week or so. I hope it continues to be this easy. What I didn't know is that they set the account to do auto-pay, which I hate. My paychecks are received at scheduled intervals, so it may/may not match the auto-pay date. The good news is it seems that I can change the payment date or change auto-pay to manual payment. So I'll be watching to see if things line up or if I need to make my payments manually. Fingers crossed.



LindingClub is awesome

This is the second time that LendingClub has come through for me when I have needed financial assistance. LendingClub is the easiest financial institution that I have ever worked with, the company makes the loan process so easy. I would highly recommend LindingClub to anyone needing to apply for financial assistance.

Errin Reynolds


Multiple loans

I have used Lending Club for several loans. Talk about fast! I will continue to use them!

David A. Phelps


Quick & easy!

The quickness and relative ease of the process made the experience almost enjoyable.



Easy to read rates and options

Easy to read rates and options , excellent customer service and fast funds to the loan. I also appreciated that you value its members to invite them to new products such as clean swipe. Products such as this is an indication of valuing its members and giving members other alternatives to fighting debts. Thank you Lending Club!

Edna Berry


It was a quick process and all my…

It was a quick process and all my credit cards were paid quickly.




I gave three stars. This was being generous. Did the loan to thru yes, after a week of calling and hassle. We repeatedly had to call because they kept getting our account numbers wrong, and couldn’t verify our account statements. Half the time when you call you talk to someone who’s first language isn’t English, let alone it being their second in some cases even. It’s impossible to talk to the same person more than once , so you have to explain everything again and again and again. Then one person tells you one thing and another tells a different. That being said , overall experience took about 9 days to actually receive the money.

Barry Lee


That was easy

I have used this service before. It has helped me tremendously in the past. I found myself needing to use it again when a Home disaster (flooded basement) Forced me to use two credit cards with their high interest. This loan helped me to clear both with one payment that’s less than there two minimum payments combined.



Lending Club work fast on giving you…

Lending Club work fast on giving you the loan. I trust Lending Club, I consider them a reputable company. I recommend them, they are my favorite lending company.

randy mccammon


My Hero

Lending Club hands down changed my life for the better. Your assistance helped me to achieve the status of homeowner. Not possible if Lending Club hadn’t had the faith in me and assisted myself to reach that goal.

Tristen Sowell


Lending Made Easy

Lending Club is lending made easy. It took no time to get an approval; answered a few questions, provided my account information for direct payment to lenders and I was finished. I received a lower interest rate by 10.00% that will help me save money. There is no penalty for early pay off which is great.



Gave the information you asked for.and…

Gave the information you asked for.and received my loan.pretty simple process this is my 4th loan through Lending Club. Thank you again very satisfied.



All was done well as this is my third…

All was done well as this is my third time to use Lending Club, However, this time I do not understand why one credit card payoff was not made to the bank/credit card and instead came directly to me. I did make the payment to my credit card payoff, but I have yet to received any explanation as to why this happened.

Jacob Smith


I’ve used this company multiple times

I’ve used this company multiple times. It’s quick, easy, and efficient.

Sheila Magisa


The Lending Club has always been great…

The Lending Club has always been great 👍. I can always depend on them and the rates are good for my budget. The staff on the phone are helpful and they take the time to help you with your needs. Thank you 😊

James & Joyce Rodebush


Easy to work with

Easy to work with. The website was easy and allowed options for reviewing several options. When I needed more information a real person answered the phone and was pleasant to work with and resolved the issue.

jacqueline gibson


Funding was extremely fast

Funding was extremely fast. They applied payment to 4 of my cards and the remainder was in my account in a matter of a few days. I have it set up for auto pay which is convenient, I got a pretty good rate and I like that I have the option of making extra payments. Hoping for smooth transactions until the end.

Sheila Figueroa


It is my second time requesting a loan…

It is my second time requesting a loan through Lending Club, and I am very happy to have made that decision, the first time the process was fast, the second time it was much faster, it is secure and they deposit the money very quickly too, the payments They are easy and the interests are not so high, I am very happy to do business with Lending Club I recommend it 100%



Very professional people

Very professional people

Patrice Cleghorn


Fast and easy

Fast and easy! App was easy to navigate. Customer support fabulous!

Daisy Barreto


Exceptional service

LendingClub makes it simple to apply. The approval process was painless. Once approved, the funds were transferred to my bank account within a couple of days.



The LendingClub has exceeded our…

The LendingClub has exceeded our expectations! We've received and paid off a loan from them in the past. The application and review process was just as easy as I remember it to be. Every other lender we researched had insane APRs and interest rates tied into their offers. The LendingClub offered the lowest rates by far! Using this loan to consolidate our credit card debt. Highly recommend!

Merle Maxwell


Always quick friendly and helpful

You have always been good to me I needed to get my teeth done and it was quite expensive. I had put the cost on my credit card that had a high APR I asked you you gave me a great rate it took the stress out of it easier payment and money deposited in to my account quickly thank you




Seamless. Quick and easy.



The experience was pleasant

The experience was pleasant and expedient once I understood the msg in the app. I was not aware of the need to call because the app was reporting that all steps were completed. However, there was a final verification step required.

Maddie Foster


Easy and quick

Easy and quick

Francisco V



FAST FUNDING Never bother you with calls Fast approval

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